27 Apr 2010 02:08 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

What a day! Many of you are probably feeling as if your being has been
scrambled. And so it has. This full moon is merely an indicator of what will be
shifting within your society in the next few weeks.

Does it not appear as if everyone is angry? Is there not a great deal of
shame and blame floating very close to the surface? Many of you are confused. We
continue to discuss the joys of the Age and yet you feel as if you are
surrounded with the pain of the Old Age.  Do not fret – all is well.

Please remember that we access a different perspective than you
allow yourself to experience. You limit your view to the narrow stream
of your
current life rather than the totality of your being.

Many of you are quite interested in time travel – but even time
travel is a
small microcosm of the totality that is you. Let us explain. The
totality that
is you has had many experiences on earth, as well as other realms. If
believe and thereby expect to only access the existences you have had on
you will not be able to “see” your lives between your earth existences
or your
lives in other locals. You will be limited to what you expect to see

There are so many other exciting arenas to explore. You are fully
capable of
exploring your lives on earth in whatever historical perspective you
wish, your
lives between your earth experiences and your lives in other arenas.
exploration is yet another tool in your new tool kit.

As is true of the tools we have mentioned previously, your time
travel tool
has always been available – just much more difficult for you to access.
 A bit
like the difference between a canvas airplane of the early 1900s and a
jet. Both
are capable of transporting you through the air, but the jet is so much
and more comfortable.

Now what does time travel (we prefer the term, Experience Travel)
have to do
with the anger and rage displayed throughout your current world via the
Everything and nothing. From a larger perspective, the small squabbles
you are
learning about are mere blips on the screen of life.

If you remember, many that the end of the world you now
know it –
the introduction of the New Age – would occur in a cataclysm of some
sort –
perhaps a nuclear war or a similar catastrophe. Instead, this New Age
is occurring without a world cataclysm, war or revolution. In comparison
those predictions, this transition is and has been extremely gentle.
There is,
of course, vocal dissent and civil unrest in various parts of the world,
certainly not to extent that was predicted even a few years ago.

If you would allow yourself to Experience Travel to a view above, or
a better term, through your current perspective, you would note how easy
New Age transition has been and will continue to be. The naysayers will
fade and
those who wish to explore the New Age will move to the forefront. “Life
is Good”
is an extremely appropriate term for this transition.

Some of you may experience a more dramatic transition than others.
That is
your choice. But again, we will tell you that such pain is not
necessary. Allow
yourself to see the positive aspects of any and all situations and you
will soon
find that your life is truly .

But then, as you have learned from several channels including this
one, if
you continue to “beat the drum” of pain and anger that is what you will
draw to
you – not to the earth or the Universe, but to you. The difference
between you
believing that “life is painful and then you die” prior to the New Age
and after
the New Age is that it was possible to achieve a world filled
with pain
interspersed with joy prior to the New Age. Now it is only possible for
you to achieve that vision for yourself.

The world and the Universe have moved on – in large part due to your
subconscious efforts. It is now your choice whether you wish to follow
the joy
of the New Age or to remain behind in the pain of the Old Age.

It is also your choice to tap into your Experience Travel
capabilities. Or to
worry about this or that issue. Or if you wish to experience a personal
life of
joy, while others on earth are allowing themselves to continue their
life of

Your new tool kit is no different from your computer commands. If you
wish to
correct your spelling errors in a computer project, you merely have to
spell check – but you are certainly not forced to. And so it is with
your tool

As we continue these blogs, we will provide more explicit tool kit
instructions. For the time being, we are merely pointing out the
features of
your new tool kit – not the least of which is your ability to easily
your Experience Travel skills.

Use your new tool kit or not. Experience Travel or not. Live in joy
or not.
The New Age is about choice, as well as an expansion of your being. All
of which
or none of which is required for you to continue living on earth.

But to not believe or access some of the multitude of skills that you
have readily available is similar to those people who discounted the
value of
flight with the statement, “If God meant for me to fly, he would have
given me
wings.” So be it. Amen.

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