What would if the past tense were removed from language!
And the future tense as well? What if you have only present tense to
work with. Then you are of the present. Then you say: "I am
knowing ’s Presence right now."

You might say: "I am growing
closer to God with every breath. God is me right now. God is mine
right now. I am alive right now. I am living life. I am living life the
best I know how. I am getting better at life at this very moment. I am
walking to God. Now I am running. Now I am with God. God and I are One.
Right now We are. I am walking with God. I am moving ahead with God. God
and I love each other. I am to God. I am marvelous as I greet
God and serve in the world on God’s . I am God’s child. I am God’s
child right now. I am loving God as He is loving me. God and I are all
for One, and One for all. Blessed are We."

The past is not
needed, and yet the past tense of language is rampant.

today. See what happens to your focus as you use the present tense
only. I have a feeling that happiness will bubble up more. Acknowledge
your happiness, beloveds.

Say: "Right this moment I am happy. I
am as happy as can be. When I look ahead or when I look back, my
happiness feels put aside. Past happiness is only past. Future happiness
is not right now. Real happiness is right now. And so I focus on what
is right now. My life is bigger right now than in the past or the
future. Right now I leave the past behind me, and I leave the future to
itself. I am serving God right now. The past and the future do not need
any service from me."

While We take out the past and future
tenses, we also remove conditional tenses. No longer can it be said: "If
I were a rich man.if I were nineteen again." No longer can it be said:
"If I were prettier. If I were smarter. If I were loved."

Now I
hear you say: "I am wealthy. I have everything, and more is arriving all
the time. I am young. I am new every day. I am beautiful. I am smart. I
am loved. I am loved, and I love. I am loved, and I love, and I am
love. All of God’s Creation is love. Therefore, all is love. I belong to
this love. I am love right now. Right now, I am. I am, I am, I am. God
IS. I AM. You ARE. We ARE. The One of Us IS."

And now your heart
does somersaults of joy. Now the sun comes out early because you are
right with the sun. You are the sun. No longer do you wait for the sun.
The sun is now. You are now. All is now.

Say to yourself: "Now
that I live in this moment of being, my energy is strong. My zest for
life is stronger. No longer do I have regret, and no longer have I fear.
Regret and fear and such things cannot and do not exist in this moment
of Eternity that I call now. Now I am free of regret, and I am free of
fear. Regret is retrospect. Fear is of the future. Where can fear or
regret exist in this moment that I live with God? I live now. Not a
while ago and not later. I am alive now. I AM right now."