April 26, 2010


1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew
saying, There is cause for elation! After months of research, documenting
evidence and closed-door meetings, the Securities and Exchange
Commission has taken legal action against a financial behemoth that deliberately
contributed to the financial ruin of millions of that country’s citizens and led
to the international economic chaos. This lawsuit is far more than it may appear
to be. The top guns at and its offshoots are among the kingpins of
the Illuminati, and this legal claim of fraudulent dealings is a major step
toward dismantling the Illuminati’s worldwide financial network through which
they fund their other malevolent global operations.

2. The Illuminati is
not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the "umbrella"
name of
disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have
controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life
your world for centuries. In recent years they also have become known by
designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal
or the
elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions,
markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media,
forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical "establishment,

regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.

They have
controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused
famines and
widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and
for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated
They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails
and other
toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas,
control, the "illegal" drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial
God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and
ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly
adversely affecting all life on —indeed, the very life of

4. It is because of the Illuminati’s long reign of bloodshed,
and oppression that about seven decades back in your linear time Earth
was in
death throes. Her cries of despair were a call for help, and God
authorized the assistance of spiritually, intellectually and
advanced civilizations to come to her aid. With such a massive infusion
of light
and technologies that you cannot even imagine, countless numbers of your
universal family stabilized the planet’s orbit and performed other
measures. Their invaluable assistance is in action this very day, some
of it
directed toward preventing the plans of the Illuminati from reaching

5. Some persons who are aware of the Illuminati’s existence
believe that
all of them are reptilians. Indeed some are, especially within the royal
families, which have kept their bloodlines pure to a large extent, but
also are in the Illuminati’s top ranks. Most reptilians are far advanced
Earth’s human civilization in intelligence and technological development
they have a strong warrior mentality; however, it is not the different
DNA in
the two races, but rather the free will choices made by an individual of
race that lead to diabolical activities. A soul may have greatly
intelligence and be bereft of light except the spark that is its life

6. And just as there are light-filled human souls throughout
universe, so are there light-filled reptilians. The latter group, who
are eager
to dispel the erroneous belief that their race is synonymous with
darkness, are
working side by side with humans and other races to thwart the efforts
of their
darkly-inclined siblings wherever they are wreaking havoc. Also, as the
has been intensifying on Earth, both reptilians and humans have left the
camp and joined the ranks of the light forces.

7. Do the
reptilians on
Earth know they are reptilians? There may be the rare exception, but in
awareness, the reptilians living among you, whether within the light or
the darkness, do know their racial makeup. There are more
hybrids than pure reptilians on the planet, and most are not consciously
of their racial ancestry. Nor does that matter! Race is a difference
only of
DNA, and never does that affect free will choices for either godly deeds
or dark
workings, or, respectively, spiritual evolvement or devolvement.

then, another recent development in the United States is a multimillion
award by the court to the man who, as a lad, was sexually molested by a
Scout leader. This, too, has implications well beyond that lawsuit.
investigations into the dark aspect of that huge youth organization
pursuing the Vatican’s long-time cover-up of known pedophile priests
will reach the top of the Illuminati’s lucrative international sex slave
industry as well as reveal that the is in the
bowels of
the Vatican.

9. Even though those two recent legal battles
darkness are ever so welcome, we know they are not the dramatic
revelations you
have been awaiting. All lighted souls in this universe would love to see
full abundance of truths shooting out like endless fireworks instead of
arrays of sparklers, but it is imperative for the creation of a
honest global society that the truths emerge through legal proceedings
based on
irrefutable evidence. There also is the important issue of how much
information psyches can handle at one time.

10. You can expect
Illuminati to fight viciously all along the way, but their dark
becoming public cannot be detoured, much less stopped. The door has
opened a
crack and nothing they can do will keep it from opening wider and wider
the vibrations of the in-pouring light are so powerful that they will
every iota of darkness on the planet. So do not doubt for a moment that
light is winning—in the continuum, where Earth is rapidly heading, the
already has WON!

11. We are delighted to see that the eruption
of the
volcano in has been attributed by some to ,
rightfully so. This was not Mother Nature’s doing, nor was the direction
of the
winds that disrupted , stranding thousands of travelers
causing untold financial losses in the many affected nations. Those were
intended effects as the Illuminati are employing every means they can
think of
to create fear, chaos, confusion and diversion to prevent official
acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilizations’ presence. Because
disclosure heralds the total uprooting of the Illuminati’s evil global
they will stop at nothing to keep the televised introduction of our
space family
from happening.

12, However, as likely as it may seem that the
Illuminati were behind the plane crash and the deaths of Poland’s
president and
other government, military and national leaders, that is not the case.
pre-birth agreements of all those persons included their leaving en
masse at
this time for two reasons: This tragic loss to the people of Poland will
them to lift their sights for their country’s course; and investigation
into the
cause of the crash will lead into avenues where corruption, deception
betrayal exist so those can be brought to light.

