Channeler: Mike

This particular time in the Western calendar is one where there is
much introspection, as the celebration of Easter is in remembrance of
Jesus. It is perhaps sad that it focuses more on the crucifixion, and
less on the works that this great soul achieved in his lifetime. Your
history that periodically a leader emerges from within your midst,
who is a Wayshower with teachings appropriate for the time. Jesus came
not to start a religion, but show by his example the way Man should
live. He was the perfect example of One who lived his word, and when he
preached love that is exactly what he was – Love Incarnate. There is
nothing else in your lives that is of such importance, and it starts by
loving Self and then others. Since you are All One, why would you treat
another part of yourself any differently from anyone else. Your
principle lesson is to be able to express Unconditional Love, and when
you can do so you can claim to have found the Way. We know that it is
not easy to suddenly view life quite differently to what you have been
used to, but if you are to progress you will need to change your

You can stand still and even go backwards, but with the experience
gained you will eventually go forward. The nature of duality is to help
you confront what you call good or evil, so that you understand what it
is like to experience lack and separation. These challenges further your
spiritual evolution, and through your understanding you rise above your
limitations. You too can then become a living example of the truth in
action, and be assured that others will take note of it. Humans are
by examples of falsehoods and outright lies, and there is a
feeling that it is acceptable to achieve success in this manner. Even
those you look up to and revere are often prone to giving out less than
the truth, and becomes a rare attribute. Try it dear Ones, go
through a day without speaking other than the truth, it is far more
difficult than you can imagine. Yet if you wish to rise up and attract
the pure vibrations to yourself, you will need to aim for nothing less
than a truthful relationship with all you meet.

We of the Galactic Federation have no such problems, because we have
long gone beyond the ways of Humans. It may sound odd to you, but at our
level only the truth can exist, because anything less is “felt” by a
change in the energies accompanying the spoken word. It is also seen
within your aura, as the purity of the colours looses its brilliance.
This also applies to telepathic contact with each other, which is our
normal means of communication. Do you see now that when we talk with
your government officials, we cannot be fooled by any deceitful intent
on their part? Most of your representatives have broken their oaths to
serve you, and we are totally aware as to the ones amongst you who have
your best interests at heart. When the governmental changes are made, as
they will very soon, you may be sure that only those who are
spiritually motivated will be reappointed.

Many of you wish to join us but that is not as simple as at may
appear. You can do it through your application to raise your vibrations,
in the manner we have informed you previously. As unless you can match
the vibrations of the higher dimensions, you cannot move into them.
Where it is your intent to do so you will be given every help, and in
that event you would almost certainly be successful. Each of you has the
potential to ascend but the desire has to be strong. You cannot
approach it half heartedly, and it does some work on your part
to achieve your goal. It does not matter if you do not succeed this time
round, as any progress you make will place your feet firmly on the next
path to Ascension. The cycles of life give you the
opportunity to evolve as no experience is ever wasted.

Theses times are exciting if you look at what lies ahead, because out
the chaos will come a definite plan that all will understand. Once it
gets going there will be one change after another all aimed at bringing
in the New Age. You have a lot to catch up on, and it will lift your
spirits in next to no time. The goals will be quite clear and you will
be given sufficient information to help you understand. Anyone who
follows the messages about Ascension will already have a good idea as
where everything is leading. After many promises of action we can say
that matters are to a head. The dark continue to be weakened by
their lack of cohesion and power. For a time this makes them dangerous,
as like a cornered animal they will lash out. However, we monitor their
activities and do not expect any dramatic happenings. Our allies are
well placed to contain any sudden move.

Let this period be one where you reflect upon your achievements to
date, and if you take time to look at yourself open and honestly, you
will know how far you have to go to be prepared for Ascension. Apply
yourself to the task of going further with your preparations, as the
are so great. Right from the time you first dropped into the
lower dimensions, you knew this period would release you from duality.
So take it with both hands, knowing that you will not do have to do this
journey again. Let the distractions pass you by, as they have no pull
upon you unless you allow it. Indeed, you should by now have a strong
defence against them, knowing that your willpower is all-powerful.

Dear Ones, you are generally so patient, and we still have some time
to go before we can announce details of our presence. It is not that we
consider it urgent, as there is already so much acceptance of us.
However, a whole string of events are lined up, and once they become
public knowledge they will go speeding ahead. We are in what you might
call “nearly times” because on a number occasions we have been so near
to making our announcements. Keep your eyes open and you will get wind
of when something important is about to break.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the amount of Light on
Earth has grown immensely just lately. So you can rest easy knowing
that the vibration is rising as necessary to bring Ascension about. The
shadows are dispersing as the Light penetrates every corner and
transmutes the dark energies. Keep up your wonderful work, as you are
all needed and much loved.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.