An from ’s new book "9\11 The Unknown Reality" Questions and answers with .

Channeled by Mark Allen Frost.

 Mark – Yes, all the material is evocative and so that makes me think about questions. OK there’s a broad  I have. Our belief systems, in the form of religions, like Catholicism, are crumbling?

Seth – The of mankind is crumbling away by .

Mark – And this is part of the process of moving Earth into the unity of consciousness dimension?

Seth – Mankind will come to terms with its own soul and realize that he doesn’t have to be dominated or guilt-ravaged by the idea manipulations of others. The guilt-ridden ideas that have been injected into your belief system have essentially delayed the evolution of your soul. You saw a return or a resurgence of people going back to church after 9/11. Now you see the fall of the church because this was not the answer. The answer lies in your ability to open up your own self to your realities that you have created, to understand that everything around you was created by you. You cannot put the blame somewhere else when it lies in your own backyard. You cannot run to God and expect it to be fixed for you. You became scared. You were faced with your own perceived mortality and because of your beliefs it terrified you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your perceived realities create and did create your reality as you know it. If you want the reality of your world to change you will have to start with yourself. An inner examination of self through meditation will help you start to change your reality. There are many of us out there awakening you. You are being awakened as to the true nature of your soul’s existence. As I have said before and will say again, underlined Mark, You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.