An excerpt from Seth’s 2nd new book "The Next Chapter In the Evolution of the Soul".

Channeled by Mark Allen Frost. 

SETH- My Third Subject has adopted a saying from one of your Earth’s cultural traditions. It is a blessing one wishes for one’s self and others: , wealthy, wise. These three elements of life are the focus of many in your world. Perhaps we can use this blessing as an example of how you can, with consistent intention and application, co-create with All That Is, your greatest potential for health, prosperity, and wisdom. Now, you are all individual humans on your great Earth, each with your separate, idiosyncratic propensities for growth – evolution – on all levels of manifestation in the physical and other dimensional . Therefore, it should seem obvious that one human’s health, and wisdom might certainly not be another’s. Having said that, let us examine the powerful, evocative ideas and beliefs suggested in the three words


Health is a topic we could easily spend an entire book on discussing and indeed I have done just that with my First Subject. (The Way Toward Health. mf) Those of you who know the circumstances of that writing, know that my collaboration with her ended with that book. She made The Transition into her Home Dimension. Now some may say that it is odd to write a book about health with suggestions for health in the physical body, and the author does not survive the writing of the book. Let us simply say that my First Subject had her reasons for her , as do you all. There is physical health, there is mental health and there is spiritual health. There are lessons to be learned in all three realms for all of you as you make your journeys into physical reality. What might appear confusing to your eyes as you another, may be simply the other’s deci- sion to learn their lessons in their unique fashion. I should note that I am still in communication with my First Subject and that she finds this topic of her death a source of great amusement. This Entity felt as though she was leaving physical life with a sense of great irony, focused as she was on the production of a book on health. She was demonstrating for all her readers, the truth regarding The Transition from the physical into the etheric. Now she trusts that the readers of that book may understand the irony and the pathos inherent in that death.