Channeler: WENDY-MARIE

APRIL 14, 2010

"The Neutral Zone"

Blessed Are You BELOVED ONES! We You with a Heart-Felt
Welcome, Welcome One & All.

We invite each of you to take a moment here to settle into your
chairs and become comfortable. And as you begin to settle into your
seats feel your body being supported at this time.

We invite you to focus on your breath now and for the next few
minutes as you quiet the mind leaving your cares of the day behind you
as you breathe in the stillness of Peace into your Being as you breathe
into your heart. Breathe with us now for the next few moments.

Allow your focus to settle into your Heart Center, into the Sanctuary
of Your Sacred Heart Center as you continue to breathe. Feel the
Peace… yes, feel the Peace as you continue to breathe in the
Crystalline Golden Light particles which are now brightly illuminating
within your Sacred Heart Center. Recall the Golden Chalice of your Heart
Center, for you are the Holy Grail of Reunification, and know that as
you continue to breathe you nourish your entire body and each cell of
your Body as you breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which
are all around you…

Please pause here for a few moments to just breathe! KNOW that as
you focus on your breath you Honor your body with Love & Acceptance
for providing the vehicle for this amazing journey of Awakening. Please
take these few moments to pause with Conscious Love & Acceptance of
the Self and of your body as you breathe into your Heart Center.



We invite each of you to add your Love and your Light to the
Consciousness Grids here on Mother Earth. As Often as you think of it
we encourage each of you to send your Heart Light to these Consciousness
Grids around Mother Earth. Hold the Vision of Heaven on Earth. Raise
your heart and your minds above the 3D Grids to assist in the building
of the New Consciousness Grids of Love & Peace.

Many of you may already be participating with different groups on
this very project. For those who are not actively participating with a
Group, you may simply visualize a "Golden Web" of Light surrounding the
Earth as the Lightworkers around the planet participate in a conscious
and/or non-conscious state to build the New Earth Consciousness Grid or
Christ Consciousness Grid. For those of you who do not have inner
vision yet that enable you to see these grids, in the simplest form of
support you may simply close your eyes
and see purposely choose to see a beautiful new world at peace where
every man, woman & child are living a joyful, rich and rewarding

For those who feel inspired there are Groups you can join to work
together on this project. However all that is truly needed is your Heart
Light holding the Vision of the New Earth! Remain calm and peaceful no
matter what the news are reporting. Focus on maintaining a
"neutral" state of mind and inner balance. Remember to ask yourself;
What am I feeding and nourishing in my world? Be the Co-Creators of the
New Earth Energies and add your Love & Light to the WHOLE!


The Photon Energies is much lower this month, yet the energies are
much gentler than past cycles when the Photon Energy has dropped this
low. We are continually being "refined" by these cycles of "ebbing and
flowing" in the Waves of Light.

The healing of the Mental & Emotional bodies continues to be the
"subject" or "focus" of our Journey through Ascension. Family, loved
ones, friends & the work place will continue to mirror to each of us
just where we are still stuck in duality and where ego is ruling our
lives. The beautiful part of this is, all of these areas will also
mirror to us where we have found BALANCE in our lives and where we are
functioning from our hearts and not the mental energies of the ego
intellect that always need to be right.

Many are still experiencing a rewire, however to a lesser degree than
previously as this rewire phase is reaching completion. Which is good,
many of us are ready for a "pause" to regroup and integrate the new
energies. Many of you are already experiencing the new levels of
awareness and inner communication arriving for each of you.

Those of you who are still feeling isolated and feeling the need to
sleep a lot, do not concern yourselves. During these periods your
Higher Self is doing much work on inner levels with the Consciousness
Grids of the Planet. So simply be gentle with yourselves knowing you
have been working the "Night Shift" on the Consciousness Grids.

Many have continued to feel challenged by ongoing Life Lessons as the
energies have continued to accelerate in clearing the Mental &
Emotional Bodies for the individual and well as the Group Consciousness.
The increasing frequencies of Light are pushing all of us to
transform, transmute and adapt to the incoming Waves of Light. For
those who are less conscious they will be acting out that which is in
need of clearing, those of us who are choosing to remain more conscious
will have the "pleasure" of clearing out all that is need of resolution
and balancing.

Now is a perfect time to eliminate and release the old, outworn,
outdated and obsolete in our lives. We will be urged to let go of old
attitudes, communication and thinking patterns that no longer serve our
purpose. We may feel the need to re-evaluate our needs for security and
asked to eliminate rigid emotions that no longer serve us. This is an
excellent time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning, and look
into ourselves to determine exactly what we do and do not need.

