Channeler: Suzan
Caroll Ph.D

MARCH 2010

Step 20


Welcome back to the threshold of the sixth dimensional expression of
our Arcturian Corridor. It is from this frequency/expression of our
Corridor that you can re-enter the sixth dimension to rewrite the
holographic projection for your current third dimensional reality. You
have heard the “theory” that your third dimensional world is actually a
holographic projection. 

The Truth is much greater than that, but a “holographic projection”
is, indeed, a good metaphor for third/forth dimensional life. From our
perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions, which flow and
intermingle as ONE, we perceive the fourth dimension as the “aura” of
your third dimensional reality. Hence, when we speak of the third
dimension, we include the fourth as the etheric emanations of the
physical world. This fourth dimensional etheric reality connects you to
the higher worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.


The process of raising your Kundalini and opening your Third Eye
activates your pineal gland, which is the hyper-dimensional stargate
built into your human physiology. Kundalini activation is the result of
balancing all of your chakras and raising the feminine force of Lady
Shakti from your Root Chakra into Divine Unity with the masculine force
of Lord Shiva in the Crown Chakra. This blending and balancing of your
feminine and masculine , known as the Mystical Marriage, opens
your Third Eye and fully activates your “pineal stargate.”

With the opening of your pineal stargate, you can accept the
multidimensional, torsion waves directly into your daily consciousness
and earth vessel. Furthermore, different DNA is turned ON or OFF by
different frequencies of light. The third dimensional spectrum of light
turns ON the 2% to 3% of your human genome DNA, which runs your
Third-dimensional Operating System. This Operating System is based on
the illusions of separation and limitation that arise from a strongly
polarized reality. This system can only accept, integrate and utilize
light that is limited to the small spectrum of the physical reality.

Since the fall of Atlantis, and especially during the last two
thousand years of the Piscean Age, the higher dimensional light has been
lost to most of humanity. However, now, you are entering the Golden Age
of Aquarius and Gaia has moved into the flow of torsion waves emanating
from the Galactic Center. These torsion waves of multidimensional light
turn OFF your 3% of human genome DNA and turn ON your 97% of “Junk DNA”
as they enter through the small quantum vortexes of the Junk DNA.

Once the multidimensional light is accepted and integrated into your
earth vessel, it turns ON your new Multidimensional Operating System,
which is stored in your Junk DNA. Then, the multidimensional light
slowly takes precedence over the physical spectrum of light and the
Third-dimensional Operating System of your 3% DNA begins to turn OFF.
This is why so many of you have an ever-decreasing interest in the third
dimensional reality and deeply long for the multidimensionality of the
fifth dimension and beyond. Fortunately, during your transition, both
Operating Systems will be operational, allowing you to simultaneously
live in both realities.


Before the Mystical Marriage of your inner feminine and masculine
energies and the opening of your Third Eye, your earth vessel can only
perceive, integrate and utilize the limited light spectrum of the third
dimension. Your First, Root Chakra accepts and reflects the spectrum of
red light, which connects and grounds you to Earth. As your Kundalini
rises, this red light merges into the orange light of the Second, Navel
Chakra, integrating the frequencies of red and orange light. Then, as
your Kundalini rises into your Third, Solar Plexus Chakra to merge the
red and orange with the yellow frequency of light, you combine and
integrate your “Lower Chakras.”

The combined frequency of light of your Lower Chakras then enters
your Fourth, Heart Chakra to intermingle with the green frequency of
light. Via your Heart Chakra, you connect your Lower Chakras with your
“Higher Chakras.” The light of the first four chakras then moves into
your Fifth, Throat Chakra to intermingle with the blue frequency of the
third dimensional light spectrum. Your Kundalini then moves into your
Sixth, Brow Chakra to unite the red through blue expressions of light
with the indigo frequency of this chakra.

The Seventh, Crown Chakra resonates to violet light, which is the
highest frequency in the third dimensional light spectrum. This violet
light serves as a bridge to connect the white light, the unity of all
colors of light, into your earth vessel. With Lady Shakti awaiting her
groom in the Sixth, Brow Chakra, Lord Shiva in the Seventh, Crown Chakra
calls forth the opening of the Pineal Gland Stargate to accept the
multidimensional light of the higher through quantum frequencies of
reality. The multidimensional light enters your Crown much as the groom
(masculine, Lord Shiva) walks into the Chapel to await his bride
(feminine, Lady Shakti).

