I wrote an article a few days ago not realizing
the stir it would have generated. The article was titled Enough with this “Blissed” out Agenda. There were
many who felt inspired by it and there were a few who came at me as if I
was the Antichrist. Those who were inspired were those who apparently
had drawn the same conclusions as I had but had never really voiced it
at least not in an open forum. I however voiced it yet this was not the
first time. No I did not play it safe. I recognize that many are
hungry for something else but when all that seem to be there is the
same old same old then some will hang in there in silence and some will
retreat quietly to themselves. One focus point of the article
addressed the of channeling and its followers. Those who were
annoyed with the article seemed to be those who avid supporters of
channeling or those who simply just did not agree for whatever their
reasons were.

Before going further with this
article let me say very clearly once again that all of it is valid this
cannot be stressed enough. We are operating according to what we find
essential and appropriate. This also does not mean that one is superior
over the other or that one is lesser or greater or that one is chosen
and the other not. The writing of that article was all by design and
everyone who read it did so for a reason regardless of the opinion
which was formed. There are no mistakes! It is advisable that one ask
themselves why they were prompted to read it…and I must ask myself why I
wrote it and why did I choose to put myself out there in this manner.
Well I have certainly had to grow a thick layer of skin since then. Was
I upset when I wrote the article? No. It is the reason for the
humorous style in approaching the subject matter.

have learned that to play it safe when it comes to my own evolution
and what I am feeling inside is to deny myself the opportunity to grow
by leaps and bounds… to avoid misinterpretation let me clarify that
this statement applies to me; I cannot speak for anyone else. However I
realize the manner in which playing it safe can limit one to a
predictable set of possibilities. Predictability is a safe space, it is
the familiar. It is why many find it challenging to let go of the past
despite the challenges of the past, none the less the past provides a
reference point for predictable outcomes. This creates the rewind
effect. Every next moment is then created from the patterns of the past
with slight variations to the experience. Others will say but
“sometimes you need to play it safe” that could be defined perhaps as
diplomacy. Yes I agree so it is then up to the individual to determine
when to apply the brakes and when to hit the gas. 

We are all very protective of our holograms by that I
mean our individual construct of reality. It is the reason why we are
ready to defend it. Our holograms are guarded by our egos. We come out
with heavy artillery as we are our own military for our reality; we
must fight to protect it at all cost from all foreign invaders. We
stand guard ready to zone in on that one word or that one look that
signals opposition, this of course activates the defense system. We are
programmed to survive; our survival program is running 24/7 it is why
most of our society operates on a daily basis in the survival mode, the
“fight or flight” mode. This entire process is duplicated in the
overall hologram; countries fighting to defend themselves from foreign
invaders. Again much misunderstanding has set off many wars. It’s
always about a fight to defend our county, our land, our territory, our
religious/spiritual beliefs, our culture and of course our planet from
foreign invaders.  This is what we all do, again this is not a
judgment this is an observation. Defend it if you will for in that
moment you will see the very thing that I am speaking of. In truth and
in fact what are we defending? Do we really know what it is that we are
defending? Yet all of it is the nature of the experience on the
planet. The entire spectrum of experiences navigates us through our
goal in exploring the full range of possibilities in being human. So in
other words being in survival mode or not being in survival mode is ok
either way. We are experiencing the range according to what is needed.
I too found myself wanting to defend myself, defend the article, but
from what? Would I be defending myself from not playing it safe? The
experience was what I created for myself. There was no hiding; it was a
matter of owning my expression. It gave me new dimension into myself
and where I go from here.

It is the physical
part of us that does the reacting. These bodies are the vehicle
designed for the processing of these experiences, it processes a
chemical response; electrochemical impulses. These bodies are designed
to “survive”, to protect itself from invaders. We have however turned
over complete control to these bodies and so much of our thoughts and
actions are run by the “survival” system in place. We are on autopilot.
It is why our diets can destroy the body, it is because the frequency
of the thought field and belief systems are of an equivalent vibration
and therefore unable to override or penetrate the frequency patterns of
the substance being ingested. We have stabilized foods to particular
frequencies as can be observed in its form and its chemical makeup. We
are unable to un-stabilize the molecular patterns to the realization
that “there is no spoon, it is you that bends”. This is what we are all
working towards regardless of the road we may take, regardless of what
we are aware of. It is about coming to the realization that there is no
spoon. This analogy is supported by breakthroughs in quantum physics.
It is the observer that creates the illusion of the bending spoon. Here
is a quote from The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

“University of London physicist David Bohm, for
example, Aspect’s findings imply that objective reality does
not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the Universe is
at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram

To understand why Bohm makes this startling assertion, one must first
understand a little about holograms. 

A hologram
is a three-dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser. To
make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the
light of a laser beam.  Then a second laser beam is bounced off the
reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern
(the area where the two laser beams co-mingle) is captured on film. 
When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light
and dark lines.  But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by
another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object

The three dimensionality of such images is not the only
remarkable characteristic of holograms.  If a hologram of a rose is
cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be
found to contain the entire image of a rose.  Indeed if the halves are
divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a
smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal
photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information
possessed by the whole.”

It is clear to me
that a number of people will agree to this realization yet in the same
breath this will be contradicted. This recognition of this
phantom/holographic design of reality clearly imposes the realization
that creation is like a child playing hide and go seek with itself.
Growing up basically like as an only child I understand what it is to
play by myself and get awfully creative. I would pretend that the
bushes were my children or that they were students in a classroom and I
was the teacher. This is what we do, we are here to imagine the most
outlandish experience possible but of course it has to be believable
even for the creator of the experience, perhaps more so for the
creator. It’s your game, your hologram. I am part of your hologram and
you mine. I need you to be here at this time and so do you if you are
engaged in any aspect of my experience and I in yours.

