In Part 1 of
this series
I with you the and defining moment
of how, in October 2008, I came to decide to be the creator of my own
reality. Obviously there was a lifetime of events that lead
up to this moment and I am now still busy discovering what it means to
make that decision. And that is what I want to share with
you in this post – what DOES it mean to decide that you are the creator
of your own reality? If you were to for yourself that
you are “an eternal, immortal, creator being of infinite power” then
what should you create?

myself, I started by looking around me
at the life I was living and realised that THIS was not the life I
wanted to create. It was possibly the best life I could put
together if I was the victim of things like economics and other
people’s expectations of me. And if I feared being “out of
work” then I probably had to be grateful for what I had. After
all, I earned a pretty good salary and did work that I at least
partially enjoyed. But there was much there that was wrong
for me. For one thing I really disliked the number of lies,
manipulations and distortions that I had to perpetrate every day as a
part of “business as usual”. It seems it is well nigh
impossible to engage in the world of business and be really honest,
integral and forthright. If I told clients the whole truth
they would have taken their money elsewhere to someone else that would
tell them the sweet little lies they wanted to hear. If I
told my employees the whole truth they would have mutinied and at the
very least demanded more money. If I told those that I
reported to the whole truth… well… that would have been a strange sight.
Certainly my business would not have continued to function for
very much longer. I mean can you imagine telling your boss
the whole truth of exactly what you think?

Simply put, I cannot see that it is possible to make a buck
in the world of business and still have your integrity in tact.

I found I could also no longer countenance all the endless
chasing after money. All the polishing of egos and
kow-towing that had to be done to people that I would otherwise not want
to spend even a moment’s time with. All the stress and all
the worry, all in the interests of a few pennies in my own pocket while
I made strangers that I would never even meet much, much richer; the
invisible owners of the corporation called “shareholders” that were the
beneficiaries of everyone’s labour.

And that
was just one area of the life I was living that was not right for me.
There were many. Everywhere I looked I asked
myself, “if I am a creator being, is THIS what I want to create?” And
the answer was almost always “no”.

I didn’t want the city anymore with its mad traffic and all
the aggression, crime and frustration. I didn’t want the
inauthentic friends. I didn’t want the non-stop social
events and wild parties that always ended with emptiness. I
became disconnected from all the disconnect.

So the question arose – if this was not what I wanted to
create then what DID I want? Given that I now knew for sure
I did not want to continue living the life I was living, this was
obviously a question that was in urgent need of answering.

I have a higher-self that is very kind to me. By the time I
was ready to claim my own creator-status I had already found a way to
show myself, in the clearest way imaginable, exactly what I wanted to
create. Even though I didn’t know this was what I was being
shown at the time. Does that sound cryptic? Allow
me to explain:

In April of 2008 (which was
six months before that final, momentous decision), Lisa and I were on
holiday in an area of my country called The
Garden Route
.  We have always loved it there and had holidayed there
every single year for the past 15 years. It’s mainly the
indigenous Tsitsikamma (pronounced Tzi-tzee-karma) forests on the slopes
of the Outeniqua Mountains (pronounced Oh-ten-ick-wah) that
draw us there. But there is something very special about
the whole area. On this particular holiday we experienced
something that changed us both forever. It occurred while
we were on a hike in a particularly beautiful and unspoiled area. At
some point the trail took us up a hill, out of the forests and onto a
small plateau overlooking a spectacularly beautiful valley with a small
river winding its way along the bottom running into the sea in the
distance. On any given day, this would be the kind of view
that I would stop and marvel at. It certainly was
beautiful. But on that particular day, standing there
looking across the valley at the forested mountains in the distance,
something changed. The world around me was suddenly
impossibly beautiful. Now, I could try to it – I
could wax lyrical about the way the sun poured its light down on the
like golden syrup. I could tell you that each leaf of
every single tree looked like a perfect emerald jewel and that the wind
through the grass set up a vibration that sang and hummed in my soul.
I could tell you that I believed I could see with absolute and
perfect clarity every single leaf and blade of grass right the way to
the distant horizon. I could tell you about the quality of
the air – that it had become gelid with the density of pure life essence
that surrounded and interpenetrated me and all that was around me.
I could throw pages and pages of such words at you in my
desperate attempt to share with you the pure transcendent bliss of that
moment and always I would feel like I am not even scratching the surface
of what that moment was like. Perhaps I should simply say
that I believe I saw God in the very Life of the forest on that day.
My heart was opened and a portal was made there, through which I
saw the world. For the very first time ever I really SAW.
I saw with my heart and my soul instead of my eyes and my mind.
And it was beautiful. It was more beautiful than I
could imagine anything ever being. This amazing, mystical
experience was beyond my ability to even begin to make sense of. I
stood. I stared. I was awed. I
felt. I knew. I belonged.

for comprehension my mind eventually came up with an idea of what to do
with this experience. It sent the thought out to the
forest saying: “I see you! I love you! Will
you accept us as custodians?”