The bride then walks down the aisle (through the pineal gland of the
Brow Chakra) to join her groom at the Marriage Alter (third ventricle of
the brain) to enter into in their Mystical Marriage. With this
Marriage, the seven octaves of the physical spectrum of light (Shakti’s
Bride’s Maids) unite with the multidimensional light of the ONE to join
the Spirit of the ONE into the Matter of your earth vessel, as well as
the earth vessel of Gaia.

This Mystical Marriage of your inner
masculine and feminine energies opens your Third Eye and High Heart,
which have been latent within your earth vessel since your birth. This
opening then allows you to begin the gradual unveiling of the illusions
of your third dimensional reality. With the opening of your Third Eye
and High Heart, new brainwaves come online in your computer/brain that
can access and utilize your Multidimensional Operating System.
Furthermore, because of your Mystical Marriage, you can now accept and
integrate multidimensional light, which commences turning ON the Junk
DNA in which your new Operating System has silently been stored.

As your Multidimensional Operating
System comes online in your computer brain, it is your new brainwaves,
which allow you to consciously understand and utilize the
multidimensional light that invisibly swirls into and through the third
dimension. One of these newly accessible brainwaves, Gamma brainwaves
(40 cps), are associated with the brain function that creates a
holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to
fuse them together into a higher perspective. It is this higher
perspective that allows you to consciously perceive the fifth dimension
and beyond, while still wearing a human earth vessel. 

The extremely
high brainwaves of Hyper Gamma (100 cps) and Lambda (200 cps) and the
extremely lowEpsilonbrainwaves (0.5 cps) are associated with higher
states of SELF-awareness. This awareness encompasses the ability to
access superior levels of information through insight, psychic
abilities, and out-of-body experiences to assist in the brain’s
holographic packaging of information into coherent images, thoughts, and

Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon frequencies are linked together in a
circular relationship. Hyper Gamma and Lambda brainwaves are so fast
that they appear to be embedded in the extremely slow Epsilon
brainwaves. Simultaneously, the extremely slow Epsilon waves are so slow
that they appear to be riding on the crest of the very fast Hyper Gamma
and Lambda waves. In the same manner, your multidimensional senses are
embedded into, and piggybacked onto, your third dimensional five senses.
These brainwaves allow you to use your expanded perceptions while you
are in your mundane consciousness.

The higher dimensional realities have always existed, but they were
beyond the perceptions of your Third Dimensional Operating System,
because the expanded states of consciousness of your Multidimensional
Operating System were not yet “online.” Therefore, these dimensional
realities were forgotten. Fortunately, your potential to perceive these
dimensions remained latent within your biological computer brain,
awaiting the activation of your Multidimensional Operating System. 

At first, both the Third Dimensional Operating System and the
Multidimensional Operating System will both be online. Eventually, the
Multidimensional Operating System will be the main system, which means
that your primary reality/consciousness will be in the fifth dimension
and beyond. Yet, you will still be aware of the third and fourth
dimensions. This process has already begun for those of you in our
Corridor, although you may not be fully aware of it in your mundane
states of consciousness. From the sixth dimension, you will be able to
read the holographic projection of your current reality to assist in
updating your computer/brain to the Multidimensional Operating System.


The rise of your Kundalini, Mystical Marriage, activation of your
Pineal Stargate, expanded consciousness, and the recognition and
integration of your Multidimensional SELF, expands your consciousness
enough to encompass the sixth dimension. It is from the sixth dimension
that you can write, or edit, your holographic program for your third
dimensional, grounded self and/or selves. To better understand what we
are saying, let us divert from our journey long enough to explain to you
how a holographic projection is created. 

FIRST a single laser beam is into two separate beams.
The first beam is bounced off the object whose image is to be recorded.
The second beam is recorded on a mirror and allowed to collide with the
reflective light of the first beam
THEN the interactions of the two beams are recorded on a piece of film
called a holographic plate or matrix.
The PATTERN that is recorded on the plate looks like chaotic swirls and
concentric circles until another laser beam is used to illuminate the
film.  It is then that a hologram of the original object occurs.

In other words:
The light of your Soul/SELF copies a portion of its light from the unity
of the ONE to become two sixth dimensional beams of light.

This FIRST part of the sixth dimensional light beam is bounced off
the object, thought-form of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF, whose image
is to be recorded.

The SECOND beam of sixth dimensional light is recorded on a mirror
and allowed to collide with the reflection of light bounced off of the
“object”  (your Multidimensional SELF).

