At the risk of sounding repetitive once again, "relationship" in
all forms is up for deep and significant review during the month of
April. The energy alignments in March were indeed "vibrational
upgrades" and now in April we will the deepest call to observe our
inner relationship within every aspect of our .

Sounds heavy
and in truth deep personal review is a journey that requires time and
due diligence. Every aspect of our outer lives is a form of
relationship for we are "in relationship" to and with everything. Our
body, our work, our friends, our family, our emotions, , and
beliefs. Many have been feeling the pull to withdraw and recalibrate
since the equinox on March 21st. There is never just one event or
timing, but we do like to give a linear timeline to how we are feeling
our way through our lives.

The of light received during the
month of March created a deeper level of awareness and change, where
everything felt different yet seemingly looked the same – a place of
having to bridge points of reference that are deeper than ever before.
The perception we hold of ourselves as we straddle our 3D/5D
relationship has indeed required a renewed commitment to our ascension

Our of time is dramatically as it has over
the past several years. I’ve certainly felt the bubble of time wrap
around me the past couple of weeks, feeling quiet and wanting only to
just be and not do. We are integrating great waves of higher frequency
and it is now a time to observe everything in our outer lives as an
indicator of our inner vibrational relationship and partnership. 

is a month of intense energy that will effectively reformat our inner
relationship within our heart space, and will in turn create opportunity
to see more clearly the outer relationships and partnerships we are
currently experiencing. The question of "how am I feeling in this
moment" is the most profound key to understanding the vibrational match
we have with the thought or feeling of the people in our lives. We are
constantly redefining in this new energy what feels good and uplifting,
through the filter of our old beliefs or perceptions of who we are and
who or what we are a vibrational match too.

Within the context of
our relationships we often project our beliefs of what it is supposed to
look like and feel like based on our experiences and expectations. We
do this with all forms of relationships. April will intensify the part
of any projection that is holding a vibrational match that is an old
pattern or belief we have held about ourselves and those in our lives.
This timing will be a profound opportunity to see what is continuing to
show up as being old and outmoded or something new and joyful. It is
easy to fall into harsh personal criticism when old patterns appear to
still be part of our now – but in is simply another opportunity to
choose to change and let go.

The inner review through our heart
will allow the old judgments to be less charged with emotional baggage
and offer a clearer vision of the tremendous opportunity each moment
holds for clearing the way for new feelings of joy as we re-evaluate and
release any sense of limitation or fear.

Our lightbody is holding
the new frequency and vibration codes and is threading the new energy
slowly into our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies. This can
feel overwhelming and physically draining. Many I have spoken too and
worked with are complaining of fatigue, body pain, headaches, stomach
upsets and a sense of feeling disconnected. Brain fog and the inability
to put our thoughts into a recognizable form are also occurring.

are transforming many layers of our personal reality as the integration
waves continue to bring forward a sense of urgency or feeling stuck.
Polarity once again at it greatest teaching tool. Our response or
reaction to the integration will be a key component of how we manifest
the hidden teaching held within our thoughts. We are evolving quickly
and shaking free old collective perceptions and patterns. April is a
month of action but at a deep inner level where we must be present and
mindful of the emotional triggers that can move us deeper into our
evolutionary impulse.

It is important to remember that everything
that is present in our current everyday lives is a symptom or symbol of
our vibration and frequency. Nothing is being experienced that isn’t a
direct correlation to our thoughts and beliefs. We are digging deeper
and deeper into the unaddressed core aspects of our relationships within
our divine blueprint. It takes great courage to cleanse and to
ourselves the we truly are and accept the responsibility that we
alone create and change. 

Our heart is our greatest teacher and
wisdom keeper. It nourishes and supports the truth of our soul journey
without judgment and points us in the direction of moving forward. The
action of April will be to observe our thoughts and feelings as if under
a powerful microscope. The moment we observe ourselves in relationship
to our reality, we effect change – by the mere point of observation.
April asks the question "what do you truly want" and then offers the
energy to take the steps to bring the vibrational match of our intention
into our reality. We know what we want by how it feels – if it feels
uplifting, joyful and allowing it is a vibrational match to our heart.
If it feels anything less than that – then we have a magnificent
opportunity to take whatever action or steps feel right – without
judgment or blame.

We are greatly influenced by the cosmic
alignments of each month. In April, there we have Mercury Retrograde
from April 17th to May 11th. This alignment supports the deep internal
review and the pull to feel quiet and contemplative. Many will feel the
need for a course correction as the deep creates the impetus for new

The New Moon on April 14th and the Full Moon on April
28th both foster a time to explore and dive deeply into our emotions
and calibrate the opportunity to expand further into our true

Kind, Gentle and Allowing is the once again the
operative energy for this month of change and growth. It is important
to take whatever measures necessary to feel supported as we embrace more
light within our consciousness. Much learning is occurring as we surf
our relationships and as always the most important relationship we have
is with ourselves.

The pulsing waves of divine feminine light are
merging deeply within each of us creating a platform for the perfected
balance of sacred feminine and sacred masucline frequency and vibration.
This platform or foundation is held within everything person, place
or thing upon our beloved Mother Earth and is encapsulating the internal
individual changes with that of the collective. Our universe is always
expanding as are we, even if it feels during this month of review like
we are contracting. Focus on your personal expansion, knowing we are
loved and honoured for the courage it takes to be the masters we truly

Every relationship is changing at this monumental time and
each one offers us a window of deep understanding. Enjoy the coming
days of review and focus on the intention to feel joy and expansion.

that laughter is the quickest way to feel our soul and a smile given or
received- the kiss of an angel. We are all connected in this
magnificent timing and journey together.

Keep Shining your
Gorgeous Light !

With Love and Blessings in Service


Copyright © Shala Mata 2009