This afternoon, my publisher called. They are going to publish my second novel, slated to appear somewhere in September. He also told me they are now hooked into the here in Holland, so it will be orderable for every bookstore there, insluding the big ones. So yes guys, this is serious. And on of that, he told me they are still working on getting their Englih publications available on sites like!

So yes, I’m excited! Especially since this morning I finished the final , adding a really neat twist to the story. It’s a twin flame love story, and the slated crucial encounter is on 10-10-10, which is after the unveiling of the novel, exactly like I scripted it to be. So now comes the act of riding this encounter to the finish line, or rather to the …..

And on top of that, the mail delivery man came to bring me my new business cards, based on my new alias:]

So yes, I’m set up for the ride of a lifetime, and I reckon with my very positive attitude, it cannot simply turn out to be all bad….

Only one possible shortcoming in this story, and that is I haven’t yet my quota of 50 E-mail addresses for the initial mailing. So if you want to know the details about how to order, please have me add your E-mail address to the list. It will only be used for one mail by me to check validity, and that one promotion mail by my publisher. Other than that, we would not dream of bothering you. 

Love your Light,