Beloved one, every lifetime you have left a mark upon our
Mother Earth–sometimes a physical mark, but I mean more the spiritual
mark. You have made impact, and you have left your energy. It is there
when you go back and you visit what would be a foreign land or a new
place, and you find something that feels familiar. It is because you
have left your energy in those places.

Everywhere you walk you
leave an imprint. You even have in your world now a focusing upon what
is called the carbon footprint, and how big your footprint is in the
global focus of energy. Everywhere you have gone in this lifetime and
other lifetimes you have made impact of one sort or another.

have prophecy now that there is going to be a big change upon holy
Mother Earth in the year 2012, as it has been called. You have found all
kinds of channeled information about it, and this is wonderful, because
you are bringing it forth for yourself in order to sit with it and see
what your truth is about the year 2012.

You do not have to accept
anyone else’s truth; that is their truth. You choose for yourself what
feels true to you and what you want to experience. Because, you see, the
year 2012 has not been written yet — even though you may have the
"wise ones" who are channeling all of the information about what is
going to happen.

But I say unto you, 2012, 2011, 2010 has not
been written yet. Even what you see as the morrow has not been written
yet. You are the makers of what you experience. You are the makers who
are the judge and jury of everything that you forth, and as it is
written in your holy Scriptures, that whatever you create, call it good,
because truly, everything is good, even if it has the appearance of
being a disaster. It will lead, and it has led, the holy Child to a
place where you can make a new choice.

You have chosen some great
challenges and some smaller challenges in order to live your divine
being. It was the same for me: would I travel to far lands to study with
the great masters of that time, would I teach the multitudes or just
the few, would I experience the crucifixion and arise up in the
resurrection to continue that lifetime? These were some of the choices I
looked at in that lifetime.

Take yourself back…in this moment,
allow yourself the deep breath, and allow yourself to go back to the
being that you have been in the Atlantean time when you were the creator
bringing forth new creative inventions, when you were working with
crystals, and when you were finding what crystals could do as you were
knowing Oneness with the energy of a crystal.

Allow yourself to
feel how you felt and to see the goal that you had in that lifetime as
to how you wanted to use the energy of the crystals. Some of you in a
particular lifetime saw the energy of the crystal to convey to you
personal power. Others of you saw the healing energy of the crystal and
how it could be used for healing. 

In the last couple of moments
you have traveled, as your historians measure time, back many, many eons
of time to a realization, a reality that is true; it is legendary
according to some of your history books, if it is mentioned at all, but
it is true. It is a true reality that you have lived. You have been

You have also walked the path of peace with nature in
Lemuria. Feel you that peace and know that that peace of nature can be
found yet. Some of your trees which have been growing for centuries of
time, allow yourself to sit with them in the mind and sometimes with the
physical body, and to ask of them what they have seen, and what they
would advise for the future.

Everything is open to you.
Everything. There is nothing that is held away from you. There is
nothing that would be denied. It cannot be denied the holy creative
Child that you are. That is why I encourage you to go for it, to live
your dream, to ask of yourself what is your dream. What do you want to
see happening in your own life? What do you want to see happening with
the grouping of ? What do you want to see upon the face of our
holy Mother, the Earth?

You are a great master. You have chosen
to be in this reality at this time, just as you have chosen many other
times when there would be a turning of an age, a time of awakening. You
have said, "I want to be there for the quickening of the energy. I want
to be there to add my energy to it."

You are a courageous master.
You have come from the place of the heart. That is what the root of the
word courageous comes from–coeur–the heart. You come from the heart
to serve the Light, to serve the awakening one more time.

measure of a master, and the measure of mastery itself, is very simple.
The measure of mastery is in the time that it takes you to be in the
place of , to understand the place of confusion, and then to come
to peace. Sometimes it may take you a decade or longer. They call it a
certain stage of life. You may have to live through a certain stage of
life. Other times it may take you a couple of weeks. Other times it may
take you only a deep breath, and then you come to that place of peace
that says, "Whatever happens is good, because it serves the atonement.
Whatever happens, I add my energy of knowing the blessedness of it, and
therefore it is good."

So if you want to know the measure of how
you as a master are coming along with this journey, if you want the
progress report, you can do this for yourself easily. When you get into
that place where you do not know what to do, or you feel that everything
seems to be at sixes and sevens and nothing is working together, allow
yourself the deep breath and come to the place of peace. If it does not
happen right away, that is okay. Take another deep breath and ask for
peace. If it takes you an hour, a day, a fortnight, even a year to be at
peace with something, that is okay. That is the measure of mastery.

If you would cast your mind back to a decade ago when you were in a
certain situation and there was perhaps an that was very close to
your heart and it hurt, now you look at it and you see it differently.
You can see the blessing that has been in it and the goodness in it,
even though at the time, a decade ago, it might have been very painful.

The measure of mastery can happen with the deep breath in an
instant, or it may take longer, and that is okay. There is no judgment,
because truly there is no time. In this reality there seems to be time,
but in truth, it does not matter if it takes you lifetimes before you
have lived a certain situation over and over and over and then finally
come to a place where you have said, "It really doesn’t matter. It
really doesn’t affect me at all, what ‘they’ choose to do."

sometimes in a lifetime it seems very important what "they" have chosen
to do, and you can feel very hurt by what they have chosen to do. But
then you can come to a place where you say, "But that touches me not. It
is their choice. It is what they see to be important that they need to
do," and you can let it go.

