21 Apr 2010 12:50 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have experienced a tremendous influx of energy in the last few days –
which may seem as if it is old news. Perhaps you feel as if every few days we
have noted a new influx of energy…and so we have. We merely wish for you to
acknowledge to yourself that much is shifting and changing in your physical
being and therefore your life. This shift is larger than you can imagine.

But we have said something similar in the past, as have many other channels.
The piece that we wish to tie to this message is that you have a fully
functioning tool kit and it is to start utilizing it.

Even though intellectually, perhaps even emotionally, you are aware of the
shifts in your being, you have attempted to adjust to those shifts with Old Age
techniques.  For example, when you are tired you make a note to yourself to go
to bed earlier or when you are angry, you try to see the good things in whatever
has made you angry. Those “one size fits all” techniques that have been
sufficient until now.

We were hoping that you would access your new tool kit without our
Such has not been the case for most of you. Do you remember how the
first time
you used a computer – especially you baby boomers who were familiar with
typewriters – the lack of a return lever stymied your early attempts to
write a
letter? So it is now. Your new tool kit is much more flexible and easy
to use
than your previous and, we might add, comfortable tool kit.

How do you access your new tool kit? Do you have to read a book, take
course or find a teacher? Of course not. All you have to do is be
willing to
practice with your new tool kit.

Let us give you some of the basic elements of your tool kit so that
you will
understand how easy it is for you to use. Listen to your
heart/soul/inner being
and it will direct you to the path that is correct for you. Listen to
your body
and it will direct you to the path that is correct for you. Listen to
emotions and they will direct you to the path that is correct for you.

For example, perhaps you are feeling tired. Using your old tool kit
feelings would warrant a nap with little reflection about why you were

Your physical body is not separate from your heart/soul/inner being.
Nor is
it separate from your emotions. If your physical being is out of
balance, your
emotions will probably also be off kilter and you will probably have
difficulties hearing your inner messages. It is no appropriate to
your being into three separate entities, anymore than it is appropriate
separate yourself from other entities on earth. All are one. All is one
is your
tool kit.

It is no longer appropriate to explain away all that happens to you
with the
need for more sleep or more positive thoughts. It is time to explore
your being
in its entirety. Ask your being what it needs – that is your key for all
emotional, physical and spiritual concerns or questions. Just ask.

Many of you are thinking that such action is too simplistic, that you
another source outside of yourself to fix whatever is ailing you. While
might have been true in the past, it is no longer so. You are now your
mechanic, your own repair person.

You no longer need complicated rituals, books or gurus to heal what
ails you.
You merely have to ask yourself – and the correct approach, or if you
the correct tool will be provided. Perhaps your repair kit might require
sleep, journaling or hundreds of other techniques you are not yet
familiar with.
Ask and you will receive. Continue to try to direct your recovery, as
you did in
the Old Age, based on what others told you and you will be stumbling in
directions that no longer define your needs.

Perhaps some of you will wish to continue on an Old Age path for
That is and good. It is your right to fight yourself through this
transition process and beyond. But if you wish to return to peace within
body, your soul or your emotions, know that you merely have to ask
yourself and
the correct answer will be provided.

You no longer need a return lever to prepare professional looking
Your inner workings are now much more sophisticated. Allow that thought
to roll
around your  being for a bit of time and then start practicing any day
you do not feel comfortable.

We wish to add one small caveat to that last statement. We are not
that you should be cheerful and loving every second of every day or that
if you
are not, somehow you are not correctly. We are instead telling
that you may find a great deal of joy in being angry..or maybe not. Or
that your
body might need to feel some despair as it moves from the Old Age to the
Age. Only you know for sure what your  being needs.

There are no longer any rules including how you should behave in
circumstances. Perhaps you need to feel joy at a funeral. Or sadness at a
It does not matter what you should feel or how you should act or who
others feel
you are – it is you. That is, it is you in all your glory if you listen
and act
on your tool kit of resources.

Ask yourself and ye shall receive – the life you wish to truly live.
So be
it. Amen.

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