This channel took place on the evening after the Spring
Equinox. The energies were powerful and intense. Many people had been
experiencing dramatic changes in their lives. Many people had feeling
out of balance and energy for a while. Much of that is transitioning.
The four transformations of the seasons; spring and fall equinox and
summer and winter solstices are always opportunities to create better
balance in your lives. During this journey as you stood on the cusp of
the equinox you could acknowledge what it was within your past that was
ready to be released. You also had a chance to create for the future, to
set the energies for the next six months. Through it all the message is
about balance.  Step into these energies and let go of anything that is
outside of yourself or not your own. Create your intention for the next
several months as you manifest greater balance within yourself ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya

I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I feel as if I’m coming
into your group, as if I’m lighting in upon a wave of energy that is
associated with the spring equinox. Feel that wave of energy as it moves
through you. Feel yourself as you are fully present here within your
body. Let yourself go within and feel just how alive you really are.

I thank you for coming to share this time with me. I am so very
excited about all that is taking place upon the earth. Whenever we get
together around either the equinox or the solstices, there is an immense
flow of energy that’s moving within and around everything upon the
earth and in the universe.

This is about balance. Today as you
stand on the balance of letting go the last six months, opening to the
next six months, consider this a new beginning, and so breathe that
within yourselves. Breathe in, feeling all that energy move through you.
As you are ready to do so, I invite you to have a sense of shifting
your energies so that you may release your physical body and allow your
consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid. Feel what
this place is to you. Feel your higher self as it resides within and
around you here within this space.

The magnetic grid has had an
immense purpose throughout the many thousands of years upon the earth.
It has transformed and become what it is today through the immense work
of the millions of you upon the earth, who are shifting your

I the Goddess in conjunction with all of those
who work with the earth from the other side of the veil have been
working from that perspective and everything has been coming together so
beautifully over the last 15 to 20 years. So look around you, feel what
this place is to you, recognize how you are linked with other people.
There is a link to the collective consciousness and is all readily
apparent within here.

As you are ready to do so, shift your
focus as if going outward so that you may link with the crystalline
grid. As you arrive within this space, allow yourself to feel the flow
and the energies that are present here within.

You come into
this space on a very consistent basis. You come here as a means of
balancing your own crystalline energies. This is also a place that you
reach out or you reach into whenever you seek to expand in a new and
different way. You may find that you also link with the soul plane with
other dimensions of awareness, but most especially, you have the
crystalline grid. This is something that you move through or you blend
with any time that you have a sense of leaving the consciousness of the
earth.  It’s here, it’s available for you. You may utilize it as much as
you so choose. Feel the flow of energy as it moves through here.

you are ready to do so have a sense of shifting your awareness so that
you may move your focus into the soul plane. As you arrive within the
soul plane, feel how your energy expands. You immediately become aware
of your I AM presence. You may have a sense of it coming up from within
you; you may have a sense of walking towards it until you reach out and
blend. Feel how your divinity fills you up. Feel how you have a sense of
going even deeper within yourself as you merge fully with your
divinity. This is you. Your I AM presence is that unique soul essence
that is only you. It contains the multitude of various experiences that
you have had. You as your divinity are immense.

You are a
brilliant vibrant energy! Here in the space of the soul plane you have a
better access or a better ability to see the higher lighter vibrations
that are a part of your consciousness or your presence. The more that
you expand upon the earth, the more that your vibration rises to be in
alignment with what you are here or who you are here; then the greater
that this energy or essence is able to move down and become a part of
your existence on the earth. So feel that flow, feel all of that as it
moves through you.

Now I the Goddess come within this space. You
may feel my energies as I move in and amongst you.  I reach out to
embrace every one of you who are here present at this time. Well, that
also includes anyone who is reading or listening to this at a different
time, because if you are hearing or reading these words, you are
present. So allow yourself to expand.  As I merge with you, I am able to
amplify all that is you. I reflect back to you and share a vision of
who you are.

As you find yourself within this space, look
around, have a sense of the ways in which your energy expand. This is
the All That Is. This is where you come when you seek to create within
your life. This is where you come sometimes in your sleep state. This is
here as a means of creating profound changes both in the universe, and
upon the earth.

