13 April 2010 – 2:47pm



Early this morning I had a Robin crash
into our glass door the noise it made I was afraid to look.  My oldest daughter came out and checked on him and to
our the little guy hopped right up onto her palm as if tame.  I know he was stunned but he didn’t look injured.  So now here we were with the Robin sitting
on her hand and not knowing what to do with him.  She
took him out on to the back enclosed porch and sat with him for a
to check him over well and he seemed to be just fine.  Placing
her arm out the door with Robin on board he sat there for a few secs
looking at her like "I don’t want to" lol then just as quickly as he
came he flew off.  Was a beautiful gift we had
to experience this "wild" bird just as calm and peaceful as if he
had always lived with us.

 Here is a pic of him:

Thankful Today,

 Love and Light,