Channeler: Aluna
Joy Yaxk’in

Thursday, 18 March, 2010  (posted 23 April, 2010)

We were standing in a circle inside the palace courtyard of
Palenque… this is what I saw…

I see chords of light radiating out of the heart centers of
everybody in this circle (and those reading this) and merging into a
large beam of light in the center. So these chords of light are
connecting all of our hearts to this huge beam of light. When they
let me look where this beam of light is going out to, I see that it is
going to the Pleiades. I am receive a instant feeling back from this
area of our galaxy… from the ones watching us here right now. It feels
like a really deep sense of gratitude, an appreciation that we are
here with this intent, an appreciation for our focus, and our heart’s
calling to be of service to the earth. It is clear to me that they
are our family. I know a lot of you in this circle (and those reading
this) already feel this, but I don’t see a single thread coming from
any heart that is not connected to this place in the sky that
Elders came from, the Pleiades.

The Star Elders and Pleiadians are sending us a feeling of
thankfulness that we are here because it took courage for us to come
here. This reality is dense, it operates in linear time and has
gravity. This world we live in is operating from a geometry,
chemistry, and laws of nature that is not natural to who we originally
are. This is why, even from a young age, we felt a little different
from everybody else. We felt like our family was not our family. We
felt like outsiders, because we actually are. We came here to anchor
our beautiful to the Earth. Many of our ancestors had to leave
because it was too dangerous for them to stay here. When this
happened nearly all the rest of us went to sleep for awhile because it
was too dangerous for us to stay awake. But there were little alarm
clocks that began to go off, and with each alarm clock that went off,
you began to remember again that you felt out of place, that you
didn’t belong here, that you were from somewhere else, and it made you
start searching. These feeling taught you to be compassionate to
people that didn’t have the same opportunities as you, that had less
than you, that felt like outsiders in other ways.

So our alarm clocks are going off in us, because it is safe for us
to be here now. It is safe for us to have the knowledge and the
wisdom that we went to sleep to protect. It is safe for us to be here,
because the world is ready for what we have to offer. The collective
consciousness is ready to wake up and to move into a new reality.
There is enough awakening people now on Earth to create a tsunami that
can’t be stopped. It is a process that is already on its way.

The Star Elders and Pleiadians say that we stayed behind because we
were the ones that had the most courage. We forgot how challenging
day to day in 3D world could be, but yet we are still here. We are
still standing up, we are still walking, we are still traveling, we
are still talking, we are still writing, we are still doing our art,
we are still doing our music, we are still finding ways to express
what is deep in our hearts, and the world is ready for it now.

When I was a little girl, and I was talking to the buddies, and I
asked them when they would come back, and they said in my life time,
and it feels like that time has gotten a little bit closer because of
the things that are happening in the world and because of how many
people are waking up, and because how many people are seeing through
the illusion.

The Star Elders and Pleiadians want to remind us that it is not bad
that anyone on this planet was asleep. They almost had to be to
unconscious be able to tolerate the linear time and having to manifest
step by step instead of doing it instantly, spherically like we
remember in the past. The more we wake up, and the more we merge in
the sacred space on Earth, it reminds of our homelands and the further
we help awaken Earth and all life upon it.

What we do for ourselves, like this pilgrimage, we do for every
human being, because we are connected to every human being. We always
have been, but now we are becoming very, very aware of it, and with
that awareness, ONEness becomes more affective. So The Star Elders and
Pleiadians are sending us gratitude, and watching very closely,
because something is about to trigger in us. Then they will know that
it will be time for them to come back home to Earth. It will be safe
for them come back with their fully . They won’t
return until we are so empowered in ourselves that when they arrive we
won’t make them gods. We won’t look up to them. We won’t make them
our teachers. They will be our friends. When I was a child, I didn’t
know any better. I called them "buddies", and they liked that the
best. I call them Star Elders now because who is going to listen to
Buddies? I named them that . . . they didn’t. They have no names.
When we become friends with all of our brothers and sisters in the
stars, we won’t give our power away to them when they arrive.

So our job is to become so self confident in ourselves that we know
that we are whole and complete without anything outside of ourselves.
When we understand this we are living masters. When our star family
arrives we can walk with them, not behind them, or bowing to them, or
kissing their feet, or gathering to be near the holy ones, because we
are holy. We are as sacred as they are. They are our ancestors. There
is no difference except we had the courage to stay here on Earth. Or
sometimes I think we were pretty naive to stay here. I question this
sometimes. None of us read the fine print before we jumped to get
here. That big old contract that says come to Earth and help with the
shift of the ages, I know I didn’t read the fine print . . . I

So what the Star Elders and Pleiadians are going to help us do is
they are going to help us have amazing unwavering self-confidence . . .
this isn’t ego . . . this is self-confidence. There is a difference.
A self-confidence so strong that you really know how to listen to
your heart and trust it 100% no matter what the outside world is
telling you. You will trust that unfailingly. You will know who you
are when they show up to be with us again. They will be someone to
hang out with, work with, and have a good time with; not someone to
get something from because you will already be full and know that you
already have everything you need. It is already IN there. You just
need to remember. It is as simple as that.

Each one of us has our job to and our Star family are going to help
give us the courage to do this job. Some of you create music, some of
you are artists, some of you are healers. My job is to read sacred
sites and help other to do the same. We all do our thing, and if we
each do that piece, the puzzle comes together and we get the whole
picture. Once we do that, we add to that huge tsunami of energy that
is awakening the planet, and it will accelerate it so that we get to
the promised lands faster. Because I know that you all want to get
there. We are all speed freaks or you would not be here today. No one
comes to these remote places on earth without some inner calling to
get somewhere. That some where is in side of you… right now.

So, how the Star Elders are going to help you, if you so choose to
be helped, is that the places inside you that you don’t feel strong
about yourself, or insecure, they might trigger those weak spots a
little bit. And I apologize for this already. If you don’t like the
sound of this, you tell them "No". OK? If you are not ready for it,
and it doesn’t feel comfortable, you tell them "No. Back up. I am
not ready to face that." You are in control of your awakening.

They are going to help encourage you, and it might be that they lift
you up too. All of sudden you might feel more like yourself, and
that you feel ten feet tall and you feel strong and vital. Or it
could be that the places that are weak, they might trigger those so
you are aware of them. So we are going ask right now, I’m going to
ask, that this help they offer be really gentle, because we are in the
very, very gentle place of Palenque. So I am going to ask that the
Spirits of Palenque make the awakening process very gentle and kind
and supportive, so we can all be supportive of each other while this
is happening.

PS… the Star Elders have a volume control on this process that they
are going to do with you. If you want more, you just dial it up. If
you want less, just dial it down. If you need complete space, you
can turn it off. OK? So it is all up to you. There is no right or
wrong here. Do what feels right to you and let’s see where this
journey takes us in the next few days.

I want to thank the guards for not interrupting us. Several guards
have come through and it is obvious sign to me that the world is
ready. Usually when we even look like we might do a circle or
something spiritual, they will blow the whistles at us and make us
stop. This time even a even took pictures of us and smiled. So
you see, it is time.

I also want to thank our ancestors for watching over us, and Pakal
for anchoring his energy here to keep this place alive, and each and
every one of you, I thank you for coming here and adding your energy
to this place. So be it.