An excerpt from Seth’s 2nd new "The Next Chapter In the Evolution of the Soul".

Channeled by Mark Allen Frost.


Seth- Everyone has an “inner life,” whether they acknowledge it or not. All of you are involved in the great dramas and subliminal activities of the underworld of human conscious- ness. Memories of these experiences are out with you from sleep and you may marvel at the peculiar symbols of this material. Yet this non-physical universe is ALWAYS ON, despite your knowing or unknowing of its . In your hours, as you go about your work-a-day world behaviors, this unknown of the spirit continues to unfold beyond your physical senses. Indeed, it is this etheric counterpart to your physical that gives life to your “normal” waking hours perceptions. The two work together, in other words the waking and the sleeping time realities to present to you for your edification, the life lessons you have incarnated to learn.

 Now, to get a sense for this complementary non physical reality, all you must do is present a line of inquiry to yourself, while in a relaxed and open state of mind. This non-physical reality is “waiting in the wings,” to enter into your particular life-drama that you are experiencing. As I have hinted at in these new books, most of you who are reading this material are doing so for a purpose; that is, to catalyze the use of your Inner Senses. In this way, you will be a preview of what is to be humanity’s next perceptual breakthrough an exploration of the of Consciousness Dimension. So your inner world will be making itself known to the , in a way never before experienced by humankind. And you have the opportunity of learning about this new land beforehand, so that if you feel called upon to do so, you may assist in the awakening of others.