Woke up this morning with a (no, not that….;-) inspiration, and typed another seven pages to my novel. Then botched fitness watching Discovery, and came home to an empty house to write another 3 or 4 pages. By the time I was just about finished, the mailman brought me the contracts for my new novel, to be signed and returned to the publisher. And you won’t believe the syncs that exploded into my awareness then:

First of all the stamps: I had two, both 44+22 eurocents. That wasn’t enough, so I walked to the Read Shop to get some more. It needed EXACTLY two more, of 44 eurocents each. And knowing that at least one of the Nows in the novel is in 4444AD, I couldn’t help laugh out loud!

Before dropping an envelope into a mailslot, I always look at it once more, and then suddenly noticed something else:

Now these are Dutch/English word jokes, so they may need some explaining: First of all there is Heerenwaard, the street address. Having that the proceeds of an eventual movie deal are 50-50, and me always having had a preference for the female half of creation, it all of a sudden occurred to me that Herenwaard literally translates to ‘Gentleman’s Worth’. So whatever I do, my Publisher has already made sure he gets his fair cut. Not that I would deny him that, but I’ve always seen business as a guy’s world, and I wasn’t particularly fond of it. But you see how Nature is perfectly balanced…..

Then the city naam, Zoetermeer. Literally translated it says ‘SweeterMore’, which also spells perfection to me….

Love your Light, and mine…..