4/20/10 8:34:34 AM
Commander Ashtar
Offical Ashtar Command Release- Relationship Harmony

Greetings and Salutations Beloveds, I am Ashtar, I come with in
my mind which allows my heart to be with unconditional love for
harmonious and open communications. I have a few matters, which I wish
to discuss with the collective of Angels (for all here are angels) on
this planet for the planetary healing, which is occurring now.

Dear Ones, it is not without much heaviness in our hearts, we must
allow for the belief points which structure the reality of the one co
creating in the reality creation process. When one states truth is
absolute this brings one grief for if one cannot allow for a
higher, wiser truth to flow into the awareness for the awakening
process. How can one grow existing in such a manner? Please understand
beloveds, I am not here to admonish anyone, or any ones truth by any
means, more so to allow for the opening of the lines of communication
with many on this planet once again. This often has meant in other
similar process such as this, that the of our ships has
assisted with the awakening process. When our ships are spotted over
your skies, it often has caused much fear and pain, however this is not
much longer the case. There is far too much public knowledge of our
intergalactic presence for one not to be open to a higher truth, however
there are far to many unconscious be-ings on the of this
planet. Lord Sananda and I have spoken many times concerning this
matter, what is in the highest good of the collective on Gaia as well as
when to announce our presence.

We have increased our presence in the realities of the unconscious
masses. This will continue through the next equinox as well as through
out the remainder of the year as you perceive it now. WE shall soon be
seen to all, without questionability. When WE present ourselves to the
masses, the masses will be ready, no fear remaining in the hearts of the
awakened ones. Dear ones, it is our wishes for you to collectively find
the harmony needed which will allow us to de-cloak our ships in full
for full reunion. This cannot occur until the masses have the levels of
harmony needed.

Harmony levels needing to be achieved are much higher than less aware
individuals would think. If one cannot offer up peace for harmony, one
will not be in a functional collective consciousness. It is our ways of
Be-ing, through the of surrender we are self – creator
gods, Angels are creator gods. Those with a physical vessel for
embodiment have asked for the highest of challenges by volunteering for
this. Once the angel (those who read this) come to understand the nature
of forgetfulness, then the angel can have remembrance, in turn bringing
deliverance to the heart of the embodied angel . Love is all
there is, no truth exist in illusion. Shadows contain the illusion,
illusion is where the “demons” are allowed to play the interFEARing role
of reflection. You see dear ones, when it comes to the reality creation
process, in the collective sense of multidimensionality, one must come
to the understanding for this free will construct, there are angels and
there are demons. Angels are in the light of love, demons are in the
shadows of illusion, both authentic realities of GOD, one simply named
illusory for the fact which one should understand if one has been doing
the processing WE of the angelic realms as well as the Ashtar Command
have been guiding your way. Be with peace Beloveds, we have much
planned for The Grand Illumination, of which this planet has a vital
role in InterGalactically.

I leave you with these heart-felt words for contemplation as well as
meditation. WE are here for you, simply call upon us with the highest of
discernment, for we all have others who wish to project as us, however
are truly not. Discernment beloveds, discernment is the process by which
ones come to an assessment, which brings a realization. This time is
crucial with the lower resonances doing all possible in last moment
efforts to attach to you, keeping you in a lower resonance field. The
last moments before we can move into the Golden Age of Peace is here,
anchor life through the collectivity of the Sacred(high) Heart of Love.
WE love you, I love you, Reflect the love for you (consciously with
intent) and we can have much higher levels of harmony. It is our harmony
we are seeking, with our Peace we now hold here. Ashtar

Offical Ashtar Command Release- Relationship Harmony