Then the interaction of the two beams (light wave interference) is
recorded on a piece of film called a holographic plate  (matrix of third
dimensional Earth)

The pattern that is recorded on the plate looks like chaotic swirls
and concentric circles until another laser beam is used to illuminate
the film.

This “other” beam is your fifth dimensional SELF’S intention to
observe your physical ego/self.
It is then that a holographic projection of your original sixth
dimensional SELF occurs on the Holographic Film Plate as a physical

To summarize, in order for your Multidimensional SELF resonating
within the ONE to observe it’s reflection in a third dimensional form,
it had to split its light into “the observer” and “that which was to be
observed.” Therefore, your Multidimensional SELF needed to create a
Divine Ideal for the form it wished to observe in its holographic
projection of life in the lower dimensions. Consequently, your SELF
created a thought-form of a human body, which became the object off
which the first beam of light would reflect.

Then, the second beam of light was infused with unconditional love
and multidimensional consciousness so that once it reflected off the
mirror and intermingled with the first beam (human body) on the
holographic plate, the purity of the multidimensional light  and
unconditional love would be maintained.

Then the projections of light needed to be unified on the holographic
plate (planet Earth) to manifest as a member of that physical reality.
At this point, your Multidimensional Soul/SELF needed to observe you so
that the swirling circles of energy could become form. In this manner,
your form was held and the illusion of your physical reality was


When you were young , most of you could still see the world
from the consciousness, belief, expectation and perspective of your
Multidimensional SELF. In other words, you believed that you had full
control of the creation of your reality. You had this belief,
expectation and perception because your Multidimensional Operating
System was still fully activated. Unfortunately, it was very difficult
to maintain the expanded state of consciousness that activated this
Operating System while incarnated in your third dimensional form.

Overtime, your consciousness lowered, your Multidimensional Operating
System turned OFF, and your Third-dimensional Operating System took
precedence over your beliefs, expectations and perceptions of reality.
Then, you accepted the collective belief that you were a separate being
living in a dense, physical world and expected hardship and limitation.
Consequently, that is what you perceived. Your childhood world of magic
and imagination still surrounded  you, but it was just beyond the
limitation of your third dimensional perception.

This limitation created a strong inner yearning to “go Home,” but you
soon forgot where Home was. You just knew that something was missing,
and that some day you would find it. That day is NOW. However, in order
to return Home to your true Multidimensional SELF, you have had to find a
way to connect with your SELF while still in your third dimensional
form. Fortunately, you learned that if you expanded your consciousness
beyond the confines of the physical reality, you could perceive your
Multidimensional SELF from the perspective of your third dimensional
self. To accomplish this task, you had to the chain of illusion.

It is through your observation of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF in
the ONE from the perspective of your ego/self in the third dimension
that you have broken the chain of illusion to see your self (projected
light) as your SELF (light united in the ONE). When YOU (the holographic
projection) can observe your Divine Matrix in the sixth dimension (your
SELF in the ONE) while still holding your holographic form, the third
dimensional veils of illusion are released. You can then eternally
commune with and return to your SELF who lives eternally in unity with
the ONE.

It is at this point that you fully remember why you have chosen to
“log-in” (project your SELF) into the third dimensional hologram. The
ONE does not want to extinguish its many expressions of light. Instead,
it wishes them to return to the full awareness of their Multidimensional
BEING while maintaining their sense of individuality. In this manner,
“Individuality within Unity” is created.

This process of maintaining your Personal Consciousness within the
ONE begins with the maintenance of your personal earth vessel while you
fully grounding your Multidimensional SELF into your third dimensional
holographic self. Therefore, your unity with the ONE begins with your
unity with your physical reality. Through uniting with your third
dimensional reality, while observing and communing with the ONE, you
learn the power of manifestation in your physical reality.

This power of manifestation is based on the Knowing that YOU are your
Multidimensional SELF. Then you, Multidimensional/SELF, remembers that
you, ego/self, have the innate ability to observe the many swirls of
light on your holographic plate to create your reality of form. Hence,
when your Multidimensional SELF is fully grounded in your ego/self, YOU
create your reality by the simple act of observation.

above youtube is created by some of today’s most awakened minds.

Some of their most important points are outlined below:
The ocean of consciousness is the source of all matter.
 There is no
All physicality around us is the result of a frequency of
If you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter will
This self-contained system is a “super hologram,” and
everything within
it is an expression of that hologram.

