There is much ignorance about multidimensionality in today’s
world. That is understandable. It’s an area that is underexposed in the
world, in psychology and psychiatry. There is a new age. I decided to
be what I would have wanted as a child. A multidimensional friend that
walks with me on my road and travels through life, the now and the
realities I play in. 

What is multidimensionality?

children of today are sensitive, as some adults are. Some feel the
feelings of others and know what they think.  Input from the outside
enters their system. Sound and color give an immediate reaction. Often
they are connected with their source. That is why they feel energies
not everyone feels. They can be , imaginary friends and can have
memories from past, previous or parallel lives.

It’s proven in
quantum mechanics that there are many  realities and worlds next to each
other. We as live in different world. Sensitive kids have a
direct connection with those worlds. They almost never hear something
about that in their surrounding, so it can be difficult to give this a
place in their lives. As soul you have experiences simultaneous in this
and other dimensions. You’re can help you in creating a fun
live! It can be that your aspects seek resolution in the now. When your
child gets no space to share this, and you don’t have tools to give it
a place, this can express itself in psychiatric disorders like autism,
schizophrenia, multiple personality syndrome, depression etc. We call
these children also indigo and children. What do we see beyond
the labels? What if we erase them.. and you can be.. just yourself?
There are tremendous gifts that every human carries.


Most psychiatric disorders are
misunderstood multidimensionality.  A few examples are: autism, post
traumatic stress syndrome ptsd. Ocd: obsessive compulsive disorder,
multiple identity disorder and other dissociative disorders, adhd, add.

To be short: with mps and dissociative disorders, personalities and
aspects of the soul become active. Most of the time by traumatic events
in the early childhood like, repetitive often sexual abuse or other
heavy trauma’s. The soul takes a flight in other dimensions to survive.
It doesn’t have to be triggered by traumatic events. Some people are
multidimensional by nature and can live a happy life with it.

Multiple Personality FAQ

1. Multiplicity is

2. Multiplicity is not always the result of
child abuse, and many people are naturally multiple.

3. Whether or not they have a background of abuse,
multiples can and do live fully responsible, functional, productive
lives without needing to integrate or even be in therapy.

4. There are lots of us. Walking around all over. We’re
just in the closet. But we aren’t going away."

the ball of string

It’s important with sensitive kids, with
our without psychological/psychiatric diagnoses to unravel the ball of
behavior and feelings. When is the child looking for borders and what is
part of the delusion? When does a child take on energies from an
entity, and when is it an unsolved issue from a previous, parallel or
future life? When is it the higher self expressing itself in a linear
world? This are just a few examples. It can be a complex thing for
parents and health care workers, when clarity is gone.

I’m here
to unravel the ball of strings together with the parent, child and
offer tools how to deal with the diversity of feelings. Empowerment is
the base of how I . I’m not a “medical” professional and I always
to work together with other professionals. There are many ways
next to each other that all work. It’s important to discover what works
for you, your child and family. I offer a different view from an
holistic point of view. It’s a new and undiscovered area in where a lot
is possible!

How can the experience of a multidimensional child
look like in one of its severe cases? Watch a part of the Oprah
that features a 7 year old schizophrenic girl.


I am consulted on a regular base by professionals in institutions. I
offer a refreshing view for crisis clients  that are a danger to
themselves or others and sometimes are treated for their own or
societies safety. I am consulted when there are religious and or
spiritual beliefs in the delusion. The idea that we have to respect the
religious and spiritual beliefs of people and persons is spreading.
It’s needed that we need to make a distinction in what is the religious
belief of a person,  with respect for their culture and identity and
when this express itself in a way that isn’t feeling nice for the
person. And when it’s part of their  ‘delusion’ It’s a new view that is
spreading more and more in regular institutes. At this moment a lot of
beautiful souls are misunderstood. That can change!

By direct
observation, studying written and created work in creative therapy  I
can distinguish what the expressed energies mean. Simply said: I see
what  the delusion is and the pure divine energy that want to manifest
itself through the person. I am specialized in reading multidimensional
creative expressions like writings, art and music.

An example: A
person writes abracadabra and has an obsession for the devil, rewrites
religious bible texts in a new testament that looks demonic. When you
unravel those texts. There is a real strong and pure energy in it, that
we would call a channel. Because there are aspects and trauma’s who
feel uncompleted and hurt they express themselves also in the texts. On
the moment the persons itself, their dark aspects also feel
invited to express themselves.

These aspects simply want to be
heard and live in balance with the core personality. By with
these aspects and offer them an integration course, in where unity can
be experienced, the person can live in harmony with itself. In these
phase its becoming clear what the energies of the person are and what
are entities that attached themselves to the person. I always work from

An other example: A child who draws dark stuff all
the time. People hurting each other, killing each other, blood. It can
look like the kid from the Sixth Sense sometimes. Teachers are
worried and parents don’t know what to do. Maybe your child sees angels,
but also dark monsters and dead people. It can be very scary for a
child. Together we can create a safe space in where feelings can be
expressed and tools can be shared.

It can be a long course but
most of the time acceptance and a different view gives a lot of
. It gives space and a a loving bath in where healing can

A lot of gifted children are locked up in institutes.
Parents, professionals are doing the best they can. What if… There is a
new way? One of grace, of love, of peace and happiness. By shifting
our perspective gifts come to the surface. Creativity can unfold. These
children just want to be  heard and seen. It’s the birthright of every
human being to be happy and live in passion and joy. It’s possible for

More about the basics of multi
dimensionality can be in my article: The
Multi dimensional Crystal Heart.

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