The measure of a master can be
measured by how long or short a time it takes you to come to that place
of peace. It can be done, as I said, with the deep breath. It can be
done with the candle. If you are wanting something tangible, light a
candle and look into the flame, the energy of the candle, and know
yourself to be that light, for truly, you are the one creating the light
of the candle. In truth, that candle does not exist except as you have
brought it forth in your consciousness.

Now, the world does not
say that to you. The world says that if you touch the flame, you are
going to feel it. But that is the teaching of the world, and you can go
beyond that. You have seen ones snuff out the candle flame with their
fingers, and you wonder, "How can they do that? That’s fire. How can
they snuff out that flame with their fingers?" You have thought, "If I
did that, it would be too ."

But if you are in a certain state
of mind and you reach out and you squeeze the flame, you can extinguish
it with no harm to the fingers. It is the state of mind, the
consciousness that makes the difference. However, I would suggest that
as you develop trust in knowing the shift in consciousness, for the
first few times you snuff the candle flame, you wet your fingers first.
(Smile) It is the state of mind, it is the consciousness that determines
what you see your life to be and how you see it to be.  

Some of
you have wondered, "Why am I here? I enjoy my life, I enjoy traveling, I
enjoy my friends, I enjoy the books that I read, but why am I here?
Surely there has to be a reason more than that." It is to be the Light
that lifts up the world. It is to be the master in realization and to
know that every issue that comes to you, you have invited.

sometimes separated ego does not want to hear that. "I invited this
mess? I invited this relationship? I invited all of this abuse? I have
invited the illness? I have invited the economic downturn?" Yes, you
have, in order to know your divine power, in order to know the divine
power of choice to live in a different space.

That is what I have
called the measure of mastery, to be able to choose to live in the
space of divine love, a space that knows that no matter what the world
is doing, no matter what the body seems to be doing, no matter what
anyone else is doing, "I am living the I Am Intelligence. I Am Love. I
am okay." Start with that one. You can understand that one, the human
self. "I am okay." And you are. You are truly more than okay, but
sometimes separated ego does not want to go any farther than that, so
you can start with, "I am okay…I think." And you are.

yourself in every day to celebrate your Self. And by that, I mean to
look back over the challenges, the experiences of this lifetime and to
see where you have come. See where you were a decade ago. And separated
ego may say, "Well, a decade ago I was younger. I was prettier; I was
more handsome. I had more golden coins. I had more of the worldly
accolades…" Maybe yes, maybe no.

But as you will assess the
measure of mastery, you will realize that now you can come to the place
of peace much more quickly than you did previously. You can come to the
place where you are okay with whatever anyone else chooses. You are okay
with whatever the body brings to you. You are okay with every issue,
because you know that you are more than any issue.

Some of the
issues feel like big stumbling blocks. You lose a loved one and they do
not send you a post card, and it feels big. But the master of you–and
you are a master–comes to know that that experience was not a downer.
It was not a minus sign, but a plus, and you look at all of the treasure
that came from whatever issue you have dealt with or are dealing with.
You look at all of the expansion of experience that it brings to you
instead of looking at all that you have lost, because truly you never
lose anything anyway.

You look at all of the positive things that
have come out of that experience, all of the treasures that you have
stored away in the treasure chest, and only you know those treasures.
You can open that treasure chest and you can take out each jewel and
look at it and say, "This is the jewel that came from when my parents
left. This is the jewel that came when my mate left. At the time I
thought it was a piece of coal, an old stone, an old rock. I would have
thrown it away, but something me to put it in the treasure chest.
And now I see that there are sparkles on it, and it looks different to

That is the measure of the master: to be able to see the
good very quickly in everything that you experience. As you travel the
journey of life, there are many opportunities to judge; to judge self:
that is the first one. You have been taught, even subconsciously, by the
parents and the peers that you were not quite good enough. Maybe you
did not make the cheer-leading squad. Maybe you did not make the first
string of the football team. Maybe you were not the best orator. Maybe
you did not get the highest grades, etc.

The peers would tell you
whether you were good enough or not good enough, and the parents–even
the most well-meaning parents–would encourage you to do better. And you
thought, "Well, if they are saying that I should do better, that
that I’m not there yet, I’m not perfect yet, so I must be imperfect."

Your heavenly Father/Mother sees you as perfect, because you have to
be. You are the extension of that creative Principle. It is neutral.
There is no good or bad, less or more. It Is, and there is no judgment
in it.

Allow yourself to know that you are the master come once
again into this experience to let your Light shine, to be joyful in the
face of sorrow, to be comforting to another one and to lift them up with

Know that always I am here for you. If there is no one
else who will listen to you, I will listen to you. Always I hear you
when you call. Call upon me. I am always here for you. I love That Which
you are, because I know That Which you are: the divine holy Child
experiencing and expressing as the human one more time. And I give unto
you my great respect, my joy, and my love.

So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in through Judith

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