Since reality is a hologram, every particle is a vision of the
      In other words, the whole is contained in every
We can’t find one particle, as it is a reflection of ALL
If we change any small component of the hologram,
it is reflected in the whole.

The substance of the Universe is Consciousness.
Fear-based consciousness holds the belief that the substance of the
Universe is matter.
If the Universe is matter, then the believer needs
possessions and riches.

Remember that all physicality is a frequency.
Fear is a slow, dense vibrational state.
If we hold fear, our consciousness lowers and the frequency of our
reality is dense and slow.

Within a holographic reality, what you believe, you create.
Reality is built out of thought.
Every thought is like a spider, spinning a web in the holographic

The Matrix of a hologram is information.
When you put information into your hologram, you create fractals,
unending and
 ever-repeating patterns, in your matrix.

These fractals change your matrix.
When a system becomes highly destabilized, there will be random
shifts that suddenly self-organize into higher states of complexity.

At a sub-, quantum level, reality organizes according to the
expectations of the observer.
Everything in the Universe is composed of
sub-atomic particles, whirling at lightening speed around huge empty

These particles are not material objects; they are fluctuations of
energy and information in a cosmic void of energy and
When you change the field that the atoms are in, you change the
We are made up of these atoms.
Our feelings change the field of our atoms to literally alter our
physical reality.

Our BODY is a biological computer.
WE are Consciousness.

Our WORLD is a tiny frequency range within infinite ranges of
LIFE is a holographic television station.

Our consciousness creates the channel, frequency, of the REALITY we
We can’t imagine a reality that exists without us because…

The act of our observation allows us to create-as-we-go a participatory

We may never find the edge of the Universe or the smallest particle
Everywhere our consciousness explores with the expectation of
 something, there it will be, for we have created it. 
We are
building the Universe as we go!

Consciousness is the programming language of our holographic
We are consciousness conductors.
Consciousness comes through us and emanates from us.
Therefore, humanity has the ability to create a new reality.

If we switch OFF our brains and hook our consciousness into the
mainstream media of illusion, we are manipulated in a certain way so
that the creation of our reality is not ours—but the reality of someone
            Therefore, we need to take control of our reality at a
quantum level.

The world is just a ride, but we forgot that fact and began to
believe that the ride is real. 


Dear Ones, now that you have awakened, you realize that the third
dimension is a ride, a stage for your play, a virtual reality game, and
YOU are the conductor, director and programmer.  Once you regain this
multidimensional knowing, you are free to conduct, direct and program
your Path Home to SELF. Now, the creation, you, are ready to unite with
the Creator, you, to become “the hand drawing itself.” On your Path Home
to SELF, you travel the vertical “elevator” up into the higher
frequencies of reality on the horizontal planes of existence.

On each of these planes you find a form of your Multidimensional
SELF. These forms were created on your first projection down from the
ONE and into the planes of illusion and separation. Each form/container
is a construction of the resonance of the light particles of that
dimension/plane. In the case of your earth vessel, light is so slow that
it becomes physical matter. In the realities higher up the vertical
scale, your container is of a higher resonance.
Do you realize now what a great accomplishment you have completed? Do
you realize now how truly magnificent you are to observe your SELF from
the form of your self that your SELF is observing?  It is much like the
famous picture by Escher of the hand drawing itself.

We will now resume our inter-dimensional journey through the
Arcturian Corridor. As you step onto the threshold of the sixth
dimension remember that Consciousness is the language that programs your
hologram. Through the recognition and integration of your
Multidimensional SELF, as well as your experiences in our Corridor, your
consciousness has expanded from Personal to Collective to Planetary to
Galactic Consciousness. When you participated in the opening of the
sixth dimensional frequency of our Corridor (archived Multidimensional
News, January 26, 2010), your consciousness expanded to Cosmic

Now, before you take part in the expanding of the Corridor into the
sixth dimension, remember, if you can, when you were a young child and
KNEW that Faeries and Angels were real.  In fact, you knew that you were
a Faerie, a mighty Dragon, or a beam of Light soaring through the sky.
You knew these things to be true, to be real. Unfortunately, over time,
you wanted to be like “others,” so you pretended to just be “regular.”
Then, bit-by-bit you began to forget what you knew as a child, and the
memories of your Multidimensional SELF began to fade from your mind and
leave an empty space in your heart. 

