Channeler: Hansabubbles

There is coming your way a vast storehouse of information which can
be used in a helpful manner. It begins and ends with each of you in
that it is an expression of the divine within yourselves. When two
objects of interest come together there is a mutual acceptance of
experience. It is this attraction to which we refer. It is the
beginning of the next step in your journeys. It is what we choose to
call synchronicity. When you step into the life cycle you presently
find yourselves, you choose a direction. This direction is being guided
by infinite wisdom and love. It is a stage of development that comes
to you in a progression or order. In this linear reality you choose to
accept experience in a linear order although that is totally not true
from our perspective. You see, everything is occurring at the same time
and the wonder you see in the moment can be felt in all moments of your
existence, past present and even your future.

You are on the brink of discovering who you really are in your power
and your own wisdom. You are part of the whole and not separate from the
creator. You have total understanding which can be accessed simply by
allowing it.

When you observe negative thoughts, you are only judging those
thoughts to be unacceptable and then attempt to release them from your
experience. If one can rise above the judgment of them being negative
and accept they are just another side of the coin of "One", then you
can allow them through your consciousness without harm. It is only in
the judging of the thought that creates the dam or backup of
which you feel inappropriate.

From our perspective there is no right or wrong and no right or wrong
thought. They are only that, thoughts. When neutralized by love and
acceptance they cannot be manifested. Your adherence to this statement
will serve as proof in your own reality.

Sounds or vibrations create feelings within the human instrument.
They resonate or disturb but all come from the same source, the creator
within you. Allowing these vibrations to penetrate your psyche will
serve to provide understanding when viewing from a non-judgmental
perspective. Simply allow your bodies to feel how they react to the
vibration and make choices as to the most harmonious you choose to be
influenced by. What is true for one will be disturbing to another. In
this physical experience choose only to find that which is harmonious to
you and not what others desire.

Now, let’s move onto another subject for there is much dissension in
the field of energy. It is an extensively talked about phenomenon these
days. It is discussed in the areas of healing as well as destruction.
Again, we reiterate, the effect is found only in the judgment. All is
energy and can be used from any perspective. When viewing from a state
of love, the energy can be transformed into that state. The energy
judged as detrimental, harmful or unpleasant can be transmuted into the
vibration of love simply by adding this attribute to the mix. Do you
understand? There is no , no . There is
only in love. Love transmutes all vibration, therefore
all sound.

When you observe your news stories filled with what you call
negativity, it is within your power to transmute the energy totally by
adding the aspect of love to every situation. You are an important
piece of the human puzzle. Your single contribution in this area
affects the entirety of human experience. When you rise above the
judgment and apply the vibration of love, you are making a change in
human evolution. You are increasing the frequency of the planet and her
inhabitants by your single perspective of non-judgment. We reiterate.
The negativity you see on your news stations is simply an absence of
love and you can change that by a simple shift in your own perspective.
When enough people shift their perspective, the entire planet will
shift into the higher frequency for which she strives.

Your lives, as you see them in this present moment can be changed by a
simple shift in the perspective. To add love to every single situation
in which you find yourselves can alter your experience in a heartbeat.
If you find yourselves short of monetary support, add love and accept
it as a loving experience and watch it change. Shift your attention
entirely from the lack of something onto something you love and you will
attract more of what you love.

If you find your jobs unsatisfactory begin to add love to what you do
and love what it is teaching you about yourselves. Begin by loving
even one small part of what you do and observe how it attracts more
feelings of love. In time you will either love what you do or you will
attract a new occupation for vibrations always attract like vibrations.
Do you see how you can not attract a job you love doing if you are in
the judgmental vibration of dislike. You must first begin to love
something and build upon that energy. The love vibration will always
win over lower frequencies of negativity, dislike and fear.

There is only one in the universe and that is
the frequency of Love.

When love is applied to ANYTHING, it changes.

Be In Peace