Does anyone wake and know how their day will end?  Its with detachment on one hand so that you don’t have expectations as to how it or its results.  On the other hand you do state your intention and know that its not discovering the day but creating it.  This can also have something to do with abundance.  To give starts the flow of happiness into being comes back to you.  Offer a couple of dollars to a charity or lend your time to a person freely, and  you will get a return becasue you’ve released the valve of fear and judgement.  Being is for the soul purpose not the mind nor body and the soul lessons are why you come….Many would deny there is a God….hilarious because God creates and doesn’t command.  Humans command of others the very thing they themselves would not do.  The act of resisting anything places it at your doorstep.  That is the irony….God is at your front door.  Do people have to continue making the same choices?  Or will they finally say thats enough and not so much about worldly attainment but more about realization of the self and preservation of quality of life and live love?  Our children are already somebody we don’t need to work so hard and have no energy or time to enjoy them.   Its an excuse to think that we work to give them more, more of what?   Escaping the comfort zone can be exciting as it is to think differently.  Now take six slow deep breaths and  on the seventh breath hold it for six counts, exhale leisurely. Visualize that you are blowing bubbles and the first one is so large and transparent,  it has a piece of in it and it is telling you the truth about a situation and you it.  The next bubble is smaller in size but still impressive and a fortune is in it and you it, what does it say?  The last bubble  has a paper in it that tells you to make a wish, it is a wish that will change the world and you know it will be fulfilled, and so it is.  Your breathing is still deep and less shallow than before, anxiety is averted and you unwind.  This is a mini meditation that can be done anywhere and get you through the moment.