We stand here as the spring equinox is on the
end of its energies. This is a time that I would like you to consider
what have you had hibernating within you during the past several months.
Or perhaps you can think of it as an incubation period. Howsoever it
may come across to you, what has this winter been like for you?  As you
consider whatever this may be, let yourself in this moment acknowledge,
feel, perhaps, what is keeping you from feeling that completion.

do not wish for you to focus a large amount of energy upon it, but I do
believe that if you take a moment to bring it up, look at it, perhaps
energetically shake your fist at it, as if to express that you are
frustrated, howsoever you it in your own mind or in your own
way, experience it for yourself and then have sense of letting it go.
What I see all of you doing is as if you are suspended in the universe
and so you just drop that down away from you. You let it go; you release
it, you allow those energies to flow away from you and anything that
may have been attached with them. As you do this, have a new perspective
of your life. Have a new perspective of perhaps why you’ve had those
experiences. As if you are turning 180° you look in another direction,
open up to the new beginnings that are present here for you.

you look towards the next six months of your life look from this higher
perspective, giving you the big picture of things. Look to see all that
is here. Are there perhaps experiences from the past that are coming
back to revisit you with a greater understanding?  Is that perhaps the
time that you manifest in the physical form all that you’ve been seeking
to have? Is now the time that you allow yourself to feel the complete
satisfaction that you have been seeking to have? As you allow yourself
to look towards the future, as you stand here in this space of immense
flow allow yourself to open and see what it is that’s available to you.

As you stand in this space, feel what it is to have accomplished
whatever it is that you seek to do. Does it make you feel different?
Does it satisfy an urge that you’ve been feeling within yourself? Do you
find that this, whatever it might be that you have been seeking to
have, is going to finally bring you the satisfaction that you desire?

We have spoken many times about manifesting, about timing, about
what you are seeking to have within your life. In every person, that
feeling of connection with your divinity gives you that feeling of
completion.  No matter what may be going on in your physical reality,
that constant flow of source to you from your divinity
gives you that feeling of well-being. It gives you that sense of
awareness, that sense of perspective. If you find yourself in chaos
perhaps at the workplace, perhaps within your family in whatever the
situation may be, breathe down your divinity, breathe down your I AM
presence and let that nurture you, filling you up. Feel what that is to

Therefore as you consider the new beginnings, let’s open up a
door to allow a greater amount of potential to come your way. As we
arrived within this space, there were a number of teacher and teachers
and energies that were here waiting for you. They walk forth and make
themselves known to you. There are some extraterrestrials and these
energies are different than the light body energies. They too represent
light energy but they perhaps come about it from a different
perspective. If you feel drawn to one of them, then ask to know how they
are going to be working with you.

The light body energies have
been merging with me every time that I’ve come and spoken with you,
since they have come into your life. Some of you seek a deeper resonance
with them. They are here and present for you. Others of you are seeking
out the Angels, Sananda, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin. All the other energies
of light, those that are without specific names are all present. So as
if you are opening up your consciousness even further open and allow
this energy to come closer or to create an alignment with you. As you
allow yourself this alignment be open to receive the flow of energy as
it moves within and around you. Yes, it is moving through your
consciousness, but it is also moving up and down through your I AM

There have been so many influxes of energy over the
last several years. There have been the peaks and the valleys when
things flow smoothly or when there is a seemingly lack of flow, but it
is always here, it is always present and the connections that you make
at a time such as this are what allow you to be able to more fully feel
the alignment at later times.

I stand here as if before you,
speaking with you, looking out. As I do so, I see each one of you as the
brilliant light that you are. As I see the flow of the universe all
around, it is as if there is a wave of sadness that is moving through. 
This is a little bit, catching me off guard so to speak as it may you,
but the sense that I am receiving, is that some of you have been feeling
this sadness while others have created such an opening through
compassion that there is an immense release that is taking place from
that collective consciousness.

Ahhh this has been building and
building for the last several weeks upon the earth. It’s been building
up here in the universe and as each one of you stood here and let go of
energies from the past as you opened to what you seek for the future; it
got to the point that this swell of sadness just peaked and now it is
draining off. Feel within yourself, let go any sadness that you may be
feeling. As you let this go and allow it all to flow away from you, ask
yourself; is this sadness to you or to something else?