One day, your great Multidimensional Consciousness deflated so low
that you found you were a victim. You were a victim to the demands of
others and the rules and regulations of a world that limited your
creativity and made you work hard to be good enough to get lots of money
to buy stuff.  You needed the money and the stuff because the ache in
your heart had become a painful longing for a place you once knew and a
person you once had been. Nonetheless, you put your head down and tried
to do what others wanted. However, each victory that you achieved was
empty and only fed your longing. 

You began to discard the beliefs and expectations of others and
sought to regain the peace and joy you knew when you were free to be
alive in your imagination. Then, gradually, or all at once, you began to
remember your SELF—the one who flew and fought for love and light. This
knowing made you feel independent and gave you a strong sense of your
own Personal Consciousness, which allowed you to release being a victim.

At first this new person, this SELF, was a secret. Then, the
loneliness returned, and you knew you had to be your SELF in daily
life—no matter what the consequences. To your surprise, the consequences
were wonderful. As you came out of hiding, you found others who were
also coming out of hiding. You opened your heart to these people, and
your consciousness expanded from Personal to Collective Consciousness.

You, and the collective of awakening beings loved Gaia, for your Soul
told you that She was you Mother Earth, as well as the higher
dimensional expression of your Collective SELF. This love for all life
expanded your consciousness to Planetary Consciousness. Via your
Planetary Consciousness, Gaia whispered to your Soul about Her portals
into higher worlds, and many of you found your way to our Corridor. You
joined other awakened ones, and Gaia Herself, to journey through the
Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension to clear your tunnel of light
and enter your fourth dimensional reality.

You then entered your fifth dimensional reality to connect, commune
and integrate your Multidimensional SELF. With this return to SELF you
were able to recognize and begin a relationship with your great Galactic
Family, which expanded your Planetary Consciousness to Galactic
Consciousness.  With your first visit to the sixth dimension (See
Multidimensional News January 26, 2010) your consciousness expanded to
Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness is the state of consciousness that allows you to
fully perceive, accept and integrate the torsion waves flowing from the
Galactic Center. Furthermore, from the perspective of your Cosmic
Consciousness you can easily see through the third dimensional illusions
of separation and limitation.  You KNOW that YOU are the creator of
your reality because you are a reflection of your Multidimensional SELF
in the ONE who cast the reflections of its Light onto the holographic
matrix of your present incarnation.

You also KNOW that this incarnation—log-into the 3D Game of
Separation—is special as it is the life in which you are to experience
the joy and victory of raising your planetary reality into the fifth
dimension. You will live within the Collective ONE and experience Being a
planet, reunite with your Galactic Family and take charge of your
reality at the quantum, sub-atomic level.

See yourself at the threshold of a holographic matrix that directs
you into and through the ribbons of Light Language, which moves into and
out of your potential form. Take a moment to find one of the ribbons,
and attach your consciousness to it with the intention of entering the
vortex. As you surrender to the feel, color and tone of multidimensional
light, its resonance of unconditional love pulls you into and through
the vortices of light. Faster and faster, you travel into and through
myriad possible, probable and even “impossible” realties.

Beyond the speed of light, you now flash past planets, solar systems,
galaxies, nebulas, black holes, white holes, voids and universes. All
that you perceive is real because you have chosen to observe it. It is
the act of your observation that has created these realities, although
they were always there as potential. Logical thought and human emotions
cannot adhere to your consciousness. You are too expansive and too

You are your thoughts made manifest, while your emotions hone your
course towards your present life, the one you had before you became pure
light. As you enter that matrix, the force of your unconditional love
intertwines you into the sixth dimensional holographic projection of
your present life. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, you see
your grounded self on third dimensional Earth.

Using the Cosmic Consciousness of your programmer SELF, you send a
beam of unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness from your
sixth dimensional SELF to the heart of your grounded one. Allow this
beam of light and love to create a constant communication between your
programmer SELF who projected you into your reality, and your grounded
self, who is returning from a long journey into polarity.

Now, take a moment to review the files of that life. Then, any
fear-based virus can be erased by your unconditional love, while the
light of your great Cosmic Consciousness can raise your resonance beyond
the polarity of fear. See the “file” your “child of knowing.” EXPAND
this file with your unconditional love, and SAVE it with your Cosmic
Consciousness. As you do so, you feel your Multidimensional Operating
System begin its download.

