We are going to give you the way to have World Peace and a
solution to every crisis you are facing in your life.

Now that we
have your attention, we want to remind you of a simple Truth. When the
world of appearances is chaotic, there is only one place where you can
go to find the peace you are seeking, and that is within your being. You
will find yourself being drawn there very naturally when you set your
intention to have peace in your life. Peace within you leads to peace on
Earth, because your inner peace will radiate into the world around you.

What we are suggesting is not new information but the effects are
profound. There are many ways to develop inner peace that have been used
for centuries and they are deceptive in their simplicity.

a sacred space in your home can be of paramount importance to begin
this process. Set aside a place where you can go every day to develop
your “peace muscle,” for indeed, inner peace is a like a muscle that may
take practice to develop. Your sacred space need not be elaborate but
when you have a clean, uncluttered place to be in, it will help calm
your mind very quickly. You may choose a corner with a chair that is
comfortable to you or you may prefer a pillow on the floor.

you have a focal point of beauty, it adds to your practice in a graceful
way. Use a flat surface such as a table, or even a box will do. Cover
it with an attractive, clean cloth if the flat surface is not pleasing
to the eyes. Start with a candle to symbolize the Light of God. Light
this candle and ask for Peace to fill the world within and around you.
You will offer a profound service to the world when you perform that
simple act, as you are increasing the vibrational frequency of
where you are sitting. This beautiful energy of peace will fill your

Flowers on this table are also very soothing, and offer
great beauty while they carry the energy of growth, inspiration and a
connection to Nature. When you place one flower in a vase next to the
candle you have in your focal point area, you are creating a sacred
space in your home in which you can sit in peace as you learn to BE.

yourself a moment to do nothing but BE

Learning to BE is an
essential component for a happy life. Many structures people have relied
on are crumbling, and great change is in process. You will serve
yourself, your family and your community when you take time to
just BE. This being nature within you is a quieter place that promotes
inner peace. It thrives the more you give yourself time in the sacred
space you created in your home. Soon, as this quiet space within you
becomes more familiar, you will notice yourself feeling more peaceful as
you have expanded into your heart. Your happiness begins there within
you, not in your outer circumstances. In your sacred space, you fill
yourself with the Light of God. Every time you intentionally give
yourself time to breathe in a conscious , you are breathing in
light and allowing Divine and Peace to fill every cell of your
being. No matter how much time you are able to give to your self, it
will create profound change within you.

This sacred space in a
quiet corner of your home will become one of your most valuable assets.
In the midst of change, you have a place to go where you can feel peace
in your heart. Soon you only have to think of your sacred space, and
with a breath you will be there in your mind. Imagine how this will
affect your life, and those around you. One person centered in the Light
of Peace can create a profound shift in the world around them. This
person will hold a higher vibrational frequency than others in the
normal chaotic world where you have lived for so . Imagine how
beautiful it would be if everyone were able to attain this place of
peace within.

A Witness to the World

Development of what
has been called the witness consciousness is a useful tool. It prepares
you to notice the world around you with more equanimity. When you can
temper your responses to outward appearance, you will feel much happier
and have more peace in your life. Learning to center your self in this
witness place can be a key ingredient to inner peace. You can begin the
process by breathing in a more balanced way, even when you are driving.
To keep your center, your breath can be an efficient tool.

Balanced Breath is one where you breathe in the same number of counts on
the inhalation that you do on the exhalation. As you do this, you begin
to feel a sense of calm as your heart beats more slowly. It enhances
your experience when you imagine yourself breathing in golden light with
every inhalation, and releasing golden light with every exhalation.
This golden light literally carries the presence of the Angels and holds
the qualities of consciousness you want in your world. You can be
breathing in Divine Love with every in breath, and breathing Peace into
the world with every out breath.

And then there are Angels

asset not to be discounted in order to bring you a sense of inner peace
would be the Angelic Dimensions. The Angels are very available in these
times of change. Have you noticed the digital clocks repeating 11:11? 
That is a moment with the Angels, opening a new doorway in your mind
where you can send energy in the direction you intend. The Angelic
Realms offer qualities of consciousness that people crave in their
lives, such as Divine Grace, Peace, Harmony, Love, Clarity and Wisdom.
You can invite these qualities into your life and the Angels will
strengthen the Light connecting you to these qualities. It is a
profound, prayerful way to live. A prayer for Grace does not have to be
difficult and wordy, but it does help the process when you give yourself
time to receive what you are asking for. Often prayers may be on the
fly and sound like, “Help, bring me peace. Quickly. Now!” It is not that
this prayer would not be useful, but just imagine what might occur if
you had used prayer as an intention in your morning practice. It might
sound more like this:

Dear God (Goddess, All that Is, Divine
Presence, Spirit, or your personal master teacher),

you for bringing Divine Light into my life. I ask the Angels of Grace
and the presence of Divine Love to fill every fiber of my being, so I
may have more Peace in every area of my life. I bless my family, my work
and my being with this Light and I am profoundly grateful. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

When you add your thanks even
before you see the results, this attitude of gratitude increases your
receptiveness. You can complete the prayer with the traditional “Amen”,
or as a closure, you can say, “So be it,” or “So it is.”

stay where you are, and breathe for a few minutes. In these simple ways
you are empowering your life. Your prayers become a beacon calling to
you the light and wisdom you seek. Your breath becomes a prayerful
thought blessing the world. Create a sacred space where you can dwell
with the Angels. Ask for the Divine Light to fill you with Grace, as
well as all you need to bring you Peace, and then give yourself time to
breathe in the blessings being offered you at this time.

When you
feel more at peace, breathe out these blessings and send Peace to a
world that needs you to be a Beacon of Light. As if you were a
lighthouse on a point of land in the vast ocean, the Divine Light you
send out into the world shines clearly in the dark night of chaotic
times. Your sacred space within and without allows you to do the work of
creating more Peace within you, and this creates Peace in your world.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

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