I look at you I have a very strong sense that many of you, who have
been feeling this sadness within and around them, have been feeling it
because the collective consciousness has been releasing. What happens in
that case is that as the collective is releasing an emotion it aligns
with whatever may be happening in your life and either accentuates what
maybe there or create something that was not there.  So release this and
let it go completely. As you do so, feel how different you are, feel
how light, how vibrant your energy is. You may have a sense that you can
move with greater agility as if you are more limber and
everything moves through you with greater ease.

There may be
those upon the earth who will continue to feel whatever it may be in
their lives or they may continue to feel what was released from the
consciousness but you may assist them in recognizing that it is not
always there’s. It may very well be this energy from the collective, so,
having released all that, as you come back again with your teacher or
with these energies of light, open to see if there is a greater
awareness of perception that is available to you.

Are you
finding that there is more that you have available to you because you
are now this lighter, finer vibration?  Why not ask for more? Why not
invite even more to come within your life filling up and creating a more
solid expanded consciousness within you?  I have a sense of opening up
as if the energies part and as you look out have a sense of looking out
over a part of the universe. As you look, let your focus move towards
the earth, take in any information or any sense that you have as you
look at the earth from this space.

I invite you next, to put
your intention towards looking at Ariellis, as you do so; to many it
may seem invisible. As you look out at all that is flowing, within and
around Ariellis; have a sense of looking even deeper within. Put forth
the intention to shift your consciousness in such a way that you are in
alignment and then suddenly you see the planet that we call Ariellis. 

Many may have a sense that it is even bigger than the earth; others
may have a sense that it is more transparent or invisible. The reason
for this is because of the vibration that is within and around the
planet itself. When you choose to visit Ariellis and allow your
consciousness to spend some time there, you are doing so through your I
AM presence and the higher vibrational energies of your consciousness.
As you look at Ariellis some of you have actually linked with it and
allowed your consciousness to move down as if you were walking upon it.
Let your perceptions flow through you, feel how your vibration is

I see many of you walking upon the earth as you
continue to have conversations with whatever guide or teacher has been
there with you. As you allow yourself to open to the flow, feel the
energies as they move through you. You may ask why would I link with
this space, what would be my intention?  Well, as you live your life
upon the earth, you are seeking to live your life as the expression of
your divinity.

The experience of Ariellis and the alignment that
you may receive allows you to more fully integrate this expanded
awareness. Anything that makes you feel good is assisting you in your
personal growth. Anything that allows you to feel the expansion, to see
between the dimensions, to see the higher lighter finer dimensions,
allows you your continued spiritual growth. So take in a breath,
breathing deeply within yourself, knowing that you are consciously
choosing to experience these higher perceptions and awareness.

invite you to shift your focus once more, that you may all come back
within me, All That Is. The alignment that you have formed during this
experience will always be there and available to you. Allow your more
expanded awareness to flow through you as if you are fine-tuning your
own consciousness and we see coming up within the center of the group a
hologram that represents the earth and the second one that represents

[Deep breath] As you gather your thoughts, your
intention together, once more affirm your presence within your divinity,
affirm how good you feel and whatever it is that you are giving birth
to for the next weeks or months upon the earth. Let all of that flow
down within these holograms, and as if coming from between all of you
there is another beam of light that comes within this space, flowing
energy and awareness within. This beam of light represents the energy of
the universe as it is supporting you.

 It represents the light
body energy as it continues to expand upon the earth and all of that
moves through these holograms and you have a sense of releasing them.
They flow down through the crystalline grid, and as they are moving
through the crystalline grid there is a sense of one shifting towards
Ariellis and the other shifting towards the Earth.  As this hologram
moves down it moves into the core of the earth. There is a blend of
energies that links with the crystals and all of that radiates outward.
Expanding out it goes through the earth itself and it comes out upon the
top of the earth. It comes out through the grass, the trees, the water;
it comes into each one of you within your physical form. Feel it as it
moves within and around you.

