The Five Seasons

A plum-tree stands alone on
a hill of its own,

Its petals drop, its branches
wither, its sap falls low…

and yet spring comes with
all its vibrancy in spite of frost

and the beauty and
the life return to the flowers (see them).

~ Jay Ramsay

The Poems of Kuan Yin

This poem spoke so strongly
to me as my business’ name is CocoPlum, on the highest ridges
of our flat island and I do feel like the solo tree of its kind in this
terrain, most recently dragging through life as if I was dying a slow
death, without blossoms, without life force and then…a new moment
arrived.  Wow, it is clearly springtime and life is offering up its
natural renewal.  The rotted stairs of my tropical wood home were
fixed, at last.  Our spa, which has been put to work for the
season, purchased new linens.  I cleaned out my closet of clothes,
everything, that had not been worn in the last 8-12 months, recycled. 
New projects presented themselves for consideration.

is feeling fresh and alive.  I have an undeniably strong anticipation
of something coming.  At first, I thought it was just this new moon, or
simply Spring itself, but the feeling doesn’t go away.  It feels like I
won the lottery but no-one has informed me yet.  Something large-scale
has moved into my auric field but life hasn’t yet revealed its
destination.  We are half way through the 6th galactic night of the
Mayan Calendar and from what I understand, the BIG energy is moving in
at the end of May and then again in July.  Until then, I can only be a
dreamy, foolish, Spring mother and ponder the futures’ possibilities….

I ponder, I am dealing daily with headaches, something that has never,
ever afflicted me and the newest “ascension” symptoms- losing my mind,
my , my stream of thoughts, and forgetting the things I have
said or promised.  All of this is so unlike me.  I recently read that
the poles are responsible for our mental conditions.  When the
astronauts were sent into space for longer than 2 weeks, into no
polarity they began to lose their minds.  Okay, so I understand.  Our
poles are shifting, our magnetic grids are askew and I clearly can no
longer keep up with my thoughts or the of information.  All is
well though as this is how the Maya said it would go… the only thing to
do is truly go with the flow.  No more thinking, no more plotting, no
more planning, only living in the moment, breath by breath.  It is the
only way to walk into our destined miracles.

Last Friday morning I
woke up and rather than opening my business, I decided in a heartbeat
to leave for a weekend get-away.  Kuan Yin had been calling me to come
visit her in our usual spot, the waterfalls at Clarissa Falls.  In my
fourteen years of visiting this sacred place, I have never actually sat
myself right in the heart of the falls and let it wash over me.  On
this unexpected trip, I spent hours sitting and rejuvenating in the
Falls as Kuan Shi Yin whispered her compassionate words of solace.  “Be
still, never fear, all is well!  Look- (she showed me the Ceiba,
sacred tree to the Maya which was shedding its silk and within its
lovely silk was located the trees seed) Gather-Dream-Plant your Seeds,
it’s Spring.  Do not give up on your dreams just as they are about to

Like so many lightworkers who have taken the wounded
healer, struggle path, I am weary of the journey.  This winter seems to
have been especially challenging and energetically difficult.  But,
deep inside, I know, the struggle is almost over.  I just read an
incredibly interesting new article found at
“The Re-birth of the Etheric Human”.  In sum, this article speaks of
the Mayan Evolutionary Theory & Calendar and our ascension and
growth from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension (which happened in a
short 50 year period with technology:  especially the internet) and
now our birth to the 5th dimension. The
writer states that our 4th dimension status is our training wheels into
the 5th dimension.  She says the training wheels are about to be

That makes sense.  If one must communicate by way of
telepathy in the 5th dimension, then the internet has prepared the
way.  No longer hitting the email send button to reach our friends,
families and work colleagues, we will simply tune in the mind, which
has lost all its logic.  Whenever I go into a psychic reading, I have
trained myself over the years to not “think” about how it works.  I
simply flip the cards and allow them to do their magic.  If I spent too
much time questioning and contemplating how the cards are consistently
reaching the pertinent information of the questioner, I would never
receive an accurate reading.  My energy would be tied up in doubt. I
guess in our fifth dimension earth , thinking a message to someone
will become as second nature as typing an email and we all will become
confident in the fact that the message safely arrived.

Lotus also states that breaking through the ceiling of the 4th
dimension and into the 5th is painful:

‘Today we are
experiencing incredible Great Shifts, right at the current ‘time’ on
the Cosmic Calendar.  These Shifts facilitate our ‘struggle’ to break
through the ceiling of the 4th Dimension.

for a chicken born out of the egg, or a butterfly from the cocoon,
breaking through the protective ‘ceiling’ of the 4th Dimension is
painful, because, all our 4 bodies, the Physical (1,st, 2nd, 3rd
Dimensions), the Light Body (4th and 5th dimension), the Emotional (3rd
and 4th dimension) and Soul Body (5th and higher Dimension)  must be
perfectly integrated, cleansed and healed.”

The next
six months of the 6th galactic night are going to speed by, of this I
am sure, and during that time, I believe a lot of eggs
are going to start cracking.  I hope what comes out of your egg is

The Time of Transition 1999-2012

“Right NOW we
are experiencing a “shift of the Ages”, as was foreseen by the
ancients, we are indeed in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the
Earth and humanity are experiencing a vital transference shift from a
third to a fifth dimensional frequency.

This shift was and has
been referred to as the ‘Time of no Time’. We are currently in the
transition period of the fourth dimension which creates the illusion of
being stuck in a time warp as Earth goes through a rapid shift in time
and space.

Throughout this transition our planet and humanity
will continue to experience radical changes within their frequency,
corresponding alchemical makeup and consciousness.

We will enter
the fifth dimension between 2011-2013. At which time the world that we
know will continue to go through radical changes so we can live in this
new dimension already beginning to manifest within our current
reality. We are entering into a whole new way of being.” (Red Lotus)

Living, Breathing, Anticipating.


everyone a very Happy New Moon!)

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