Channeler: Petra

Light Quotient, Star Quotient and Diamond Quotient.

Many of us have an understanding and have heard about our Light
Quotient. During some of the workshops we are teaching we have been
given new information about this subject and we have been given two new
Light Quotients.

The Light Quotient is the amount of crystalline that the body

The Star Quotient is the amount of cosmic energy that the body holds.

The Diamond Quotient is the amount of Diamond energy and how far we
are with transforming our physical body into a Diamond body for Cosmic

The Star Quotient or cosmic energy is what assists us with turning
the Light Quotient or crystalline energy into Diamond.

Let’s say our body is the coal (light quotient, crystalline energy)
and the Star Quotient is what compresses the Light Quotient, the
crystalline energy (the coal) into Diamond.

Simple enough, right?

Now how do we work on this?

I asked the ones that gave us the information, Kuthumi and Dr. Stone.
Here is what they have to say.

Kuthumi and Dr. Stone on the Light Quotient, Star Quotient and
Diamond Quotient.

I Am Kuthumi and I am here today with someone most of you know from
his time on earth and all the books and information he was able to
convey to you about the Light Quotient and Planetary Ascension, Dr
Joshua David Stone.

He joined us many years ago after his completion of Planetary
Ascension and Cosmic ascension, moving on to the world of the Ascended
Masters. Just kidding, we actually do not have a world like that. We
exist within the oneness, and as so, we speak of the oneness as being
within Source.

It is time to release the new Information that is now available
within the energies, within your universe. The Star Quotient and Diamond
Quotient. Since Dr Stone was a specialist in this area while on earth,
he is the one I, Kuthumi, thought would be the right person to this
new information to the ones that wish to receive.
With great pleasure I give you Dr. Joshua David Stone.

Welcome to all who are reading this, I am Joshua David Stone and I
speak to you through this channel as we are now able to release the
information that was held within the higher dimensions and is now
available for you to receive as you wish. During my time one earth I
worked on my Light Quotient, this enabled me to complete Planetary
Ascension. From the moment I left our amazing planet I have been working
with the Ascended Masters and many other beings of light who welcomed
me in their group as an Ascended Master and I have been anxious to
release all the new information that came available to me at that

When I was on earth, we knew about Cosmic Ascension and I went
through the process the moment I left with leaving my body behind. Now
it is the time to actually go through Cosmic Ascension without leaving
the Physical body behind. I am so excited that this time has come and I
am anxiously to greet many of you here in this new place that I
have found within the oneness of God.

The Light Quotient is still an important part of the process as this
is what fills your physical body with the crystalline energies. Once you
are beyond a Light Quotient of 80%, you will start building your Star
Quotient. The part where you go from 80% to 99.9% Light quotient will
bring your Star Quotient to around 50%. From there you start to
your Diamond Quotient, turning the crystalline energy into diamond

The process of Cosmic Ascension is something that has been done
before, and it took many life times to complete as we all know. In this
time, going up to 2012, the energy is vibrating at such speed that a new
process of Cosmic Ascension is possible. Many of you have felt it
already as time speeding up; some have felt like sometimes stepping out
of time. This is what 2012 will be, stepping out of time for a short
moment to raise the earth up and let her become one with the New Earth
that is being prepared within the Higher Dimensions.

All will be welcomed on the new earth, as the new earth still will
have some of the lower dimensions needed for groups that will have to
complete Planetary and Cosmic Ascension. Many more dimensions will be
available for you to explore and see as you will move with the earth to
the new earth.

Now I am getting off subject but I am so excited that the time is
almost there, the Star Quotient and Diamond Quotient, how do you work
with that?

There are many different , but in my opinion the most important
one is to be connected within to your own Source Being. Another thing is
to start working with energies beyond the 5th dimension. There is so
much out there and the guidance needs to come from within you.

One thing I have always said and I will say it again, learn to
channel, learn to communicate with your Higher Self, your Soul, your
Source being, and with that of course can come the guidance from all of
the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that are here waiting for you
to give you the information, the guidance. But most importantly, live
from the heart, connect with your heart, connect with the being that you
are in spirit. Follow that intuition, let yourself be guided and move
beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension.

As you might know from all the books I have written, I dedicated
myself completely to the ascension path, this is what I was meant to be
doing. For many of you it is what you are meant to be doing, you already
know this. Many will let things hold them back and you will have to
move beyond this feeling, this block. This block is what we call the 3rd
dimension, limitations all over. Once you can move beyond that, you
will find the whole universe behind you to support you. And I can tell
you now, this is the first block. Many more will come on your path as
you will integrate more of your own source being into the physical body
into the third dimension.

Now what about all those people that have never even heard about
Planetary or Cosmic Ascension? Yes we know there are many; they will get
the chance to complete this on the New Earth. They are going to need
teachers though and this is why you are here. To start your world
service contract that will be fully in play once you arrive onto the New

I am leaving you with one thought:

“It is easier to in the 3rd dimension than to step out of it.”

And this is the most important reason why so many, who have the
opportunity, will not complete Planetary Ascension, let alone Cosmic

Joshua David Stone