I then invite each one of you to
have a sense of shifting back. That you may move back within the soul
plane, as you do so, you can feel an even greater perception of your I
AM presence. You are more fully integrated than you have ever been
before. Let that flow with you; feel as if you are bringing more of your
divinity back with you, as you move through the crystalline grid. Here
within the crystalline grid there is an adjustment that takes place that
helps you to balance these energies so that they may more fully
integrate with you upon the earth. As these balanced energies move
through the crystalline, they also move down to the magnetic grid.  As
they come within the magnetic grid they spread out surrounding the

You have a sense of your higher self linking with and
aligning with these energies, and once more let your divinity flow
downward until it flows within and around you, the human. You may have a
sense of adjusting the energy around you as you feel your energy
coming back within. As you feel your consciousness anchoring back
within you, let it flow through you. It anchors within your heart and it
moves beyond anchoring within your physical body, but it is also
creating an alignment with your mental, spiritual emotional and your
light body energies.

All of this is here and present for you
right now.  As you allow yourself to once more anchor within your
physical being, take a moment to acknowledge what it is to be fully
content within yourself, to feel what it is to have everything flow
around you in a way that is completely supportive of you. Feel all of
that move within and around you and it does so with ease. As you are
putting forth your new beginning, know that it is integrated; it is
within you right now and feel what that is to you. 

As you
continue to integrate these energies, I invite you to come back within
the room. You may press *7 upon your phone, that will allow you to come
back within this room. You may ask me questions if you so choose. As you
continue to integrate these energies feel your own expansion, as you
are here upon the earth.

I don’t know if people are not asking
questions or if there’s a glitch with our tonight. We will still
continue to flow these energies, even though sometimes the electronics
don’t keep up with all that we are doing.

Yes, both of our pages
went blank, Vilma and I are communicating so please have patience.
Please give us a second.

All right, so as she is making some
technical, ah, rebooting or whatever it is that they do upon the earth, I
am going to just continue my message a little bit more and when people
come, get to the point that they can ask questions, then we will shift
over to that.

So here you are back upon the earth, you’re back
within the physical body, you’re back where you feel as if you’re in
that space, perhaps of waking up, perhaps of coming out of a meditation,
what so ever it may be.

Hi Goddess…ups… okay, hold
down just a minute please, we…we will be right with you, just let me
finish this thought okay?...okay

So as you are
feeling who you are as a physical person, as you allow yourself to
express in the moment, feeling your presence, feeling your awareness,
feeling the knowledge of who you are as an individual then open to feel
the flow of your divinity and allow it to feel you up.

breath] All right, so, having finished that thought, I am welcoming this
phone call go-ahead beloved.

Question:  Hello,
thank you.  I was just wondering what you see as coming up in the fairly
near future for people who are unemployed or afraid of what their job
is, and also for those people who may be trying to start a new business
or just whatever we are all trying to manifest.  What do you see
basically coming up. 

Answer:  All right
beloved we will look at the broad view and then we’ll come back and look
at you as the individual.  First of all, the broad view that I have is
that I am looking out at the world itself, not only the United States in
which you personally live, but looking at the worldview.  There are
parts of the world that are more so in the economic front and parts that
are coming out more fully.  So, this is the way that the flow of energy
is quite often occurring whenever you look at it from a worldwide
perspective.  The sense that I have is that everything is already
becoming stronger and that there are jobs becoming available.   Because
of the number of people out of work right now it may feel to individuals
like there is one job to 100 people.  But the truth of the matter is
that, as I am looking out at things, the sense I get is that companies
are becoming more confident again.  Companies that have cut back to the
bare bones are now saying ok we can expand once more.  So over-riding
everything else is a deep, deep sense that the worst has occurred, and
everything coming forth from here is about going back and expanding and
growing, and moving into a new growth.  There has been so much
restructuring of organizations that it’s had a profound effect

Now coming back to you beloved we have a sense
of you doing temporary work.  We have a sense of you doing work that
sometimes lasts a week or so and it is not the type of work that you are
trained to do.  But it feels more like you go into a project, when
you’ve finished with it, it is done.  It also feels like it might be
more like office management or office assistant type of things.  It
feels like it is still in the business world, but only because that is
what your background has been in.  So it gives you the ability to be
able to have that experience and step into that.  So this is what we see
happening for you right now.  What we would like to do with you and
everybody else who is in this place where that fear comes up – where
that energy of worrying about your bills and everything else – just take
a deep, deep breath in, breathing it all up within you and consciously
take your fears, your bills and everything and WHEW…… and have a
sense of releasing it and letting it go out.  As you are release it – as
you let it go – then consciously breath down your divinity; breath down
that sense of inner knowing; breath down that peace that joy that
expansion that you felt for yourself when you were in the all that is. 
Then as you go about looking for a new job – as you look for new things –
when you come from that space of interconnectedness that is away from
fear and lack it  allows you to see things from a new perspective.  If
you find yourself going into fear remember to come back and do this
breathing and to consciously come back within this space of bringing in
your divinity.  All right beloved. 