13. In this,
there are
both a difference and a similarity to the death of Princess . The
crash and the ambulance’s circuitous route to the hospital was the work
of the
peak of the Illuminati, England’s royal family; and Diana’s physical
leave-taking also was a soul contract provision with two purposes: Not
would many others be inspired to carry on reforms she espoused to an
extent that
she herself could not had she lived; but also the years of the royal
shunning of Diana and their cold reaction to the world’s outpouring of
grief and
love for her aroused doubts about the integrity of British royalty and
suspicions about their involvement in her death—questioning what
previously was
a given is the first step toward an open mind.

14. What does the
party movement bode for the political future of the US? Like any fringe
of society, regardless of religious, ethnic, cultural or political
these individuals have been drawn together through fear of change and
of the truth. Radical behaviorists within any group make headlines
grassroots movements quietly bringing about positive changes do not, but
it is
the latter that is the ever-growing force behind spiritual renewal of
residents and transformation of your world.

15. We wish to say
that the light within each of you, which is exemplified by your very
life, is an
essential aspect of this unprecedented era on Earth—indeed, in the
Your light flows out and touches others who then waken and realize their
potential as a force for godliness and reformation. Each person who
gains this
awareness not only becomes another beacon for the still-slumbering
souls, but
every opened heart and mind adds to the light in the collective
consciousness of
Earth’s residents and benevolently affects the entire universe. That is
powerful each and every one of you is!

16. My concern is that
the US
government will have to finally admit that the national debt is so
monstrous it
can’t ever be repaid. What is the probability of that happening, and if
it does,
then what? Unemployment is the overriding economic issue most nations
facing; how do you fix this when there aren’t enough jobs in the world
everybody who needs one? My country’s economy was seriously hit by what
in the United States; it seems that whoever needed a "leg up" used to
look to
the US for a boost—now where can we go? Assuming the global economy does
back on solid footing, how will that help those countries where a few
individuals are causing the masses to live in abject poverty? How much
will financial hardships that affect billions of lives last?

issues of grave concern will be relieved to the extent possible through
efforts of prudent leaders with spiritual and moral integrity and
expertise, but
they cannot be completely resolved until Earth is in fourth density,
where the
differences between your world today and life in the Golden Age are so
astounding that to you they are inconceivable. So in this moment we can
tell you that economic hardships confronting peoples worldwide will
gradually until Earth’s residents complete their chosen karmic
experiencing and
the individuals who cling to their dark ways leave the planet
When these ongoing processes run their course—and they will by the end
2012—the populace of Earth will have the spiritual awareness and raised
consciousness that is the foundation for healthful, joyful, cooperative,
peaceful living with abundance for all.

18. Readers have asked
persons who were deeply loved or held in great esteem, mentioning Mother
Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Michael Jackson and specific family
in essence: Are we actually feeling their spiritual presence? Are they
communicating with us through dreams? Indeed those situations of
closeness are
possible, even quite likely in this time when more and more soul level
of the Oneness of All is reaching conscious levels. The powerful energy
Mother Mary enfolds all of Earth in a blanket of love; and the love
between people on Earth and their beloved souls in Nirvana is an eternal
connection—strongly feeling their presence is perfectly natural. Drawing
to you
the energy of souls in spirit whom you didn’t personally know but
admired and often think about is "like attracts like" in operation.

What you think of as dream communication may be fragments of memories of
visits with those souls; but since third density beliefs don’t include
visits by the living to the "dead," the acceptable interpretation is
that you
dream about them. As Earth ascends into higher and yet higher
vibrations, your
consciousness will continue expanding until you can clearly remember
visits with
many souls in astral planes where the energy is compatible with your

20. What will music be like in the Golden Age? Whether you will
making it, listening to it, or dancing along with it, music will be as
uplifting, diverse, thrilling, sing-able, melodic, happily nostalgic or
in scope as it is now. What will not make it into the Golden Age are
heavy metal
instrumentals, lyrics of destructive nature, and neoclassical works
filled with
dissonance. Those genres have their place in the moment, but they are of
lower frequencies than the vibrations of the Golden Age wherein all is

21. The selection of topics in these messages is
based on
either our awareness of widespread ponderings and interest or a question
may stir in only one mind or perhaps a few, but it provides us an
opportunity to
speak about something that may be thought-provoking to many. The latter
pertains to the next two questions.

22. If I become a gun owner,
can my
soul still evolve or does that make my soul regress? Owning a gun is no
different from owning a car or a telephone, a beach ball or a bottle of
brandy—none of those or any other object by itself affects soul growth
one way
or another, but their use does. When a gun is used by one person in the
pre-birth agreement to kill another in the same agreement and this
previous lifetime experiences for both and fulfills their soul contracts
complete third density karma, the two souls evolve into fourth density.
any life form for the sheer enjoyment of causing death and shooting
animals just
"for sport" do cause soul regression, and so does torturing any life

23. Every life, regardless of how insignificant you may deem it,
is a
soul. Its life force comes from the Supreme Being of this universe,
whose energy
is the love-light essence of Creator Source, the Supreme Being of the
wherein all life in any form has divine Beginnings.

