Sunday, 04 April 2010 19:26

through Zilanthrah, 24th March 2010

Greetings from the realm of sunshine, bluebirds, waterfalls and never
ending peace. I am Methuselah and I greet you with fondness for all
that you do.

I am aware of your recent experience with opening a doorway of Light
for those ready to enter into the Light. This is occurring planetary
wise on a regular basis due to new energies. The energies of Love, Light
and Peace act as a catalyst for those who are ready and willing to move
to their next level. It has well for some time, yet there are
those, shall we say, stubborn ones, who continue to hang on by their
fingernails to what has served them for so long.

These ones have not been affected by the loving prompting of the
effective energies. For those of you who are willing to assist them in
your own way, we advise that you do so and we honor you for your choice
but remember that it is an option of your choosing.

Can you think of anyone in your lineage whom you can remember,
perhaps as a child, whom you were not particularly drawn to? It is these
folks whom I refer to as stubborn, for many of them throughout their
lives hung on by their fingernails to the negative aspects of their
lives. Some of them did not make the transition to the Light and chose
to remain in the fourth dimension where they continue to have their way
through the energy of those in physical bodies. They are aware of what
is transpiring around them, as well as in the 3rd dimension. They are
aware that there is a better place to be, however their negative energy
is so well ingrained that they pass on their option of moving on to the
Lighted realm.

These ones that you might have known as a child are one example, for
there are multitudes of discarnate entities from times before yours and
from times of ancient days. Some of you have techniques that work well
for you and we suggest that you spend time with the intention to help
these ones move on. If you are not accustomed to doing this, we
recommend that you go into a meditative state where you feel peace and
love in your hearts with the intention of assisting these ones to their
next stage of evolution. Know that when you form your intention to do
this, you will be surrounded with Celestials beings, with Masters and
Angels who wish to assist. There is nothing to fear, you are protected
and the energy of the discarnate ones cannot affect you. Otherwise you
would not be directed to do so.

Know that, if you choose this option, any relatives or friends
existing in the 4th dimension will have no choice, as they are aware
that there is a better place for them and that it is now the time for
their next stage of evolution. They simply will leave.

It is not a difficult task, it is a matter of being willing and
setting aside the time. You may be surprised at how easily this occurs
and with the fulfillment that this will bring you. After all, serving
Spirit in the way of helping to heal your ancestors is a high one. And
you are highly capable of doing this.

You may know of who assist discarnate entities to move on as
well as assist those who have passed on but are not yet aware that they
are deceased. Some do this as part of their divine service.

There has been cleansing on Planet Earth for many a year now and
these ones whose turn it is to step to the Light must come sooner or
later. And now is the time. It will help to raise the frequency of the
planet in a way that is observable and obvious from our realm.

We ask that you assume this responsibility and commend you for your
choice. As the evolved masters that you are, you are capable of this and
much more. See it as a favor you do for your family and others.
Zoltair, will you please express your thoughts aloud?

Zoltair: Thank you Methuselah. Are you saying that we are shaking
loose a new reality for our entire lineage?

Methuselah: Yes, put simply. And for the lineage of others as well.
Create a doorway or a tunnel that is the conscious bridge connecting the
3rd and the 5th dimensions. This is how the discarnate entities shall
cross over. There are other ways to assist and if you are directed by
another method, please follow your intuition. Rely on guidance from
Spirit and know that your intention of seeing these loved ones crossing
to the Light is most important. Be sure to raise your vibration by
allowing the highest feeling of Love and peace into your heart. Have it
be a joyous celebration. All life is sacred and these ones are sacred
and deserve a helping hand. It is worthy of celebration.

Zoltair: Are we including incarnated people such as brothers,
sisters, friends or also those who have left through the death ?

Methuselah: We refer to all that you have mentioned. As far as living
relatives, many humans carry discarnate entities with them. These ones
shall be helped to the Light. Some may have become attracted and
attached to your siblings during this lifetime. Some have been here
since time immemorial, so know that your assistance will be as a key
log, once it begins, there will be a parade of entities who are deceased
humans and there will be a parade of discarnate ones who are living
through the physical actions, thoughts and emotions of the incarnate

Zoltair: Will this also apply to our neighbors and their lineage as

Methuselah: When you out with the intention to assist in this
way, if you have within your mind to assist your neighbor, it shall be
so. You shall assist with not only housecleaning of relatives living and
deceased, and neighbors, but perhaps an entire community.

Be aware that this may apply to each of you, you can do this for
yourself, which is most important, for if you carry any negative
energies which no longer serve you, it is time to let them know that
their services are no longer necessary. See this as a final
housecleaning of sorts.

Zoltair: I will make a determined effort to do this.

Methuselah: Determination is a word that we love hearing from our
human kin. Know that all reading this will have an opportunity to serve
in a magnificent way as it is almost beyond comprehension as to the
undertaking that you will be doing and covers a vast of
discarnate entities and energies whose time has come. They simply must
move on.

If someone interested in participating requests your technique or
techniques that others utilize, we encourage you to share. With honesty
of your intent, energy and loving , it will be successful. Know
also that when assisting discarnate ones to the Light, guides and angels
of the human being assisted will come forth to add their energies of
love and support. Their stubbornness will be lessened and their
transition will be easier. The weight that unhappy humans carry will be
much lessened for them. They will see their way with more ease. It shall
bring a lightness and grace into all aspects of their life. Even as I
speak, we are aware that they are lining up. So by my comments, you know
to take the time for another round. Open the door to the Light and
allow them, with Love, to the next level of their journey.

Z & Z: We thank you Methuselah .

Methuselah: You are most welcome. I am Methuselah and I bid you a
good day.