by Owen

Your soul is your immortal inner
being. It existed before time began and it will always , even when you
merge back in your ultimate spiritual home as a conscious aspect of Infinite

Out of the 12 levels or density layers of existence, we, in this
physical realm, are in 3rd density. The soul is in 5th density, and Infinite
Being is beyond the 12th. Your soul is your individualized spiritual presence,
operating in 5th density and it maintains communication with the souls of
everyone with whom you interact in daily life.

The soul world of 5th
density is , our dense physical world is in 3rd density, while 4th
density – the afterlife or spirit world – is quasi-physical. The term
quasi-physical means that the spirit world is solid to its residents, even
though they are etheric or ghost-like when compared to our dense physical
structures. Spirits can, and do, bump into each other in the spirit realms
because they are solid relative to each other.

Life in the spirit world
is much like life in our dense physical world, except that there are
freedoms that come with having a less dense body. The ability to
levitate is one
such freedom and, better still, spirits can project themselves almost
to another location and suddenly appear there. It just takes mental
focus and –
whoosh – they appear at the target location.

You don’t see
wearing spectacles in the spirit world because their of sight
works as a
direct perception rather than through their eyes in the way that we use
eyes. They can focus telescopically on distant objects to make them
appear near,
and they can focus microscopically on a nearby , right down to its
structure. Their sense of hearing, too, can be focused to pick up sounds
great distances.

When we in the physical world are able to
replicate the
principles behind ‘astral projection’, we, too, will have instant
to other locations. Then, it’ll be bye-bye to cars, trucks, trains,
planes and
rocket ships.

5th density is the start of non-physical
existence, so
your soul is a non-physical sphere of consciousness. It has the freedom
relocate both in time and space but it spends most of its time catering
to the
needs of its physical, incarnate self.

In 5th density, when one
meets another they recognize each other, not from any physical
appearance, but
from their unique signature vibration. Each soul emits a unique
signature tone
which is a form of mental energy that is perceived as a subtle sound.

Your soul is the recorder and cataloger of all of your
you add your contribution to the vast array of human experience on
earth. A
major portion of your soul consciousness lives right here in 3rd density
you, tending to your every spiritual need. As your inner self, your soul
you better than anyone else in the world does, and it\’s available for
consultation 24/7. The limiting factor is how much your physical mind
will allow
and accept intuitive, soul-originated thoughts.

In order to live
a life
inspired by intuitive, inner you need only make a decision to do
that. Open up your awareness to the whisperings of your intuitive
Practice following your innermost hunches. Make a note of them so that
you can
look back later and see how accurate they have become.

Most of
don’t be deterred if your hunches seem inaccurate during your early
attempts. It
happens that way to most people. Just keep practicing and very soon your
will start turning into a resource so valuable that you’ll wonder what
you did
without it.

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