Let us further examine the importance of our individual
creations. Let us first recognize that we can’t go “wrong” (for
lack of another word
) with what we create. You are obviously
creating and choices according to concepts and ideas which would
support those decisions. Perhaps in order to create your world five
years from now in this moment you will create an experience which will
establish an outcome that will influence choices, options, decisions
which will present themselves in the future. It is the way we roll into
the next experience. The format of our world has always revolved
around themes. Themes represent cycles. The New Age movement represents
another theme in a particular period of human evolution/expansion.
What happens however is due to the nature of our design we very easily
become locked into these patterns and themes. We become comfortable
once again with the familiar, this becomes just another programming.
Repetition without dimension is programming; where one moves according
to a specific set of guidelines without deviation. Such behavior or
rituals are also essential in creating discipline and some guidelines
and boundaries until one feels self assured enough to hold your own and
deviate or dimension to the disciplines. When one begins to trust
him/herself the guidance unfolds from within. Whatever methods ou route
we choose is then simply a stepping stone.  It is clear that we are
privy to and have access to the full spectrum of creation which moves
as streams of data. This data takes the shape of the visible world and
that which is invisible to us according to the boundaries placed on
ones perception.

It is evident that in the
overall creation does not appear to play it safe otherwise we
would have been limited or bridled in the creation of our
holograms/private reality. It however has a blueprint or patterns of
the design to be constructed. Everything is allowed so that we may have
the full potential of the human experience. However for every action
there is a reaction. What we create will bear fruit, the vibration of
that fruit will determine much of one’s experiences. There is no good or
bad there is only the vibration of the reaction. This is what we must
contend with, the reaction.  Another point to keep in mind is that
everything that we do we do for ourselves. We do it for the payoff;
again this is not a good or a bad thing. I am writing this article
because it is helping me to sort through some thoughts and ideas
floating around in my mind as are all my articles and my book. We want
to believe that we do it for others but in truth it is the feeling that
is derived from it. Sharing becomes a great outlet. When we do things
for our children or family or a stranger, it’s a great feeling! When we
do things that are upsetting to others there is still a payoff; you
needed to the way you after all was said and done. It does not
matter what it is in the end we do it for ourselves. We get that same
feeling when someone else does something that is what we call
“shameful” underneath it all we feel elevated as we could not have done
that, “we are not that kind of person”. How do I know this because I
have had to examine myself and to my amazement I realize the payoff
derived from all of it. I could say much about the role of
victimization but we will save that for another day.  I don’t write or
share the information because I believe that the world needs saving or
that I have the answers I do because it frees me to be me regardless of
the response. It allows me to experience my weaknesses and my
strengths, it allows me to stand firmly in my ever expanding knowing
and if along the way lives are changed because of it then I am ever so
grateful for being allowed to be part of one’s evolution. My workshops
and my lectures allow me the same experience. It is about my growth and
that is how I contribute to this beautiful dance I own that it is
about me and so I don’t have to hide or play it safe in most instances.

Most people play it safe because change is
devastating. As I said previously we each have a model of reality to
which we live our lives. When an attitude, people, place, thing or
belief is shifted it becomes a chemical reaction. We are addicted to
our lives it is how it is held together by the and hormones
coursing through us.  Shifting anyone of these, even moving a chair
causes adjustments to be made to our hologram or basically we may have
to create a new hologram. This can be scary especially when your entire
reality sits on the foundation of your spiritual belief structure,
everything is supported by the other . Who will guide us? What will we
do? We are wandering into uncharted territory, will there be a guide
there waiting for me, who will be there to let me know that I am going
the right way. Yes it can be a jolt but the one thing that I am famous
for saying is that “no matter what, you will live”, even when you
appear to die you live. Another aspect of thought that can certainly
provide support is the realization that you are not running out of time
as time is an essential illusion in order for us to have this linear
experience. If there is no spoon; and at heart the universe is but a
phantom then there is no such thing as distance and without the idea of
distance there can’t be time or gravity for that matter. There is no
here nor there, all that exists is this moment and everything else is a
speculation. This is where the idea of “time” is formed in the
speculation. Another quote from The Holographic Universe by Michael

“Bohm believes the reason subatomic
particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of
the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort
of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their
separateness is an illusion
.  He argues that at some deeper
level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are
actually extensions of the same fundamental something”.

During the writing of the Holographic Canvas did I know
who David Bohm was or Gary Zucave author of the Dancing Wu li Masters,
no I did not but as I wrote and it was time to form the book my inner
guidance directed me to information that would support what I had come
to understand on my own. I understood the nature of reality before
knowing the words “quantum physics”. It was what I asked for, I asked to
know from within myself and to my surprise scientists confirm this
possibility in the above quote. It was necessary to have scientific
information to support my own conclusion as it is evident that people
are more confident of your claims. On the back of my book The
Holographic Canvas it states “like the single cell of a plant our
history is encoded in us”. We are the single cell and the entire plant
all at once! We are streams of data! We are the information itself! We
have access to all aspects of knowledge the question is whether we are
in a space to trust that inner knowing or not. We most often must build
ourselves up to that space of trust. It is for this reason that every
step we take is our pathway leading to endless possibilities. To walk
with no boundaries is to no longer fear ones actions for one has become
aware of the significance of the reaction. So the question is
do you play it safe or do you go for it.

©2010 Sonia Barrett