Master Sananda through Paschalis Kazakopoulos | Athens, 1 Apr. 10

Beloved light
workers of the new dawn of the Light, I am here today among you to bring
the message of change that is about to come in the global consciousness
and the global collective unconscious. What is about to happen…

Beloved, your self is the bridge of change from one reality to the
other. Many times, change is not easy and demands efforts. But these
changes have been constructed and change is now in front of your
reality. While the diamond codes of the Christ have been activated in
your consciousness are embraced and wrapped now by the New flame of the
Cosmic Christ consciousness; this pink rose-gold flame comes now to
embrace you through the diamond Christ shape that you truly are, guiding
you in the new reality in the New Earth.

Beloved workers of the new dawn of the light, of Earth, of the New
Jerusalem; take now a deep breath through your heart, through the heart
of the integrated Christ which burns inside you. Take beloved ones this
deep breath and now come in the innermost of the interiors of your soul
and let this pink-gold burn like a flame in your heart, and now
see, see those light flashes which extend like lines in time-space.

Beloved ones, there are many realities. Which reality you will choose
is solely your responsibility. There are realities which the
trail of Earth ending somewhere. There are realities where Earth is
being destroyed. There are beloved ones, realities for heaven on Earth.
There are beloved children of God, sons and daughters of God, the living
and direct contact with the Source and the community of the light which
is now being structured. There are also beloved ones realities of a
hell on earth. There are many realities.

Choose now the reality which this flames reflects, this flame of the
integrated Christ. This rose pink-gold energy which burns now in your
hearts while change is being completed. And this flame wraps the diamond
codes of the Christ you hold.

Come now, embrace this reality. Breathe in through this reality and
see everything around you through this reality. See yourselves too…

-How do you see yourself in this new reality?

-How is your life beloved ones, in this reality? Is it joyful?

-Is it aligned? Is it integrated?

If so, see with the eyes of this reality!

Release any guilt syndrome, every shame and sin being held in your
consciousness because this does Not . It is the complex of fear
that lead you there in order to control you loved ones. Now come, let
yourself to resurrect, through the of the Spirit and begin your
course for this reality.

Now as never before is the time to make a step forward without need
to look back because this step is a new page in your integrated reality
which doesn’t share with any egoic syndrome. It shares with the Divine
Presence and co-creates and moves forward to have a beginning and a
target. Many times you move without having this compass in your reality.

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life!

This is what is being radiated within you, by this rose pink-gold
energy as it wraps the diamond codes-carriers that you are.

Open now your heart and receive this awakening within the innermost
of the interiors, because beloved ones, you are this bridge, you are the
builders and now the bridge is built. The time has come to cross over.
And so you pave the way for those to come and follow you, and that’s
what you do.

I now open the heart of the integrated Christ in the heart of the
, while all these flames awaken like seeds and embrace the diamond
Christ carriers of the Light you carry, on a planetary level. This is
about to complete till the month of June, this year.

Beloved ones, know that we support you and push you in this step with
all the love, with all the support and with all the blessings of heaven
because you deserve it. Because you are the bringers of the Light. The
Light of the World. Now this pulse is transmitted. Those who attune with
it awaken from sleep, or in a better way, from a nightmare. Give them
time, help them, support them, embrace them, as Spirit embraces

May you be the example of the New Earth for this transition.

Teaching Alpha and Omega.

Jesus/ Yeshua/ Sananda

Channeling from the School of Mystery, 31 Mar. 10, Athens

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