Tonight was one of those rare occasions that the TV was on here: my ladies wanted movies, so that’s what we planned. The youngest was so addicted to the Web she passed by the chance to influence the choice of movies, leaving it to me and Laura to pick the winners. Way too many horror movies and thrillers there, but finally we settled for one of her favorites, and one that I felt would be worthy of my attention.

The support act was Linday Lohan faking a pregnancy to avoid being fired, and all the hilarious stuff that follows from covering lies with lies. Highly amusing, as an appetizer.

The main course for me came after that, in the form of  the Man from . Don’t expect special effects in this , because it must have been one of the lowest budget movies, being a real dialog film. And in effect it isn’t so much the actions of the characters, as the story they tell.
Professor John Oldman is moving. barge in at the last moment he is packing his stuff onto a pickup, and prod him into revealing why he is leaving. I’ll probably get flamed by some for giving this away, but he reveals that his family name Oldman is not without reason: he asks them to entertain the thought that a man might have survived the Cro Magnon era, all the way to modern . I’ll not any more stuff, but will wholeheartedly recommend this, knowing a bit the peculiar tastes of the average moorelifer. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
Love your Light,