Channeler: Marlene

April 19, 2010

Helios and Vesta: Be the Love and Light Each

Beloved Ones of the Light,

We are so honored to speak with you this day! Know that we, of the
Central Sun, hold each of you in the highest esteem and that we add our
great Light and energies to your endeavors to anchor the Great Light
upon and within the Earth. Your efforts are creating miracles and as you
continue, the most wondrous probabilities and possibilities are
beginning to manifest within the Cosmos. Your Light and determination to
assist all to Ascend is noted and honored. Know that great good is
being accomplished.

We from the Higher realms always the free will of the people of
the Earth and so when you offer the Invocation to the Great Light, we
joyfully renew our efforts on behalf of all on Earth and for the Earth.
Keep on with this Call, Dearest Lightworkers, for it is one that is
honored throughout the . By making this Call you are co-creating
Heaven on Earth. No one who chooses the Light of God that never fails
that lives within their heart and soul will be left behind. You are to
be commended for your determination that this be so!

The greater Light and frequencies are ever bringing up all that which
has been hidden and is now being exposed to the Light for revelation,
review, and transmutation. There are many being learned by all
and a greater unification is taking place. You are beginning to
understand how only one person can make a big difference in the World.
Your individual Light is in turn adding to the greater Light. The
Legions of Light who have gathered to assist at this time are responding
with joyful enthusiasm to your Calls, for when you make your Calls, you
give permission on behalf of Humanity, for these responses to take

Lady Vesta and I are most honored by your Calls and send forth our
energies and our Love in response. Our hearts are filled with joy and
gladness to look upon the children of God and see the Love and the Light
that shines out from each heart that radiates outwards in great
concentric circles to encompass all. We join with you in these efforts.
We surround each Lightworker making these Calls with our great Love and
protection. You are precious to us and we hold you close to our hearts.
Beloved Children, continue on in your quest to Heaven on Earth
and it shall be so before you know it!

Love is the greatest force in the entire Universe and nothing can
withstand its influence. Be the Love and the Light in the World each
day, no matter what personally transpires for you, and by so doing, you
make your stand for all that is right and good. We send to you our great
Love with heartfelt thanks!

Helios and Vesta

Great Cosmic Light Invocation:

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is
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way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.