13 Apr 2010 12:47 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

is a day of joy, is it not? Spring
has arrived for many of you and joy has returned for most of you. Some of you
are perhaps thinking that you are not feeling joy – and such might be the case
for your physical being. But your inner being/soul most certainly

You may not be aware on a physical level
that a giant Universal shift has occurred in the last few days, but such is the
case. We have told you baby boomers that you have accepted, and in fact, have
been instrumental in introducing the New Age on earth. What occurred most
recently is that the majority of people on earth have now embraced the
possibility. There is a great deal of difference from the introduction of a new
product to general acceptance.

An appropriate example might be
Forty years ago, very few people were familiar with the term or the
food. Of
course, those familiar with a variety of cultures might have been
about this particular food, but the general population did not conceive
yogurt as a standard lunch or snack treat. Today, no one needs to have

When we initiated this blog
last fall,
we told you that the New Age had been introduced, which was similar to
that yogurt is a new food product that you might like. What has occurred
in the
last few days is that the New Age has become general information to the
beings of humans now on earth and therefore, the Universe.

What does such a statement mean
in terms
of your interactions with others or in the political, religious and
arenas? Nothing immediately. Yogurt did not because a household product
overnight – but “word of mouth” most certainly generated yogurt sales
that today
are far beyond what anyone would have imagined thirty years ago. And so
it is
for the New Age.

Humans continue to live in
strife. They
continue to protest this or that action. They continue to think that
or political party is evil. But there is now a message, accepted by the
majority of humans, who find a greater need for and love
than hate
and anger.

What has occurred in the last
few days
is a dramatic sea change that will impact the earth for the remainder of

We and others have told you for
time that your inner voice is your most appropriate and truly only
guide. Many
of you embraced such messages to the best of your ability, despite
chiding from
friends and relatives for doing so. Following your inner guidance has

The vast majority of people on
have now accepted the worth and the necessity of the New Age. By doing
so, those
now on earth will have a more difficult time overriding their personal
New Age
messages. Of course, there will be a number at first who are able to do
despite their deeply uncomfortable feelings. But the majority will no
longer be
able to ignore New Age.

Many of you are perhaps
thinking of the
current political scene in the . The deep divide between
Republicans and the Democrats. Or the seemingly constant terrorist
around the world. Will either example cease to exist tomorrow? No. But
such will
happen within a few months. We have told you that the New Age will occur
rapidly. And so it will.

Once someone’s soul/inner being
a philosophy that impacts the Universe, there is very little needed to
move that
philosophy forward.

Again, let us give you an
example. You
baby boomers in the 1960’s and 1970’s wanted love not war. The Vietnam
war was
raging and technically you had little power given your age and your
levels. Yet, through the resources you had available, you stopped the
war. Oh not in one day. And often, you felt the effort was futile. Who
listen to a bunch of radical youngsters? Of course, the rest is history.

This New Age shift will happen
even more
rapidly because it was initiated by the very same baby boomers. Only now
baby boomers are the people in power and have the largest bulk of
worth in history.

Let us give you a brief
overview of what
is going to happen in the next few months. Then we will leave you with
thought that it is now time for you to celebrate. Once again, you have
a very difficult task and you have done so without a shot being fired or
type of revolution other than one enmeshed with love.

You baby boomers are already
with the thought of “make love not war.” Just as was true for you in the
and 1970’s, you are feeling thoughts that you are not familiar with.
thoughts are urging you forward to disassemble those institutions and
organizations and yes, even political parties that do not seem to “get
it.” You
are sending e-mails and creating blogs that encourage yourself and
others to
look at those institutions with new eyes. Just because someone you
admire says
something, does not mean that statement is your reality any longer. And
so it
will go. You will be more and more interested in surrounding yourself
like-minded people and institutions. Those people and institutions who
do not
act on your “love not war” philosophy will fade and fail.

We are not necessarily
addressing the
war in Iraq or any other conflict. But rather an overall philosophy of
negotiation, hope, joy and yes, peace. That is the New Age. This is what
have long dreamed of. And this is what you have now created both within
and within the beings of the majority of people on earth.

Even though you may not yet
experienced it directly as of yet, we will tell you that your joy will
bursting forth with or without your current willingness to believe that
such is
so. Of course, there will yet be upheavals. Of course, there will
conflicts for
a bit of time. But underneath it all, know without a doubt that the
majority of
people on earth have accepted the New Age and all that entails.

Follow your inner voice and you
will be
a participant observer in the paradigm shift that is now occurring.
Ignore your
inner voice and you will be an observer in the paradigm shift that is
occurring. It will happen. It is happening.

For those of you who prefer an
of what we are discussing, think of the last few weeks as the time in
which a
major food producer first decided to introduce yogurt as a small product
And then know, as you do, that within a couple of years, every major
producer will have to have a large yogurt product line to meet the
demand. And
so it is. Amen.

Ah. Brenda has a question. What
if the
majority of people had not accepted the New Age in the last few days?
would have changed other than the introduction and acceptance of the New
would have taken a bit longer in your terms and a few nanoseconds in
ours. The
New Age has been a given for a few years. Your acceptance was the
question which
has now been answered.

Go play in the sunshine and
rejoice in
your concentrated and highly implementation of a new world.
So be it.

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