Since the recent Equinox of March 21 most of us have felt an
increased intensity in the energies around relationships in general, all
relationships, for life experience is all a relationship to
something/someone else. Most of us have noticed that everything "feels" a
bit different than in the past, yet "appearances" have not changed
much. For myself personally even though the energies have certainly
"shifted" what I have noticed as being different than in the "past" is
how the "Aries" energies are much softer than in years past, and I am
able to move through the intensity with greater ease than before. We are
certainly in "New Territory" so to speak.

But don’t hold your breath…. We are moving into a potentially
intense time. There are some very powerful alignments later this summer,
living in your heart is the only answer to moving through the times
ahead. We will not go into the Astrology of it all here as our Channel
is not an Astrologer and that would be too intricate for her mind to

(Please remember here Dear Ones as we cover the potential intensity
ahead that you are the Creators of Your own Reality and have been given
the Birthright of having Dominion over your Life and your Reality, that
said let us proceed)

We can see & hear intensity in the news and media groups. We can
witness the emotional turmoil among the US Citizens as President Obama’s
Healthcare Plan passed. We can also see the intensity in the recent
storms, earthquakes, potential tsunami etc. (Remember Dear Ones that All
is in Perfect Divine Order even when you have not understood the
Perfection yet). Remember that each Soul has a Blueprint and those who
leave in large groups during these horrendous events are their Plan.
Have compassion for their families yet, know that all is in Perfection.
These Souls are simply going to be experiencing from the other side of
the veil now.

Many can also see some of the intensity in the lives of people you
know (or very possibly even ourselves), as decisions that need to be
made are up-front and center in your world. Many are moving in new
directions, whether it refers to one’s home or place of residence, as
well as the work place.

For those who have denied any of your heart-centered needs, you will
feel these needs push themselves into your awareness even stronger than
before. All energy that is in need of resolution will find a way to
manifest the desired outcome. Any of you who have experienced feeling
overwhelmed or overloaded and as if you have reached your limits
(physically, emotionally, or mentally), are looking to find a new way.
Remember to ask to be shown the way… Then… Watch & Listen for
the synchronicities of life to show you the way.

Now is the time to find the courage to follow your hearts lead. Love
yourself enough to make the choices needed to free yourself from "Old
Energy Patterns of Experience". Now is the time to overcome your "fear
of the consequences" whatever they may be. These are times when our
heart’s choices take the reins.

Mercury will be entering a retrograde phase between April 17-May 11.
This will be a period to reveiw, reorganize, redo items you are
currently working on. Be very aware if you must sign contracts to read
everything carefully before signing. Be aware that misunderstandings are
often experienced and clarify that you understand what you are hearing.

Now is a perfect time to organize your thought processes around
making these potential changes. Take a sheet of paper make 2 columns,
PRO’S & CON’S. This will help you to actually SEE the benefits of
making a change, rather than continuing to procrastinate. "Make Note"
of the fears you may have, and look at the benefits you will
receive if you work through your fear. When there is clarity the
solutions will align and you will "Shift" your perspectives.

We are integrating great waves of higher frequency and now is a
perfect time to Observe Everything in our outer lives as an indicator of
our inner vibrational relationship and partnership with Soul. The
question of "How am I feeling in this Now Moment" is the Most Profound
Key to understanding the vibrational match we have with the thought or
feeling of the people, places and work environments in our lives. For
those who find themselves feeling less than a perfect match we invite
you to spend more time each day in developing your Inner Relationship
with Soul.


The most important thing for anyone to do right now is to develop
your inner communication with your Soul. Many of you have an open
channel with your Soul. For those who have this connection and are not
using it currently we encourage you to resume this relationship now more
than ever. You will find this ultimately important as we move forward
in the days ahead.

Automatic Writing is one of the most powerful forms of communication
to open up as a way to communicate with your Soul. This will also expand
any connection you may already have with Soul.

We invite you to sit down with a pen/pencil & paper available and
then to state your intentions out loud.

Then close your eyes as though you are about to go into a meditation.
Take several deep cleansing and just before you begin to go
more deeply into the meditative state open your eyes and just allow the
pen/pencil to move in whatever manner the energies bring through, if you
need to close your eye again just to re-enforce the energies then
please do so at any time in the process…

Don’t what comes out, don’t worry about your penmanship, or
punctuation… simply allow the words to just flow out. You will be
surprised at what a powerful tool Automatic Writing can be! We
recommend keeping a notebook, file, or journal of these writings as they
will prove to be very "enlightening" as you reflect back on them at a
later time.

