Humanity is experiencing a quantum shift this year in every
facet of our lives. The end result of this acceleration of energy,
vibration, and consciousness will be an extremely positive event for
everyone. Unfortunately, due to the challenges surfacing in people’s
lives to be healed, many do not realize the opportunity at hand. Instead
of empowering their hopes and dreams during this unique opportunity,
people are being overwhelmed with fear and feelings of helplessness. For
this reason, the Company of Heaven is asking Lightworkers around the
world to redouble our efforts. We are One, and we have the ability to
serve as surrogates on of our sisters and brothers in the Family
of Humanity.  We are being called to action! The time for us to accept
the responsibility of being our sister’s and brother’s keepers is NOW!

I know that many Lightworkers are also feeling
overwhelmed. The
difference is that regardless of outer appearances we know within the
deepest recesses of our hearts that we are going to be God Victorious,
and that everything we need to serve the Light on behalf of our fellow
Human Beings and all Life on this planet is already within us. We are
powerful beyond our knowing and when we join our hearts and minds
together we are invincible. This is the level of heart commitment that
we are being asked to reach at this time. The Company of Heaven is
standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to amplify our unified
efforts a thousand times a thousand fold.

At this very moment,
our I AM Presences are increasing the frequency of vibration within our
physical, etheric, mental, and emotional the maximum we can
endure in every 24-hour period. This may feel a little bit stressful,
but it is enabling us to receive higher frequencies of Light than we
have ever experienced. Remember, Light is infinitely more powerful than
the fragmented, fear-based mis-creations of our human egos which are
surfacing to be healed. The more Light we can project into this
surfacing negativity the faster it will be transmuted, and the sooner
the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will tangibly manifest in
our lives.

The year 2010 is being heralded as the Year of
by the of Light serving this planet. After decades
of tenacious work by millions of Lightworkers in every conceivable
location on Earth, we have reached a critical mass, a tipping ,
that will allow the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to begin
physically manifesting. Pay attention to the positive things that are
being brought to your awareness and you will confirm this for yourself.
Do not focus on the bombardment of negativity that is designed to
polarize people and to perpetuate fear and separation. Focus instead on
the evidence of positive changes that are happening everywhere. Where
your attention is, there you are. Empower only what you want to
co-create in your life not the things that you do not want.

Here are some powerful invocations that have been given to Humanity by
the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. When we say these
invocations with deep feeling, we join in consciousness with thousands
of Lightworkers around the world who are also saying these invocations.
Together we create a tremendous Chalice of Light through which the Light
of God will flow to heal the maladies manifesting in our individual and
our collective lives. This will clear the way for the manifestation of
our hopes, our dreams, and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

The Violet Flame

Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now
blazing in my heart, I invoke ALL of the Legions of Light throughout
infinity who are associated with the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the
Violet Flame.

On behalf of myself and ALL Humanity, I AM now
blazing the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame through
every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth that is
vibrating at a frequency less than the harmony and balance of God.

Beloved I AM, look into my life and the lives of ALL Humanity and see
what yet remains to be balanced by us to any person, place, or
thing we may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason.

Reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the positively
qualified energy we have released throughout our Earthly sojourns, and
draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as we have ever done

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of
Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt we have created which
still remains unpaid to any part of Life.  

Beloved I AM, I
ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may
have wronged us in any way, and balance all debts owed to us by Life

I accept this done through the Power of God I AM.  
And so it is.


the Divinity pulsating in my heart, I consecrate my life now to the
reestablishment of my Covenant with God. I clearly know and understand
with my new level of Divine Consciousness, that whatever I AM thinking,
feeling, saying, or doing I AM empowering, cocreating, and magnetizing
into my life.

From this moment forth, I dedicate my thoughts,
words, actions, and feelings to empowering and cocreating the patterns
of perfection for the New Earth. I begin with me, but I know that
simultaneously I AM a surrogate serving on behalf of ALL Humanity, for
we are all One. As I AM lifted up, all life is lifted up with me.

I invoke the entire Company of Heaven to come forth now. Blessed Ones,
please assist me in this holy , and empower these activities of
Light a thousand times a thousandfold.

Beloved Father-Mother
God, I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM enveloped in the invincible
protection of God’s Light and Divine Love as I sojourn through my
Earthly experiences.

I AM manifesting perfection in my
physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.

co-creating loving relationships in my life.

I AM fulfilling
my Divine Purpose and reason for being, and I AM financially and
creatively rewarded in my job.

I AM an example of Divine Family
Life, including my place in the family of Humanity.

fulfilling my Divine Potential as a son or daughter, a wife or husband, a
mother or father, a grandmother or grandfather, a woman or man, as a
friend, a relative, a coworker, a steward of the Earth, a teacher, a way
shower, a Lightworker, and a cocreator of the New Earth.

I AM a
living example of  Divine Love, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Tolerance,
Acceptance, and Reverence for ALL Life.

I AM able to listen,
understand, and communicate openly and honestly with every evolving

I AM effortlessly Ascending into the Divine Heart and
Mind of God with every Holy Breath I take.

Within the Causal
Body of God, I AM tapping into the Divine Guidance and the viable
solutions that will assist me in fulfilling my Divine Plan and my
purpose and reason for being.

I AM open to the Divine Guidance
of my I AM Presence and the Legions of Light in the Realms of Truth. I
easily communicate with these Beings of Light through open heart and
mind telepathic communication.

I AM One with ALL Life, and I
communicate openly with the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms as well.

I AM daily and hourly fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of my Divine
and the Divine Plan for Beloved Mother Earth.


I now invoke the full-gathered momentum
of the Violet Flame to transmute every thought, word, action, or feeling
I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and
unknown, that would in any way interfere with or prevent these patterns
of perfection for the New Earth from manifesting tangibly in the world
of form.

I AM the Immaculate Concept of these patterns of
perfection NOW made manifest and sustained by Holy Grace.

the Immaculate Concept of these patterns of perfection NOW made manifest
and sustained by Holy Grace.

I AM the Immaculate Concept of
these patterns of perfection NOW made manifest and sustained by Holy

I accept that these patterns for the New Earth are
victoriously manifesting even as I speak.

In God’s most Holy
Name, I AM. And so it is!

(These invocations are from the
book of invocations,
I AM Co-creating the New Earth
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles)