Channeler: Mike

Every soul is being given the opportunity to any outstanding
karma, and since you are in your last lifetime on Earth some of you are
living hectic lives. Karma is normally worked out when the best
conditions present themselves, and do not necessarily occur in the life
immediately after the one in which it was incurred. It is a major factor
that determines your life plan, and more often than not is related to
personal relationships. Each of you sets out in life looking for
happiness and fulfillment, but often there is disappointment. Dear Ones,
if you have failed to succeed in some aspect of your life, consider
that it was planned and intended to give you lessons that are of value
to you. After all, nothing that is important to your life plan happens
by chance.

At our dimensional level we have the need for karma,
and if we make the wrong choices we recognize them and make amends
immediately. For us personal relationships are based on love and respect
for each other. We recognize our Oneness with all that is, and
acknowledge the divine essence that all life carries. Our caution
concerns decisions that are made that effect many souls, such as our
involvement with your future. The outcome is not always clear, but based
on our experience and ability to read the future we are
confident that little can go wrong. When an advanced civilization
intervenes with one that is still evolving, much care is necessary to
ensure that it does not interfere with their path of evolution.

On Earth, at almost every turn you have decisions to make and you are
prone to build up karma. However, once you understand the purpose of
life and acknowledge the fact that you are all One, you will approach
life with a greater understanding. It is not necessarily bound up in
religious beliefs, as sometimes these can have the opposite effect by
isolating you from other people. Again such souls are working out their
karma through such experiences, and in the scheme of things every
experience adds to your total consciousness, accumulated through all of
your lifetimes.

When you finally ascend you may be absolutely certain that you have
succeeded in overcoming duality, and you will truly be looked upon as a
Master. You are amongst the bravest of souls to have honed your
spiritual awareness, by going through each experience in person. You may
wonder what happens to those memories of the negative ones, as many
have left you scarred for life. Please be aware that as your
consciousness rises, you will set aside such memories and eventually
only recall your triumphs and successes. You cannot in fact carry the
lower vibrations into the higher levels, and that is the Law. Whenever
you carry heartache and sadness, know that it will not remain forever
and that the energies of love and happiness will replace them.

Life can seem cruel and very unfair, but remember that you have
created your own reality. You cannot escape the Universal Law, but in no
way are these in the form of punishment. In fact behind them is the
great energy of Love and Light that is the life force of All That Is.
Your progress is in your own hands but as we often remind you, the
pathway you chose is one that you have decided upon. That is in
accordance with the freewill you have been granted, so that you are not
restricted in your choices. However you are not expected to necessarily
know exactly what is the best path to take, and there are always greater
Beings of wisdom and understanding that will guide you if you ask. Even
now, although we are fully conscious Beings we consult them if we are
uncertain as to the best course of action. Bear in mind we are dealing
with the future of planets and their civilizations, just as we are with
you. It is a great responsibility and care must be taken when decisions
are made. At this time you at the gateway to Ascension, and once
the changes commence that will bring it into being, they must take you
to it with as little inconvenience as possible. Clearly in view of the
massive changes to be made, we want it to go smoothly and it is why our
plan is reviewed quite often. The timing must be right and we will not
move until it is seen to be certain that it will succeed.

When you think about the worldwide problems that exist, and the
extent of the changes that are know that it is quite an
undertaking even for us. However, we have unlimited resources and have
complete confidence in our ability to deliver the plan. Once we can
openly visit you, your doubts and frustrations will disappear, as you
will quickly realize that we are the Creator’s representatives on a
divine mission. Your future is tied in with the total upliftment of the
Universe, and you are as important as any other part of the plan.

Your participation in the changes requires no more than your
dedication, in visualizing the happiness and joy they will bring to all
life upon Earth. Stay in the Light and live your life to your best
ability, as if you had already ascended. Spread love and harmony
wherever and whenever you can, and allow any negativity to pass you by.
You cannot it by approaching it at the same level of vibration,
but you above it and surround it in love. This way you will be
contributing to the overall vibration of the Earth, and indeed you will
be helping lift it even higher. You will find that the more you think
and act in the Light, the easier it will be to maintain your place at
the higher level.

Remember Dear Ones that you are party to the cleansing of Earth, and
it is your responsibility to do all you can to reverse the damage that
has occurred over many years. We are of course doing our part although
you may not necessarily be aware of exactly what we are doing. Much of
our work goes unannounced, and it will not take place openly with your
knowledge until we are able to work in unison with each other. Mother
Earth continues to rumble away, and is waiting to finish her own
preparations for Ascension. It is therefore becoming important that she
is allowed to complete it very soon. There are reasons related to your
safety that are holding back any increase in the cleansing operation,
which must be completed in readiness for Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you all and surround you in Light.
May you be touched by it, and your consciousness awakened to a higher
level than previously. Many higher Beings are also focusing their Light
upon Earth, and it increases with your ability to ground it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.