Thank you very much

You’re welcome.  Can you feel the shift that took place in
you.  We could feel it.

Yes I did, very much.

Good.  Oh we’re sorry we just remembered one last thing that we did
want to share with you.  We do have the sense that you have been seeking
to do something different and it feels like it’s something that has to
do with healing, or it’s more creative, or it’s something that is
outside the regiment of business.  Because of the sense of needing to do
something right now we feel as if the business stuff takes precedence,
but once that gets settled, we feel like you are already setting up the
foundations of what you truly want to do – what’s your heart’s desire. 
So that feels like it will come together more fully over the next 6
months.  That is a part of what you are giving birth to today.  We do
have the sense for the potential that if you focus only on that, that it
will actually expand quite nicely, but we also can appreciate that it
feels like it is slow to bring an income so do whatever you feel like
you need to do so that you can be comfortable.  Does that resonate with

Yes it does, thank you. (Excellent
you’re welcome)

Question: Oh hello
Goddess. (Hello) I feel like so much has been happening to me
on an energetic level and I am just wondering if you see my life
changing on a more physical level.

It feels like you’re standing in limbo.  It feels like we see you
there, like a runner who is poised to begin a race, as if you are ready
to go and you are just frozen in time.  So our sense is that yes the
time is here; yes the time is right; yes it is time for these things to
come into your physical reality.  So let us work with you for a second
and help you to get out of this limbo or this frozen state.  So
consciously take a deep breath in breathing down within your lungs and
kind of linking down through your heart centre, and as you do feel my
presence more fully within you and I and the Angels around you we are
just going to shake things up – shift things a little bit – Whew……
and then take another breath in and as you breath out consciously just
let it go.  Let go everything that may have been holding you back,
any resistance, anything that kept you kind of frozen.  There
we go.  And it felt like Poof!  It felt like there – it felt like  – I
don’t know – Poof is just the word that is coming to us.  But it felt
like that created like a little shift and now we actually see you
moving.  We actually see movement in you.  We see movement in your
energy and movement in your life.  So what you have been waiting for has
always been there.  It is just that you weren’t in an alignment to
receive it and this feels like it is in much more of an alignment to
receive it.  Does that resonate with you.

Yes I think
I’ll be feeling it as the night goes on thank you very much. 

Exactly, and when we work with such a thing, and also the energies
of this journey were also amplifying that for you and assisting and
bringing it in closer for you.  So allow it to unfold.  We think
actually over several days and see what comes your way.

you so much
(You’re very welcome.)

Question:  Hello,
Goddess. (Hello.) Hi. This is my first call with you, and I want to
thank you and all the Lightbeings for this truly beautiful and loving
and transformative experience. I feel like dancing.

Beloved. I’ll dance with you!

Alright. Because this is my
first call with you, I’m not familiar with Ariellis. I’ve had a sense of
the presence, but I don’t know a lot about it, and I was wondering if
you could direct me to a site or some information you have about it, so I
can learn more.

Answer:  Ariellis is a
name that I have given the new earth. (Oh!) That’s probably why it seems
familiar to you?

Right. I do know about the new earth, I
just hadn’t heard it called that before.

Well, it was a
name that kept flowing through my consciousness, and I personally got a
little tired of always saying, "the new earth, the new earth, the new
earth." And so that’s when Ariellis began to come through, and I tried
to push it through Shelly a couple of times and she was holding back.
But the sense that I get is that you will actually hear, begin to hear
different people calling it different things, and there’s no right or
wrong. It’s about the energy behind it. So if you hear it called
something else, then reach out to feel the energy behind it, and see if
you don’t resonate with that. But Ariellis is the new earth, and of
course you have lots of places you can find out about that on the
internet, but also we’ve worked with it consistently for the last three
or four channelings, so if you’ll go back to my channelings in the
website you can read more about them there also.

you so much. That’s lovely. Thank you.

You’re very

Question:  Hi, Goddess. (Hello.)
This is Amanda, and I was wondering if you had any information that
you’d like me to know right now.

Answer:  Okay,
Amanda. Take a deep breath in and allow me to come more so within your
presence and let me see what I see around you. Oh, Amanda, it is like
there is this big, huge flower! I don’t know, we just keep seeing, like,
a sunflower behind you, and it’s radiating, like, a golden light. And
we have a sense that what this is representing is the energy of, I don’t
know, I’m kind of stuck here on that golden, on that sunflower thing.
But we know that that’s not the thing, it just is representing a
flowering and perhaps it has to do with the equinox and you know the
flowers that are going to be coming out as spring emerges. But the
energy behind that is that you have recently stepped into, or
acknowledged, a greater amount of your divinity. And as a result of
that, it feels as if there’s suddenly all these mystical or kind of
magical type energies that are taking place within and around you. With a
sense of seeing in you an awakening to seeing auras, an awakening to
hearing things with your inner sight, or seeing things with your inner
sight, and it’s as if all of your senses have awakened, and you just
kind of feel that flow or that flood of that as it’s going through you.
This is what comes to us first and foremost, and it feels that as a
result of these things, everything else in life is shifting. It feels
like work, relationships, your homeplace, all these other things are
also shifting in this new alignment. Does that resonate with you?

It does, yeah. I’m starting massage school tomorrow. I’m really


Unsure about where I
am with relationships with people.

Mm-hmm. Well, we
feel that there is a lot that you’ve been integrating, and you have a
little bit been . . . We don’t want to use the work "keeping to
yourself," but it feels as if you’ve felt either different from the
people around you, or just different from your own. self. It’s like when
you go inside and you want to connect, it’s like, "who am I anymore?"
has been a little bit of the energies that we feel. So as you more fully
accept or allow this expansion that’s taking place, you’ve been asking
for it, and it’s here, it’s here now. The sense that we get is that it’s
just going to amplify everything else around you. We think this massage
school is a very good move for you. We think that you are actually
going to be doing a lot of energy work in addition to the massage work,
and so be open and aware of how much. It’s as if as you learn about the
massage, it’s as if that opens up doors and allows for all of these
other energies to also come down within you, so the sense that we get is
that it’s going to impact you in many different ways.

Do you see me working in massage soon? I’m just wondering if you see a
new employment for me.

It feels . . . we see a lot of
the school around you, and beyond that it’s hard to say. We do have this
sense that ultimately we see you getting work with this. We see you
working for an organization as opposed to working for yourself, and that
that gives you a stepping stone in that eventually you go out and you
work for yourself. But, yes, we absolutely see you getting employment
with this, and but it feels like a lot of schooling right now. It
doesn’t feel as if the employment is right now, unless it’s . . . it
just feels like school. It doesn’t feel like the employment is right

Okay. That makes sense. Thank you.

You’re welcome, Beloved.

Thank you.


We’ll take another one Vilma.

Hello Goddess!  (Hello) A couple weeks ago my sister had suggested to
my mum and I that we get into buying properties, fixing them up, then
putting them back on the market.  Basically I’m wondering if this is a
short sited impulse or if it’s divine guidance; perhaps a response to
our prayers.

Answer:  Could you please tell
us where you are located so we can get a better feel for your area? 

I’m in Toronto.

The sense we get of the housing
market is that it’s been flat for a while but it feels like there is an
influx of people being able to purchase homes.  This is like that very
first question about the economy and people getting jobs.  It’s like
everything leads to the next.  People are getting work therefore more
people are looking to buy homes. Therefore it looks like there will be a
greater demand for people to purchase homes. Overriding everything the
housing market in Toronto is opening up.  As far as you and your mother
purchasing home, remodeling them and turning them around; it feels like
an opportunity and you could make money that way.  But there is
heaviness around it.  What that says to us is that it’s a potential and
opportunity, but it doesn’t feel light and like it would move quickly.
Perhaps you would turn them around quickly, but they would perhaps not
sell as quickly as you would like them to.  So even with the increase in
the housing market, we would say to you take a little more time and
look at the numbers and houses in particular that you are considering. 
It feels like some will do very well and others will sit on the market a
long time.  We sense this has a lot of ambivalent energies around it
and it needs some more investigation.  Does that resonate with you?

