Welcome everyone.  This is an exerpt from OSHO’s chapter on
Decoding Life-Negative Conditioning – Uncling to Misery.

It should be easy to drop suffering, anguish, misery.  It should
not be difficult:  you don’t want to be miserable, so there must be some deep complication behind it.  The complication is that from
your very childhood you have not been allowed to be happy, to be blissful, to be joyous.  You have been forced to be serious,
and seriousness implies sadness.  You were forced to do things that you never wanted to do.  You were helpless, weak,
dependent on people;  naturally you had to do what they were saying.  You did those things unwillingly, miserably, in deep
.  Against yourself, you have been forced to do so much that by and by one thing became clear to you:  that anything
that is against you is right, and that anything that is not against you is bound to be wrong.  And constantly, this whole upbringing
filled you with sadness, which is not natural.

To be joyous is natural, just as to be healthy is natural. 
It is perfectly right to ask why you are miserable.  It is not right to
ask why you are blissful.  You have been brought up in
an insane society where to be blissful without reason is thought to be
madness.  If you are simply smiling for no reason at
all, people will think something is loose in your head – why are you
smiling?  why are you happy?  And if you say, " I don’t
know, I am just being happy,"  your answer will only strengthen their
idea that something has gone wrong with you.  But if you are
miserable, nobody will ask why you are miserable.

To be miserable is natural;  everybody is.  It is nothing special to
you.  You are not doing something unique.. Unconsciously this idea goes
on settling in you, that misery
is natural and blissfulness is unnatural. Blissfulness has to be
proved.  Misery needs no proof.  Slowly it
sinks deeper into you – into your blood, your bones, and into your
marrow – although naturally it is against you.  So you have been
forced to think you are mentally sick;  something that is against your
nature has been forced on you.  You have been
distracted from yourself into something you are not. This creates the
whole misery of humanity, that everyone is where he
should not be, what he should not be.

The first thing you do is simply laugh at yourself, at what
an idiot you have been.  The misery was never there;  you were creating
it with one and you were trying to destroy it with
the other hand – and naturally you were split, like in a schizophrenic
condition.  It is absolutely easy, simple.  The most
simple thing in existence is to be yourself. It needs no effort;  you
are already there.  Just a remembrance
………  just getting out of all those stupid ideas society has
on you.  And that is as simple as a snake slipping out of
its old skin and never looking back. It is just an old skin, nothing
more.  If you understand it, it can
happen at this very moment.  Because at this very moment you can see no
misery, no anguish.

You are silent, standing on the door of nothing;  just a step
more inward and you have found the greatest treasure that has been
waiting for you for thousands of lives.

Shared with infinite to all, Tara