Ok so I have written about this a number of but for
goodness sakes when I run into this stuff it is so funny…yes it is
funny. No I am not laughing at anyone but I am laughing at how creative
we are in making this game really exciting! There are a group of new
agers that are relentless at overdosing the masses with this construct
of a future of bliss, where we hang out with the ascended masters and
sing kumbaya all day, while we hug mother earth and just feel nothing
but joy and love…oh my god just stop it already!! Oh well maybe you
don’t have to stop it because I am sure that you will create this
medicated psychedelic trip reality for those who prefer not to think. (You
are doing exactly what you need to do)

Mother earth would actually probably prefer
for you to stop trying to “heal the earth”, she knows exactly what to
do. Perhaps she would prefer for you to get your s—t together so she
will not have to belch everyone off of her chest as we are giving her a
bad case of gas and heart burn. It is the common theme for us to want to
fix everything and everyone just as long as we don’t have to zone in on
ourselves and when we do manage to zone in on ourselves  quite a number
will come up with yet another fantasy that makes them special in terms
of their contribution on the planet…they become excellent channels and
mediums here to bring the message of light and good will from third
parties. Not a problem someone has to deliver this kind of dream
stimulation for those who seek this experience.  If this does not apply
to you then do not get upset. To know joy is to have known sadness. What
if ultimate joy, like peace is about the balance; swinging neither one
way nor the other; no  comparative measurement therefore no judgment.

Life is truly a beautiful adventure…all of it! This
blissed out agenda infers the necessity of the group mind, the borg
agenda in order for everything to go into this “shift” being talked
about. I am not even sure if I want to use the word “shift” any more as
it has become just another watered down word much like the word
“conscious” or “consciousness”. There is nothing “right” or “wrong about
reality. It just is and each person is “reality happening”; reality in
full effect. The individual can however change the course of how reality
is playing out for him/her. This choice thing becomes very tricky when
we are submerged in stagnant beliefs…who is to say what is stagnant…this
is another good question. When I use the word stagnant I am referring
to repetitious function without deviation or dimension to it. This of
course limits one to seeing only the glass half full if that at all.
Such a person is convinced that he/she is bound by the laws of
as we have been programmed to accept. Contrary to popular belief you are
not running out of time…it is not possible! Everything is happening in
your experience according to the direction you continue to move in.  

As far as the blissed out concept by that I mean the
kinds of instilling the idea that we are all entering the
new earth right now and that all your cares and worries will begin to
magically go away, the kind of information that encourages seekers to
attempt to measures their spiritual progression by aiming to count the
“increasing strands of DNA now emerging” in the individual, the kind of
information that encourages the belief that we are moving toward the
city of light, or that we have a mission to achieve for humanity, or
that we are awaiting instructions from the command center or from all of
the Ascended Masters and space brothers, that they are waiting in
anticipation of our leap into this space of bliss and of course I could
go on and on. Yes I know I am a fantasy buster. This all sounds very
exciting…a great virtual tour if this is where you are on this journey
and you would rather stay asleep then this will be a great
vacation/dream for you. No really it does sound like fun! I am not
saying that there isn’t change in progress, yes there is but it does not
mean once again that we are all subject to experiencing the same kind
of change! This approach takes one down perhaps a much longer path to
self-realization (this is also ok as you are not running out of time),
can you become self realized when everything you are latching on to
is external, how can you when every next spiritual move must be
confirmed by Archangel Michael or Saint Germain or one of the other
“Ascended crew”. (Again continue to do what you need to do)
When exactly does one plan to become sovereign, or perhaps you are
planning to go through eternity with them as your guide. I am sure that
quite a few of them would love this as some continue to use humanity as
power supply; we validate their existence as some are stuck! Much of the
channeling reference humanity as kindergärtners who need the guidance
of these outside forces…this should be your first ! However those
that are perhaps rooting for humanity simply observe our progression
without interference because they know that we are them and they are us.
We exist on all levels but the majority is challenged in seeing this
although they may say it their actions say otherwise. (It is what we
should all strive to do; allow others their experience without forcing
change upon them or your belief) Therefore all that most will see is
that they cannot get by without a savor, they must have their guides and
third party instructions from outside forces. (I write my thoughts and
share it with others, those who resonate or are curious about what I
have to say will read it otherwise no one needs me or anything that I
have to say)

Please understand that I am not
condemning any of this I am simply pointing out the obvious in the event
that one chooses to navigate away from that particular course. I have
had emails and phone calls from others who have said to me that “I
am recovering”
(they are recovering) from much of the fluff stuff
that had them working overtime to be a “good person” and “love
everyone”. These people were actually stifling the truth of how they
feel, they were afraid of not measuring up. Then they were busy trying
to reach their “highest ” so that they can serve their “true
purpose”. This kind of belief is immobilizing a great many, it is
actually causing them to create new masks from behind which they
operate. Every moment of one’s life is leading you through to the next
moment of potential and possibilities. You have made no mistakes in your
life! Every move you have ever made has been leading you to this moment
(that includes being blissed out). To become more dynamic is simply to
become more aware of what you have created, what you can create and what
you will create in your more aware state. You have always been living
your true purpose however you have an opportunity to use the
accumulation of knowledge acquired along the way to create from a more
conscious state; very aware choices.

Life is by your own design
an original design that loops one into program streams with specific
experiences and paths until one recognizes the many stages of being a
human being or becoming more than human. So far what we have become
accustomed to is the Stage one/ one sensation of being a human
being…oh yes there are many stages but you must learn to love the game
not run away from it! As I continue to say the game is beautiful with
all its twists and turns. This is science and it will show itself to you
according to what you will allow yourself to view as a possibility. Can
you see it… how fascinating! What will you choose in this leg of the
game…to be blissed out or to get off the spiritual sleeping pills so
that you can see more and more of the spectrum! What a rush!

©2010 Sonia Barrett