24. This is
not to
say that every life form has been designed with godly intent—by no means
is that
so! Eons ago the intent of the dark forces was to sicken, debilitate and
ultimately destroy life, and for that purpose they created microbes.
They wanted
higher life forms to plague still higher forms, so they made
disease-causing or
disease-carrying insects and rodents to spread contagious illnesses that
were of their making. They made animal forms that contain lethal poisons
introduced ferocity in some animals that previously had lived peaceably
with all
others, thus establishing the predator-prey chain.

25. If one of
various life forms poses a death risk to a human or a defenseless animal
in the
human’s care, killing it saves the life in peril. That act does not
affect the person’s spiritual evolution, and depending upon
circumstances, may
hasten soul growth. When the only way to stop a person from killing
another is
to shoot the would-be killer, the result for the shooter is largely
upon the emotional aftereffect.

26. And: Is it possible that
there could
be more fetuses than there are souls awaiting incarnation? No. Although
soul whose last physical lifetime was on Earth does go to Nirvana—if
only to zip
through on the way to another destination—it is not only Nirvana
residents who
may incarnate on Earth. Souls throughout the universe whose energy is
with your world’s can choose to embody there when there is an ideal
fit and environmental opportunity for soul growth.

27. Some
residents of
Nirvana are there to recover from difficult lifetimes in other
and they may choose to spend the next lifetime on Earth. Visitors in
which is a popular vacation spot because of its beauty and diversity,
may want
to do that too. Also souls who are free spirits—in this case, soaring
around the
universe without even an etheric body—may decide to incarnate to enjoy
benefits a body offers that life in spirit does not. Souls in some
spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations do not embody, but
live in wafting vaporous, iridescent streamers or in a variety of
energetic patterns or within angelic musical tones.

28. We have
speaking of human and other races and "ultra" soul civilizations, but
diversified experiencing, souls also can choose to express parts of
their energy
in other kinds of life forms, usually animals that have a great deal of
interaction with people.

29. And when it is time for a resident
Nirvana to reincarnate, it’s not necessarily back on Earth. Souls who
need more
third density experiencing may choose a different civilization in that
energy density plane, souls who have evolved spiritually usually choose
to move
on to advanced civilizations, and those who have devolved will start
over in
primitive placements.

30. The order of the universe provides
growth possibilities for all souls!

31. Many people are asking
the same
question as the reader who wrote, How can I get past feelings of
depression and
immobility? Immobility is a natural companion to, or component of
and although they are common reactions to the higher frequencies, they
may be
due to bodies’ . If testing by a trusted health care
practitioner rules out the latter, you can get past feeling depressed
immobile by stopping focusing your thoughts on that uncomfortable
Through the law of attraction you perpetuate an unwanted situation by
thoughts about it, and changing your thoughts can release you. It does
effort to switch from negative thinking to positive, so ask for "divine"
and cooperate with your helpers!

32. We happily offer some "plain
vanilla" suggestions that can assist you to get past depression when its
is circumstantial: Get as much restful sleep as you can. Do not take
advertised to treat depression—their chemicals may temporarily lighten
even as they deepen the depression itself. Drink a lot of pure water and
healthful juices; avoid foods with chemical additives. Exercise—walking
in areas
where Nature abounds is especially restorative—and interaction with
uplift the spirit. List the blessings in your life starting with life
Instead of being drawn into an argument, try to see the situation from
other’s perspective—your calm reply can defuse the other’s anger. Avoid
"entertainment"; watch comedies and heartwarming shows, read
books. Volunteer in one of your community’s charitable activities. Learn
a new
word every day. Make small changes in your daily routine. Listen to
music, and if you are talented in music-making, sing or pick up your
violin or
harmonica. Smile often—look in a mirror and smile at yourself, then

33. Is there a special or specific prayer that everyone could
say that
would help bring in more light? Indeed mass meditations and prayer
circles with
the same focus can have marvelous effects, and so can mantras or words
that have
special meaning to you. But it is what is in each person’s heart that
the "collective hearts" and manifests light-filled happenings. Never are
special or specific words needed, but loving and honoring self and
others always

34. The greatest power in the cosmos is the energy of
that pure essence of Creator Source in which every soul has its
origin—this is
the Oneness of All, the inseparability of all souls in whatever form
they may be
wherever in this universe they are. It is why we feel both love and
sadness for
our brothers and sisters among you who cause pain for others, just as
families love their members even as they lament their foul deeds.

honor the founders of The Love Foundation and Global Love Day, which is
celebrated annually May 1 and whose theme this year is "Love Begins With
With gratitude for Harold’s and John’s permission, as our Fare well!
this time,
we share with you their beautifully expressed message:

recognize this
day as a symbolic expression that we can choose to love each and every
day as we
gather together and unite as a collective humanity through unconditional

We are one humanity on this planet.

All life is
interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal
bond of

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

respect and compassion we embrace diversity.

Together we make a
difference through



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