You have a vitality that you don’t know you have. You have
energy beyond your awareness. You have energy.

when you feel your feet dragging and you can’t stay awake, you have
endless energy. It is all there. You have a huge reservoir of energy.
There is no end to the energy you have. At rest or at play, your energy
is intact.

Energy is a form of light, and you are a light being. A
light being cannot be without light. Light does not really sleep.

you feel energy-less, that is an idea of the mind. You have told
yourself that you are without energy. You really know that you are
with energy, for, at any moment, energy can be restored to your
awareness. You could be the most tired person in the world, and, yet,
what happens when you hear you have won the big lottery? Your energy
revives! You have the energy to launch a rocket.

Do not interpret
what I say to mean that your body is not to rest. Of course, your body
is to rest. But you are to know that, at rest or swimming the English
Channel, your body is filled with energy. That is what I want you to be
sure to know.

Say to yourself right now: "Energy is always
available to me. I am connected to an infinite source of energy. The
yellow sun in the sky gives me its energy. God gives me His energy. I am
energy itself."

Pause to refuel, yet know that you are an
infinite source of energy.

Your intelligence is energy. You are
not wanting for intelligence. Even when you do a dumb thing, your
intelligence hasn’t gone anywhere. Beloveds, even if you flunked school,
your innate intelligence keeps your molecules intact and spinning. You
can call the energy within you life, if you like. And that light of life
does not even diminish when your erstwhile body drops away. You,
without cease, are still energy. You, without cease, are still light.

Right now you have access to all the light imaginable and
unimaginable, and right now, light being that you are, you are also the
access to all the light imaginable and unimaginable. You are the Olympic
Torch that is carried through the One World. You are that candle that
lights another.

Here you are, all this brightness, and so often
you may think of yourself and others as not much at all. You think you
are limping through life when you are a high flyer. Will you please no
longer downplay yourself? You are a Great Being in a Great Universe.
Perhaps you have been reading too much fine , or you have been
writing disclaimers and printing them on your heart.

Now, I ask
you to write exclaimers! Write in your heart now:

"I am a Great
Being. I am great enough to do great things. From this day forward, I
believe in myself. From this day forward, I acknowledge to myself that
what God creates has to be great. How could I ever think it could be
otherwise? What was I thinking? What could a child of God be worth but
greatness? No longer will I belittle myself. No longer will I belittle
anyone. I, who am a Great Being of God, uplift others to their greatness
as well. I am a Messenger of God, so, from now on, I no longer deliver
messages to myself or anyone.

"From now on I acknowledge
myself as a tribute to God. God me to be a tribute to Him and
His art. Now I accept that what God says is what I am."

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