Channeler: Mike

We inform you so often that all is proceeding well and we really mean
it, as you cannot know the full extent to which our allies and us are
preparing a path for the many changes. There is an ongoing thrust to
force a number of issues to be resolved, so that those charged with
making important announcements feel safe to do so. There are certainly
opportunities approaching that will strengthen the hand of our allies,
and the energy with it is extremely and will lead to the
expected and required action. Each week that passes sees another step
forward taken, and the announcement that is awaited draws ever closer.
It is time to bring out the truth of your many Space friends and their
links with Earth, and this will trigger many issues that are
hidden from you. It will also be instrumental in revealing who is behind
the attempts to you learning the truth, and also their reasons
for doing so. The fight for control over you has gone on for a long
time, and the dark ones were nearly successful. Fortunately, events have
been used to limit the opportunities of the Illuminati to achieve any
further progress towards their goal. They are struggling to maintain
their stance, yet still plot to cause you chaotic conditions. However,
they will not be able to achieve as much as they intended, as we are
always limiting the likely effect of their covert actions.

Our allies are spread around the world which is very useful to our
efforts to promote our own agenda. We have a number of options where the
announcement is concerned, and in the ultimate it may come from a least
expected source. What is certain is that it has become very near to
being broadcast, and is one of the most important that we will be
taken on your behalf. It has never been our wish that the truth is
forced upon you, but we do want to feed you with information that will
lessen the inevitable shock that some will experience. Not everyone is
ready to have his or her beliefs shattered by learning too much, too

In recent years we have been able to influence your media and
television programs. We have successfully been able to have our presence
shown in such a way, that it reflects more truthfully what we are about
and our peaceful approach to you. We have a mission that regardless of
any interference carried out will proceed as planned, and we are
motivated by our love and service to Mankind. You are for the moment
like our children, but you will grow up at an exceedingly fast pace. The
more you move into the Light, the more you are reaching up to the
levels that we are from. It is our place to ensure that you travel the
path to Ascension, and that all are completed in time to
include Mother Earth.

Each week that passes by is also another opportunity for you to raise
your vibrations, as from outside of your Earth streams of high energy
are being beamed to you. It is an ongoing process and you can so to say
go with the flow, and be gradually uplifted so that you are ready when
Ascension takes place. Simply do not allow yourselves to become actively
involved in the negativity around you, but instead send it your Light
and Love. You are becoming more powerful in this way, and perhaps have
yet to realize your true potential. It applies for example to the
healing of Self or others, and if you feel competent why not put your
skills to the test. Become a channel of Light, and allow it to flow from
you as you direct it into the aura of the person concerned. That is a
very simple way to transfer healing energy to another one, or even
animal if that is your desire. Accompany your healing with a mantra or
prayer for help from a Master or Angel, and they will empower you.

You have untold powers that will come to you as you approach the end
time, and you will take these with you and advance them to even higher
levels. Healing for example would become instantaneous by the power of
thought. Your creative skills will enable you to manifest exactly
whatever you need, by pure thought. It will be the same when you need to
move somewhere else, and that will also come through the use of
thought. Even now you use such power, but you most likely have little or
no idea of what you are really doing. Think of it this way, that
whatever you place your focus upon will respond, and of course it can be
for a positive or negative reasons. This is why you must guard against
wishing harm to another person, as if you are responsible for something
of that nature it will at sometime surely return to you. This is
particularly true where you are dealing with those who are sufficiently
advanced, to place protection around themselves. That person can be you
if you remember to keep yourself surrounded by Light, and visualize it
as a cocoon in which your body safely resides.

Your spiritual journey of many lives is reaching its end where
duality is concerned. However, it will still continue with Ascension,
and you will never stop learning as you make your way through the higher
dimensions. That will take you further along your evolutionary path,
until you reach the Source. You have all but finished the difficult bit
by finding your way through the challenges of duality, and it has been a
most trying time reaching up for the Light. Understanding the purpose
of life is most important, and a step forward that moves you firmly onto
your spiritual path. Also, accepting the Oneness of all life will raise
you up to a point of higher conscious awareness. You can then express
it by sharing your love and Light with all life forms. You will see
things in a new light and separatism will no longer be something you
contribute to, and it becomes redundant to your thinking.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and must tell you Dear Ones, that when you
can put others before Self, you are truly well advanced along the path
to Ascension. When you can also allow for the experiences of others
without judgement, and accept that they result from freewill choice you
have jumped another hurdle. We of the Galactic Federation look down at
Earth, and see the negativity that takes place, but we judge not and
know that ultimately it will all pass by and you will all be the
stronger as a result. In this lifetime you have probably learnt more
than at any other time, because the vibrations have recently started to
lift you all up into a greater state of awareness. As the Light grows
more powerful it is accelerating your personal growth, and it is a
wondrous sight to see the Light shining out from Earth where once there
was so much was in the darkness.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike .