Channeler: Mike

We find that the sense of expectation of a major change is growing,
and that is very encouraging as it means more of you are aware of what
is planned for your future. In any event there are so many who sense
that changes are happening, even if they are not so well informed as to
the of them. The collapse of the old ways could have hardly have
passed by without being , and all in all it means that people are
very receptive to the idea of receiving something new. They will not
yet see it coming through the present world governments, as there needs
to be a complete change within the administration and personnel before
it can go ahead. There may be rumors and speculation as to what is in
store, but only the higher sources will be able to clearly define the
details of the plan. Although it has been amended where necessary, it
has generally speaking kept to its central aims which are the key
requirements for your upliftment.

The coming Ascension has been the subject of many teachings and
messages for a very long time, as the end times have been clearly
defined since this cycle began so long ago. It is the whole purpose of
everything that has been taking place, and the plan has been played out
so that you have gained the maximum benefit from it. Dear Ones it is
about experience so that your spiritual evolution moves further forward.
It has been about opposites such as good and evil as you would define
it, and duality having all but run its course it is time to bring it to
an end. Although some souls go through the same experiences many times,
there is always something to be learnt. Often there are groups of you
that come together for that very purpose, and you help each other to
progress. You play your parts immersed in the characters that you
choose, and as far as you are concerned it is an absolute reality.

Through many lives you set yourself up in all different types of
roles, and truly you are all excellent actors on the stage of life. The
problem for some souls is that they become so deeply involved with their
characters, that they leave no room for their inner self to surface. It
is hoped that each soul has those moments of sudden realization that
they are more than they seem. After all they carry their God spark with
them at all times, and their Light cannot be completely subdued. Some
will deny God, but often that comes from learning of an angry and
revengeful God that is to be feared. That is the image of a false God
and has no place where you are concerned. God is and always will be the
totality of all Love, because Love Is. If you follow spiritual messages,
there are few that depict God and the Higher Beings in anyway except as
full of Love and Light. At their levels in the higher dimensions it
cannot be any other way as only the Truth can exist. God gets the
for so many things, and that can only from a misunderstanding as
to what God is. Regrettably some teachings play upon the idea of an
angry God that metes out punishment, and it is used as a way to keep
people in a continual state of fear and obedience.

Go confidently into the future knowing that God is All Love, and no
matter how far you stray from the true path of understanding, it will
always remain so. After your sojourn upon Earth you are always welcomed
back with open arms, even if you have transgressed and carry guilt. That
is in fact unnecessary as all is viewed as experience, and through
further opportunities you can overcome your weaknesses without
self-punishment. On one level you are all equal, and it is only Man that
chooses to see others as different or separate to himself. Duality of
course encourages that view, but how to overcome it is the challenge
that it presents. View all souls as from the same source and a part of
God, and you will realize that they are as much a part of you, as you
are them.

As time progresses all things will become clear, and you are already
beginning to enter a period where anything other than the truth will be
revealed to be transmuted. These are of the lower vibration and have no
place in the future. As you are certainly noticing, the moves to reveal
the truth about Man and his experiences are gaining momentum. We can say
quite definitely, that by the time you come to the end of this cycle
all stones will have been overturned. Nothing will remain hidden
regardless of how much it has previously been covered up. In view of
this it would help your progress, if you took a totally and truthful
approach to all matters. Start putting it into action and become that
which you really are, a Being of Love and Light. With time it will
become easier to do so, as your levels of consciousness are rising much
more .

Dear Ones, everything is being done to help you move ever onwards,
and you should be able to focus more easily on your future and not be
not be distracted. Tame those emotions that sometimes get out of
control, and you will actually feel all the better for it. When you get
upset you disturb not just the harmony of your body, but the energies
around it. Such imbalances can even make you feel ill, and it takes time
to recover. If it happens try to centre yourself as quick as you can,
and surround yourself with the pure light of the green healing ray. It
will help return you to a peaceful and relaxed state, and speed up your
recovery. Think upon it for a moment as to why Man is normally
surrounded by so much greenery, and trips to the countryside can be so
uplifting. On a clear day, why does the beauty of a blue sky seem so
peaceful as you lie down and peer into it?

In the higher dimensions you will be absolutely surrounded by beauty,
and energies that are conducive to peace and stillness that has no
equal on Earth at present. Any effort you put in now to move in the
direction of Ascension will be more than worth it, as what you have now
is little compared to what shall be yours very soon. No more shall you
go through the experience of death, and ill health will be a thing of
the past. Lack will be a you will never use again, and life will be
a heavenly experience in every sense of the word.

I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, and we so want you all to
rise up when the opportunity presents itself. Become the loving souls
you really are, and leave the physical dimension for your real home in
the .

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.