Yes, it certainly does.  We are giving ourselves until 2013 to
save up money and purchase our first place.

Ohhh, 2013
you said?

Yeah, it’s not something we are going to do
right now.  My sister has her own place and she is going to move back
home and rent out her home to save some money.  We can save money as
well.  So we hope by 2013 we will hopefully make our first purchase. We
intend to start out with condo’s rather than homes. 

when you look at a 5 year plan we absolutely see it has a lot of energy
and potential around you.  We thought you were ready to purchase right
now and get into it right now.  We think you’ll be doing it before 2013;
what year is this again?  Oh, 2010.  That’s three years, not five
years.  I always get disoriented when I get earthbound time.
(Chuckling)  Well then that makes 2013 a little more doable.  We were
going to say two to three years were what we felt would be a time frame
you would be planning on this. We would say to you; when you get that
sense ‘is this divine guidance or something else’.  If you get a sense
that it is divine guidance then oftentimes, yes it is.  The next thing
we would say to you is then use your discernment and decision making as a
human to really look at it more closely and get a better feel for what
that might be for you.  That’s our sense with this.  This is exactly
what you are doing.  So give it some time and see how it unfolds. We
have a sense it has a very high potential of doing well for you. 

Okay and one more quick thing about me personally.  I intend to
offer my services in a healing realm.  I’m doing it very slowly ….

Excuse me! I hate to interrupt you but I thought you were
asking for clarity of the same question.  I can’t answer two questions
because others are waiting to ask their questions. 

fine, thank you, thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess?  Thank you for our lovely
journey.  When you spoke about sadness tonight, I was one of the one’s
who for the past two weeks has felt very sad.  But it’s because my 14
year old cat has been severely injured by another cat, in his eye and I
thought he was dying.  My question for you would be, would you mind
sending my cat some healing energy and ask his spirit if it is time for
him to transcend?

Answer: Okay, can you
tell us your cat’s name?

Well, we call him Kitty.

A 14 year old Kitty!!

He was
sent to me as a special gift from Isis to hold her energy for me.

We could feel that his energy was very powerful and strong
especially when we linked with the name Kitty.  We absolutely can see
the energy of Isis that is still within him and that link to you.  It
feels as if he has done what he needed to do, he actually completed it a
couple of years ago.  You have stepped into or manifested whatever it
was that you were seeking to have from her, whatever that flow or that
energy was.  It feels as if that’s absolutely working and going well for

Is it his time to transition?  There’s a part of him
that is very tired and feels that it is time for him to go, but the
stronger sense to us is that it’s not time,  he’s going to be staying
here with you.

Okay, that’s very good news! I’ve been
very, very upset about that.  Could you help heal him dear Goddess?

I have been flowing energy to him as we spoke.  He still
has that connection to Isis and feel her energies have been a bit
stronger around this. When something like this happens in such a manner
it’s to bring the focus to you about connecting inwardly and connecting
with your divinity and allowing that to flow more freely through you.
 Recognize that the job he came in for is done so everything is just
pure love of you and the situation that is keeping him here.  He gives
us that sense of; you know those cartoons or those pictures of the cat
on the big cushion with all the elegant trimmings? He feels like that,
like the king cat.  He lays around and gets all sorts of attention
reaped upon him.  (OHHh yes!) So he likes that and that’s
what’s keeping him there.

Okay so I should just continue on
with him and he will probably slowly heal. 

Yes.  It feels
like there’s a potential he might lose the vision in that one eye, but
it doesn’t feel as if he’ll transition. 

Alright, well that
is a big weight off my mind.  I’ve been losing sleep over it! I’ve now
released the energy of sadness.

Excellent!  Excellent.

Alright, thank you very much.

You are welcome.

I guess Vilma we’ll take one more.  Shelly seems to have lots of energy
tonight. Maybe it’s that equinox energy she was talking about earlier. 