When did that knowing disappear?  What were the fear-based emotions
that caused you to forget your SELF? The antidote for fear-based
thoughts and emotions is unconditional love. HIGHLIGHT that fear and
DELETE it with unconditional love. Then, SAVE that change with your
Cosmic Consciousness. As you do so, your Multidimensional Operating
System comes online.
When did you realize that you had become a victim? Use your
unconditional love to AMPLIFY that moment of awakening. Remember the
fear that created your becoming a victim and DELETE that file with your
unconditional love. With the language of your Cosmic Consciousness,
change your programming from “I can’t control my life,” to “I am the
creator of my reality.” SAVE these changes and feel a moment of joy as
you catch a glimpse of reality through your Multidimensional Operating
When did your awareness expand to Personal Consciousness?

Review this return to SELF and AMPLIFY it with unconditional love, as
you use your Cosmic Consciousness to SAVE these changes. As you do so,
your Third-dimensional Operating System gradually begins to switch OFF,
while your Multidimensional Operating System gradually turns ON.

When did your awareness expand to Collective Consciousness?

FEEL the Collective Consciousness of humanity about you. With the force
of your unconditional love, DELETE all fear stemming from this
Collective and SAVE those changes with your Cosmic Consciousness. Take a
moment to send a ripple of unconditional love into that collective
reality to assist others to DELETE their fear. Now, merge your Cosmic
Consciousness with the Collective Consciousness to assist in raising the
resonant frequency of all humanity.
When did you embrace Planetary Consciousness?
AMPLIFY that process and share it with Gaia. Then, use your
unconditional love to DELETE the fear and heal the damage that has been
done to Her planet, as well as to your personal earth vessel. Use your
Cosmic Consciousness to raise the resonance of personal and planetary
bodies, as well as to SAVE those changes in your earth vessel and in the
area of Earth in which you live.

When did you embrace Galactic Consciousness?

Use your unconditional love to welcome the closest members of your
Galactic Family into your daily life. Using your Cosmic Consciousness,
SAVE that connection on the “Desktop” of your Third Eye and High Heart.
“Back it up,” on the hard-drive of your Junk DNA to expedite your
process of returning to Lightbody.

FEEL your Cosmic Consciousness as it begins to close down your
Third-dimensional Operating System and fully activate your
Multidimensional Operating System. SAVE this shift with your
unconditional love. Take some “time” each day to acknowledge the great
change that is ongoing in your consciousness and, hence, in your
reality. Vow, again and again, I AM my SELF.

With the programming language of your Cosmic Consciousness, you have
programmed your Third-dimensional Operating System to turn OFF and your
Multidimensional Operating System to turn ON. Since your new Operating
System is multidimensional, it functions for the third, as well as for
the higher dimensions. Therefore, you will still experience the third
dimension, but will no longer be limited to it.

With you Cosmic Consciousness, which is inherent within your
Multidimensional Operating System, you have access to all the files of
third dimensional illusion, as well as the files of multidimensional
awareness and perception. Unfortunately, the virus of fear has entered
the computer brain of your grounded one and needs to be continually
purged. Nonetheless, your Multidimensional Operating System can use its
sixth dimensional component to purge these fearful illusions, which will
reveal the Truth to of your expanding perceptions. This System will
then SAVE these changes to your Third Eye and High Heart.

Your Cosmic Consciousness and unconditional love may need to go
deeply into the ones and zeros of these files to clear the many lives
and parallel realities in which your grounded one suffered under the
illusions of hard work, limitation, fearful thoughts and emotions, as
well as separation from your true, Multidimensional SELF. Fortunately,
with your Multidimensional Operating System online, all you need “do”

Be still within your mind, and open in your heart.
The Path of ONE
may seem alone, but only at the start.

Each day you walk along this Path, you KNOW it’s filled with
This love resounds from deep within, as well as from above.

Reach down inside and all around, to see what you desire.
To find the
life that you’ll create, and BE who you admire.

Accept this life and give it thanks, each day and every hour.
just relax and watch the show, as your new life comes to flower.

It may take some third dimensional “time” for your grounded one to be
aware of your shift. Therefore, with the unconditional love of your
Cosmic Consciousness, you whisper into the heart of your grounded one,

“NOW, you are awake. You are your SELF! 
Separation is an illusion.
Limitation is a state of mind. 
YOU are the creator of your life. 

Consciousness is the programming language of your reality, and 
YOU are

We are The Arcturians.

Thank you for joining us in the Arcturian Corridor. 

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