03/31/2010 by John Smallman

Oneness with our divine Creator is the most magnificent and generous
gift that He could give us, a divine sharing with His children of His
infinite, unconditional, and eternal Love, which is the power and energy
of creation. No greater love is possible than the Love with which our
Father envelops and suffuses us. The more we grow in conscious
awareness of the infinite of our divine Father’s Love for
us, the more awestruck we become at the incomprehensible generosity He
offers us in every moment of our existence.

There is nothing we can think, or say, or do that could possibly
thank Him adequately or show Him our appreciation of His divine gift to
us. All that we can do is to accept it and say “Thank you Father.”
Then we must willingly share it in every moment with everyone everywhere
so that we may all awaken into the glory of His Presence and into the
boundless brilliant light of eternal day, where our every wish is
granted for our unending joy.

It is time for you to leave the nightmare and journey forward towards
your heavenly home. It is the divine destination where your is
enthusiastically awaited by the multitudinous host of loving angels and
guides who have been assisting you on your long, frequently very
painful, and apparently hazardous trek. The illusion is finished, you
have learnt all that it can teach you, and the moment for its
dissolution is approaching.

The lesson that you have been learning is to love all and to forgive
all, and that is what our Father has been demonstrating so perfectly
since He created us. It is the path to infinite joy. Our Father lives
eternally in infinite joy because He is infinitely loving and forgiving,
and sees only the perfection and beauty in each one of us — there is
nothing else but that in each of us.

You have pretended otherwise and constructed a horrendous imaginary
reality in which you tease, torture, and attempt to destroy your
heavenly sisters and brothers. All that that has brought you is
unending pain and suffering. No one has enjoyed it, and yet you
continue to maintain it, while forcefully and belligerently claiming
that there is no other way — that God demands that you suffer to appease
Him, and that you are His holy instruments directed to invoke and
deliver His punishments on those you judge have offended Him! But you
are the ones who are offended (God cannot be offended!) because you have
invented and promulgated insane limits and restrictions on behavior so
that you may project your own sense of guilt onto others and then punish
them in the name of God!

God is unconditional indiscriminate Love which He happily shares in
every moment with every single one of His beloved children who truly can
do no wrong. Soon they will awaken and experience the ecstasy of
knowing this in everlasting bliss. All is well, God’s children will
awaken, and the illusion will forever back into the nothingness
from which you made it. Be ready for the grand celebration that has
been prepared to mark this most holy occasion.

With so very much love, Saul.