Question: I’ve been feeling really stuck
and frustrated and I’m hoping that you can give me some clarity.  I’ve
been looking for work in the past year but in that time I’ve come to
feel that my heart is really telling me I don’t want a job I want to
stay home and raise my son and have another child even.  I feel somehow
that’s it’s possible for me to even get an income without a job per se,
but I’ve been aligning and visualizing, envisioning and nothing is
moving.  I’m just feeling at a loss.  I was wondering if you could shed
any light on what is going is going on and if I am even hearing the
right inkling.

Answer:  We feel a couple of
different things as you’ve been speaking of this. Absolutely people
have the ability to create an income as if out of thin air.  So we do
see that that is absolutely an opportunity.  It feels as if it’s you
aligning with a higher vibration of yourself to set this up and make
this happen.  Then as we look at the situation around you like your more
earthbound physical reality and it feels like that is not in alignment
to accept something like that.  Even though you are consciously asking
for it, you are consciously wanting to bring it in, you are consciously
saying this is what I want in my life; it feels as if there is still
some discordance between that and your everyday life.  That’s why you
feel as if things are in limbo or things are not happening for you.  Let
us see if we can’t just blend with you for a moment.  Take a deep
breath in and feel my energies as I come within you, I move within and I
go within your heart center.  As I do that, have a sense of consciously
taking another yet another breath in.  Then as you breathe out, we’re
going to send out a ball of light…. whew… it goes out and expands
from your heart in every direction.  It was like there was a shell
around you or something that was holding in your energies.  It blew that
apart and opened it up and like a vacuum that has been released, we
feel this flow of energy like a wind that is blowing through your hair.
We have a sense of seeing you now standing in a flow.  Whereas before
you were separated and isolated, you are now connected in the flow. 

In saying that, as we look around you, is there something you do on
the computer? It feels as if it’s something you’re doing, transcribing
or writing.  There is something we see you doing on the computer for
other people and getting paid to do it.  Not sure if that means anything
to you. 

I have been doing some transcription just as a
favor.  I have been doing some web design, but that doesn’t feel in
alignment anymore. 

Okay, well perhaps it’s the
websites you were looking at. We think what we were picking up on was
the transcription. It feels like there’s more of that or something
different, but similar to that that might be available to you.  That is
the first thing that comes to our awareness.  Then we had a sense of
looking out from you or looking at the area around you to see if there
was a different type of work or income for you.  Haven’t we had a sense
of you moving before? We have a sense of you possibly moving. 

there’s been a sense but I haven’t found the opportunity or gotten the
invitation as yet.  But there has been a sense of something. 

We still have that sense of moving. The feeling I get for you is
that it’s important to bring down into your everyday reality that
intention to live and work in such a way.  Let your focus be upon having
it accomplished or something in your life that lets you feel good and
in alignment and gives you that sense of your divinity.  We think that
part of the reason that discrepancy was created was because your focus
began to be on what was not happening and what had not worked for you,
as opposed to what you wanted.  It’s very hard as humans not to go into
that mode.  I understand it completely and it’s kind of natural that
people go that route.  But it’s important when you consider your
vibration, when you consider manifesting, when you consider alignment
that you make sure you are open to receive, that actually the flow of
energy and light and that you consciously let your focus every day be
upon anything and everything that feels good to you.  Alright beloved?

Thank you so much Goddess. 

You’re welcome. 
The reason we don’t have any more specific information to give to you is
because it feels like a nebulous energy out in the ethers.  So take the
time to consider what do you like to do, what is fulfilling to you,
what allows you to have the flexibility during the day for your son yet
also be working at other times.  Maybe come up with some new ideas or
new potentials.  It feels as if everything that we’ve been feeling has
that old energy connected to it.  Whew, alright, well considering that
I’ve coughing, it’s time to bring this evening to a close! 
Beloved I see you in the flow and I see you in the light. 


You’re welcome.

right, so with that I thank all of you for coming and sharing this time
with me. [Deep breath]  Once more breathe in the energies of the
equinox, feel yourself creating your new beginning, whatever it may be
in your life. Remember to breathe in and feel the presence of your
divinity and let that be the core aspect of your day. Let every day
begin having the center and end with that feeling or that knowledge that
you are aligned and fully integrated with your divinity.

I am
ever with you and within.


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