Channeler: Mike

The meek shall inherit the Earth, and these are of course those of
you who have found your Love and Light within. Not only that, you live
by your understanding of what that means where your relationship to
other souls are concerned. To see each other as One means you accept
that all are from the One . Therefore you would no more raise your
hand against your brothers and sisters, than smite yourself. True love
of others raises all of you together and once you understand the purpose
of , you see there is no gain to be had at their expense. The
problem for eons of time is that you have been taught to put Self first
in the pursuit for survival. The survival of the fittest and strongest
is the Law of the Jungle, and not for Man who has the potential to
become a God. You are powerful Beings, who have the capability of
reaching levels of Christ consciousness.

What you have been in the cycle of duality is but a shadow of your
real Self. Albeit that you have had to much negativity to
find your Light, but with the intent to lift yourselves up you have
succeeded in discovering the true path. You have progressed at such a
fast rate in this lifetime; you now stand ready to take a quantum leap
forward. Instead of despair and little hope, you have found that the
true path is the promise of return to the higher levels of Light. The
Earth may have its attractions, but your paradise will not be found in
the lower dimensions. Everything that you have ever dreamt of awaits you
with the coming of Ascension, and subconsciously you know that to be so
and it drives you onwards.

Now you see the last acts of those whose eyes are still shut, and
would prevent your upliftment if they could. However, they are doomed to
failure and are already in disarray, as they can no longer hold to
their plan for total domination of Mankind. In fact, the Illuminati have
accepted that their cause is lost, but they still harbor thoughts of
somehow restoring their power. We can assure you that they have no
chance of doing so. It is the Light that is now the controlling force,
and is growing stronger by the day. Allow matters to act themselves out,
and as they do so it will become quite clear that the promises made to
you will be fulfilled. Indeed, the signs are already beginning to show
the destiny for Mankind, and you will find that your sovereignty will be

If you reflect on your experience of duality, you will surely see
that there has been a divine plan to release you from it. It was never
intended that it should completely engulf you, although many of you have
touched the depths but have risen up again. All of your experiences
have been placed within the mass consciousness, and each of you will
benefit from them as it is unnecessary for each of you to experience
everything personally. There will come a time when you will review your
many lives, and it is as well that you remember that you chose your
experiences. Even now you are moving through your final experiences, to
bring your karma to an end.

We of the Galactic Federation do not consider you as lesser Beings,
simply because your vibrations are lower than ours. We know that duality
was your choice, and that you left the higher vibrations to face its
challenges to lift up and find the Light once again. We see you as an
ascended Being already, and admire your strength of character to take on
such a challenge. When open contact commences, you shall see that our
approach to you is as equals. We wish you to work with us and will
introduce you to our technologies that we know you will quickly adapt
to. Even now your knowledge borders on ours, and it means that once
together no time will be lost before we get started. There is so much to
do in a relatively short time, yet all will proceed as planned and
completed by the end of your cycle.

Is it not strange Dear Ones to think that some 70 years ago, you
would not have accepted the possibility that Beings like us existed? You
held the idea that we could not reach you, because it would take too
many Light Years to do so. Yet in that comparatively short time since,
you have learnt about other dimensions, and how we can use them for
inter-dimensional travel. Now you accept that intelligent life can reach
you from far-flung constellations. Indeed you are also aware of
parallel Universes, and your understanding of life expands even further.
Life abounds everywhere and yet most of it is invisible to your eyes,
as it vibrates too to be registered by you. However, when you
have ascended the whole Universe opens up to you, and you will meet
Beings of all types in addition to those more readily recognized as

In your own way you have plenty of excitement and adventures on
Earth, but when you have earnt the right to Galactic travel they will be
far more fulfilling. Think about what you have learnt from the
different races upon Earth, such as their cultures and religious
beliefs, then think of it on a Universal scale and imagine how much more
there is to consider and understand. On Our ships you will meet some
Beings that are not humanoid, and they are also Galactic Federation
Members. You tend to judge people from their outer appearance, whereas
we see the inner soul and know we are One.

With regard to what we have told you, you will understand that we
cannot flood you with information too early on our initial contact. The
fact that we really exist will be too much for many people, who have
shut their eyes and closed their minds to such a possibility. However,
in a gentle way we shall gradually bring out the truth about us, and how
you are linked with us from times long gone. Many civilizations have
had a hand in your evolution, and more you shall learn in all good time.
Think upon it Dear Ones, why is it that in this Universe that all
Beings are of the Human form; does this not tell you that the hand of
God is in all things?

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as I look upon Earth I see a
Light rising up from the grids around it. It tells us in no uncertain
terms that it is so powerful, that it cannot possibly be reversed or
stopped from fully manifesting. That is the most wonderful sight and
your future in the higher dimensions is assured.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.