As we enter into April a 7.2 earthquake has rocked Mexico and
California. It’s interesting to note that there seems to be a
significant rise in Earth activity. So far this year we have seen an
earthquake in Haiti in January, one in Chile in March and now this
latest earthquake in April. We are clearly experiencing times of intense
energy and as these shifts in energy increase, it becomes vital for us
to adjust to the profound and inevitable changes within and

Our transformational processes are determined by the
powerful energies flowing within our world and each time the Earth
Mother shifts, by way of an earthquake or any other such planetary
occurrence, it is important that we shift and alter as well as recover
our balance and align with our center.

April began on the tail
end of the Libra Full Moon, which brought through and intense amount of
balancing energy, with the challenge of finding stability, harmony and
peace within these swiftly changing times. With the Sun in Aries we are
inspired to find the courage necessary to continue to follow the path of
our Soul. As the flow of Full Moon energies moves us into April it is
vital that we continue to maintain our heart state of being as
issues that are in dire need of being resolved are encountered.

Aries – Libra energies flowing from this Full Moon are encouraging you
to take responsibility for the life you have created, wake up and stop
giving your power away, move into your center and reconnect with the
power and beauty you hold within. Allow the truth of your Divine being
to glow within each area of your life. Commit to your purpose and become
an active part in the recreation of this world.

The beginning of
April will be a time of deep introspection as your unconscious and
conscious thoughts, actions and words reveal how you construct the
foundation of your reality. This time will give you another opportunity
to release, shift and transform your beliefs and patterns, thus enabling
you to ground deeper aspects of your Divine Spirit within your life.

The New Moon on April 14th is a point where we either change
or be changed. This New Moon in Aries marks the midpoint between the
January and eclipses, bringing an awakening of the eclipse energy.
By applying the energy of the New Moon in releasing old attachments and
desires, it becomes possible to bring forth a new purpose based on your
love of self and the power you hold to receive that which is your Divine

Towards the end of April we have the Full Moon in Scorpio
on the 28th. At this Full Moon it becomes important to recognise your
growth and evolution, as well as that of others. More on this Full Moon
in our next report.

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