And then I gained the presence of mind to
wonder what had happened to Lisa. I had no idea how much
time had passed since I had spoken to her as we huffed and puffed
up the steep slope. I turned to look for her. She
was a few metres away, down on her knees with her turned to me.
I noticed she was shaking. As I approached her I
realised she was crying. I got closer and I heard her
saying over and over again; “yes… yes… yes…”

In that
moment, it felt to me like she was answering my question on behalf of
the forest. Or maybe the forest had asked her that same
question and she was answering. It felt like Lisa and the
whole of the forest and I were all one being and we were all speaking
the same question and answer to ourselves: “Will you accept
us as custodians? Yes… yes… yes.”*

After sometime – I have no idea how long – we noticed it
was getting late and we had some distance to walk to get back to the
car. Reluctantly, but with out hearts full, we walked back
to the car in a kind of euphoric, blissful semi-trance. We
both knew something life-changing had happened but had no way to make
sense of it.

I am deeply grateful that Lisa experienced
this with me. Partly because experiencing it alone would
have made it altogether less meaningful but more so because if I had
experienced this alone I would have known that I was now on a journey
without her. An experience like this changes you. You
are no longer the same person you were before such an event. Everything
changes. Certainly your life path and all the things you
have previously valued are substantially re-arranged.

And so
it was that, six months later, when I hit the crisis which caused me to
finally choose to release my own victim status and to begin to claim my
own creator-status instead, I was ready. I won’t lie to
you, I had a great deal of difficultly and discomfort letting go of
victim in all its guises. I am STILL busy with the vestiges
of that process. But at least I knew one thing… the most
important thing… the thing that would pull me forward from then on.
I knew that I wanted to create a life that brought me always to
that state of connection that I had felt on the crest of the hill in the
Outeniqua Mountains. I knew that I wanted to create myself
as a part of that blissful Oneness. I knew I wanted to
release those things that drove me into a state of separation and
disconnect. I wanted the Light, the Life and the Love.
I wanted it all. I know now that what Lisa and I
experienced there was a true mystical experience. A truly
transcendent moment. It was a moment of perfect Oneness
with All That Is. And since experiencing that, the first
time, I have known that what I wanted more than anything was to find my
way to a permanent experience of that.

It was
also clear to me that my Soul had a plan for me and that the forests of
the Outeniqua Mountains were a vital part of that plan. I
am deeply grateful to The One that Lisa felt exactly the same way.

And that is what we set about doing.

As I
write this blog post we have just taken delivery of a huge stack of
cardboard boxes. We are just about to begin packing up
those of our possessions that are going with us in our move to the
Outeniqua Mountains. Yes, we are actually doing it. We
are moving. Lisa resigned her job. Would you
believe it if I told you that, just before she resigned, she was offered
a very attractive position in the South of France? Big
money and all the ego-inducements that a sparkling -path can
offer. She turned it down. Would you believe
it if I told you that I gave my business away? Two of my
employees had shown such passion and commitment to the business that my
heart told me that the right thing to do would be to give them the
business. I did a six-month hand-over during which time I
trained them in every aspect of the operation and then I walked away.
Since then Lisa and I have sold our house, sold her zooty little
BMW Z3 and are busy selling my Hyundai Tiburon. We are
exiting all that. We have found our perfect piece of
paradise in the mountains and we are in the process of buying it. As
soon as my car sells, we’ll be be replacing it with a 4×4 pickup.
We have cashed in all our investments and pulled ourselves out
of all the fear based financial tools like insurance and retirement
funds. These things are just not to us anymore.
We have pared down and simplified every aspect of our .
The wallet-full of plastic in sharp metallic colours was taken
back to the bank for shredding and accounts were closed. We
now have one card and one bank account. We even have just
one mobile phone between us. No store cards. No
open contracts for anything with anyone. The load is light
and we are free.

And so I am in strange place. My
old life is over. It is behind me. All sorted
out and tied off with a bow. And yet I am not dead. I
am still here and very much more alive than I have ever been before.
At age forty, I feel more vital and full of life than I have
ever felt. I feel ready to begin again. I am
ready to birth myself into a new life. But this time will
be different. This birth will not start with me having to
go through forgetting and physical birth and then learning how to be a
human in a human society. Instead I will start who I
am and why I am here. I choose the stage setting to be the
beauty and splendour of the Outeniqua Mountains. I choose
to have the curtains go up with me and with my angel-light
lady-love and our dogs finding ourselves in a timber home on our land in
the forest. I choose to have the main thrust of the plot
of my story revolve around my journey Home. The quest to
find my way back to the endless love and unspeakable bliss that calls to
me from within my heart. Lisa and I briefly glimpsed it on
that day but now I will find my way Home to permanent relationship with
it. And when I find it next I know I will not just find a
forest there. I will find all of Life there. And
I will find You there too.

*If you want to read
Lisa’s perspective on this mystical experience you can find her blog posting here.

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