Channeler: Mike

SaLuSa 14-April-2010

The dark Ones continue to find that their covert actions are being
revealed, and in a time of truth so will it continue. The extent and
scale to which you have been used and manipulated, is beyond your full
understanding. However, you will learn sufficient to know that something
radical and far reaching must be done, to cut out the cancer of
corruption that has spread all through politics and business. Such
knowledge will ensure that whatever replaces it, is based upon honesty
and fairness with the object of doing what is best for all. That a small
number of people have amassed great wealth, while most of you work hard
for less than your labors deserve must . It indeed will
Dear Ones, and the plans are ready to be implemented. In so many ways
you have been led to believe that you are subservient to those in power,
and your rights have been deliberately eroded to keep you down. Again
that will change and although it will take time to reverse the
situation, eventually you will become sovereign Beings once again.

At a time when you have such a good system of communication, it is
ironic that it is controlled by those behind the media who determine
what you are allowed to know. What should be given a public airing is
censored, and results in so many major topics of national interest being
hidden away. There has not been such a thing as freedom of the Press to
report on all matters of interest for a long time. Indeed reports are
falsified to satisfy the aims Illuminati, and journalists comply rather
than risk losing their jobs. When their lives and family are also
threatened it takes a brave person to stand up to them. However, the
truth does eventually come out, mainly thanks to the Internet and it
needs protecting to ensure the principle of free speech. The false
operations such as 9/11 are a good example of what the Internet can do
to bring out the truth. It is true that it can also be used to counter
truth with disinformation, but with discernment and intuition you will
know what is true or not.

Some of you ask what can you do to help change things, and
our response is to advise you to talk amongst yourselves so that the
truth is known by as many as possible. If action groups can be formed
all the better, and along with others you will continue to apply
pressure for the full truth to be revealed. Otherwise individually
concentrate on how you visualize the future where you are free and your
sovereignty is restored, and you will be helping it to manifest. Of
course we have a great input into such matters, and working with our
allies behind the scenes to speed up matters so that our plan for your
future can fully commence. Have no fear as to the outcome; it has been
decided in the higher dimensions by great Beings who see the whole
picture from their perspective. What has been decreed by them will come
to pass, and all will be manifested by the time this cycle of duality
has been completed. You are so near to major changes upon Earth, whilst
the Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration.
That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily
made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many
years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set
out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us.

Dear Ones, we are near to announcements that will reveal the truth
about us. No amount of denial will make any difference, and the secrets
about our involvement with you and your governments will come out. They
have known of us for many, many years and have repeatedly refused our
offers of help. The benefits that we are you could have been
yours a long time ago, and you have been stopped from progressing to
satisfy the greed for wealth and power of the elite. It is time to
remove the dark Ones and their cronies, and they will not be able to
stop the tide of change that is sweeping through the corridors of power.
Governmental changes are a high priority and we will ensure that the
right people represent you when we openly arrive on Earth. Our ways are
ones of peace and love for all life, and those in power that are not
working on a higher vibration will be removed. We shall use legal means
to bring about such changes, and there will be no hiding place or way to
defeat justice. We know exactly what each individual has done during
their time serving as your representatives, and hold the proof should it
be needed.

The dark Ones have had their opportunities to have a change of heart
and move towards the Light. It is their choice as to where their future
lies, and we seek nothing other than their removal from office. Like any
soul, they will one day judge themselves, and there is no retribution
or punishment except that they may answer to Mans laws. You have learnt
much through the cycle of duality, and it has served its in
bringing you to understand the opposites and still rise up. You are
clearly spiritually stronger than when you started your epic journey
through the darkness and lack of Light. It is in fact quite remarkable
that given the loss of your true identity you have still managed to find
your way back, and today stand at the door of Ascension. It is truly a
wonderful achievement and you are to be applauded for it.

Keep your focus as ever on the future, and the past will take care of
itself. Your energy is best used in this way, as the more of you who do
so the quicker your vibrations will rise up. It will also increase your
protection against any intrusion from the dark Ones, and you will
easily ward it off. As you rise up your consciousness levels increase
and a stronger link is formed with your Higher Self. This is just but
one step on the path to super consciousness and your return to the
higher dimensions, where your awakening will be complete. Even now your
awareness is growing and you are becoming more intuitive. You will
gradually find that you do not need outside help to the extent you did
previously. These are sure signs that you are progressing very ,
and you will undoubtedly succeed in reaching Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and delight in giving to you, as it
helps create a bond between us that will a carry us all far. We have so
much in common that it will not take you too long to reach our levels,
and that will restore you to where you should be as one of us. Let your
imagination free and you will pick up much that is on its way to
you. Your happiness and freedom is to be returned to you, before you
leave Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.