As you develop the Automatic Writing you will expand the "portal" of
communication in your brain. After having used Automatic Writing for a
while, soon you will be able to just have regular conversations with
Soul on a regular basis without the need for Automatic Writing, and yes
even you can do this! At one time we all communicated in this way and
will again. This is telepathic communication. (The benefits of
Automatic Writing act like "a Chimney Sweep", cleaning out the
"proverbial cobwebs" of the mind.)



What we would like to expand on at this time, is a greater
understanding of what it means to "Integrate Polarity".

We have discussed achieving the "Neutral Zone" as we wish to call it
today. This means not becoming polarized in opposition to anything. Now
the "main point" we wish to focus on today is that this is not achieved
by IGNORING polarity/duality.

If you will refer back to our messages on "The Power of Conscious
Choice" and how by Mastering the of the "Observer Self" or "The
Silent Witness. What this implies is Consciously Choosing to be "Fully
Present in the Now Moment" and not functioning in " Auto Pilot" mode.

By continually choosing to be in "the Now Moment" we are witnessing
each moment and being "fully present" which enables such clarity as to
be aware of what our choices are in any given moment. We can divert a
potential disagreement, or argument with an individual who may not be
quite as conscious in that moment, by simply choosing not to go into a
reactionary mode of needing to defend one-self, or needing to be right.

You may find yourself not able to understand the other persons point
of view in that moment, yet the Key is not to "judge" that persons
perceptions. In that moment use whatever method you prefer to
transform/transmute the energies of polarity. My choice is simply to
stop and breathe into my heart, or when more deeply triggered to use the
Violet Flame of Transmutation to burn off any polarity in that moment.

A beautiful practice that I only know in a minimal way is to use the
Hawaiian Healing Practice of "Ho ‘O Pono Pono". Which goes like this:
"Thank You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I love You".

In my perception this is a perfect way to "neutralize" polarity
issues. All anyone ever wants is to feel loved and accepted.

The Beauty of "Ho ‘O Pono Pono" is, when you say "Thank You", you are
expressing your Gratitude to the individual for being given the
opportunity to CHOOSE LOVE and to Master in That Now Moment the
Perfection of Neutrality and Balance.

As you say "I’m Sorry", the other person feels acknowledged, while on
the other hand you are also saying you are sorry to yourself as well
for not having been more fully conscious and present in that Now Moment.

"Please Forgive Me", honors the other person as it honors you, for
most often we do not recognize that we are usually unhappy with
ourselves when we may have "played out" for another person that their
feelings have been overlooked somehow.

Any time we say "I Love You" is a healing to all involved and
nourishes the Unity of which we are all a part.

If you find it infinitely impossible in a given situation to move
into this space, a position that can neutralize a situation is to simply
say. "Let us just agree to disagree on this matter, and I Love You",
and move past the need to CONTROL another Being or situation. Realize
that any need to control reveal an unconscious level of fear that has
not been resolved.

When One is in a state of Balance within the "Neutral Zone", this
means you have no need to create attachment cords, control
circumstantial outcomes or engage in karmic relationships that
energetically feed off of something external to yourself. This can look
like the need to control another. This can look like judging another.
This will also look like anger, or resentment or any expression of
Duality Consciousness.

As we move forward on the Ascension Path it is of upmost importance
to become "Self Contained" without the "need" to be attached to another
emotionally or energetically. This is very challenging in family and
intimate relationships to achieve, yet is a very important part of "Self
Mastery". It is not to diminish the Love you have for anyone, it is to
achieve freedom from "dependency" so that you may attain your Full
Sovereignty as an integrated Divine Human who is whole unto themselves.

And so in last month’s message we brought into focus the GREAT
IMPORTANCE of LOVING THE SELF. As you refine your ability to Love
Yourself you move into greater levels of Self Mastery and Balance
enabling you to function in the "Neutral Zone" more, and more.

Spend time each day reflecting on the Truth of Your Being
re-enforcing the TRUTH, THAT YOUR ESSENCE IS LOVE. Breathe this Essence
of Your Own Light into your Being daily for it Nourishes your body and
your Soul Essence and assists in building the Light Body. TRUST with a
PASSION THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE, for this will nourish your Mental Body
and Emotional Body as you find your Perfect Balance within. RE-MEMBER

We invite you to embrace the Self with sincerity in your hearts as
you affirm these words as your TRUTH!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have
Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM