Every you fail to receive what you want you add to what you can have. In the eyes of broader perspective failure does not exists because we know what’s coming. Your inner being knows your potential to have all you want and has everything desire you have ever for amassing in a vibratioanl reality ready to be your physical reality.

Just because you didn’t get it this time ’t mean it is never going
to happen. Failure to get what you want now means you have strengthen
your and added to what you can receive. Your vibrational future
is amassing every time you fail to get what you want. Your dreams are
growing bigger and bigger with every perceived failure.

While this time may satisfy one part of your desire, it may also
contradict the whole of it. You have put into your future many
which are coming to you in ways you could never imagine, and source and
Law of Attraction is sorting all of this out for you.

This is the how the stuff happens, this is you mold the
clay, this is the way it works! When you fail, you desire more, better
and bigger, and when you allow yourself to feel good you have it,
and it will thrill you when it gets here.

is so much power in not getting this one because is so much
more for you now that is bigger and better. If you could not let this
failure get you down, while focus and confident about what it is
you really want, what you want comes to you quickly and in miraculous

Your Love is Amazing. Remember to feel it.