"You live now with unprecedented opportunities to evolve
spiritually. It may seem to be the worst of times, with chaos and
catastrophes seemingly at every turn. You may question how you can
advance when your world is so full of hate. You may wonder how, in the
window of 2012, with its many question marks, you can achieve the kind
of realization modeled by the Buddha.

You may doubt that the jewel
of enlightenment can be yours this life. For just a moment now, set
aside these doubts.

Let go of your preconditions, your impatience,
and your judgments about what is possible.

Trust the Divine

Trust that there is a Divine intelligence within you
that can guide you along the path of enlightenment. This part of
you can you with insights about the baggage you will want to let
go of in this current cycle. It can help you to prioritize your
energies, your focus, and your actions in the world. It can you to
the people, teachers, and transpersonal help you need to view yourself
and your life differently.

You can new resources, new
applications for transformational tools, and simple methods to greatly
accelerate your forward movement. You can learn to connect more with
the synchronicities of life, and with eternal time rather than linear

Here are 5 things you can do daily to progress

1. Monitor your emotions, thoughts, and body.
Each will give you very helpful clues about what is out of balance and

2. Set specific intentions for what you want to have, be and
do. State these intentions in a positive way, rather than negative.
Example: I am feeling more and more confident each day.

3. Take
action on the things you say you want to create. Act on one thing at a
time, allowing your intuitively guided wisdom to help you prioritize.
Even if all you did in one day was to take the 1-mile walk you intended
to, acknowledge yourself for doing that.

4. Find one or more
simple practices to help you open your awareness. These can be
straightforward spiritual practices like deep breathing, moments of
silent contemplation, or just being as loving as you can in each moment
with your words and actions. The important thing is consistency and
something you will do daily. You will want to have your
"practice" in your mind and awareness during the day, allowing it to
become a part of your routine.

5. Begin and end each day with some
positive and loving thoughts. Loving thoughts include those of
gratitude. Remember that your inner state will determine how you
experience your day as well as your sleep state. Therefore, be as
loving as you can towards yourself. Allow that self-love to grow over
time, creating an energy field inside of you and around you,
effortlessly broadcasting from you in all directions. This love will
begin to attract fortunate circumstances, opportunities, and the love
you seek from others and your world.

As you continue the journey
of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and
blessings. We are The Council of 12."