One of my favorite quotes (from the actor Woody Allen) is
“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Each lifetime is a way in
which we show up, ready to complete a task begun long ago, to work
through any karmic cycles which have the power to ensure our return for
completion and transformation. While we may wonder why we do it, we
volunteer to return because we know that every energetic opening we
leave behind must be closed through our own healing. No one can heal,
transmute or complete energies that we have left incomplete. And to do
this we must be present in many ways, physically, emotionally,
energetically, experientially and spiritually. Each of those levels of
presence is important and without even one of them, we are not fully
present in our life, our issues or our healing.

In each lifetime
we are physically present for the work that we have to do and we
accomplish this through our physical body which the earthly home we
offer spirit. We may like or dislike our body, see it as a blessing or a
challenge, and even wonder what accident of nature created the body we
have but it is our vehicle for learning, growth, healing and
transformation. So while our body is present on earth, it occupies
physical space, when we do not like our body or find fault with it, we
are not present within it. And this is one way that we under-utilize our

Our emotional presence is a complicated jumble of a
wide array of feelings from every lifetime we have ever experienced that
we are consciously and unconsciously aware of, mostly the latter. What
we know of our emotional presence is that we are always feeling some
kind of emotional energy that we respond to according to how it affects
us. What we do not know about this presence is the of how we are
to use our emotional presence in a lifetime and without this knowledge
we allow this aspect to become our most important presence and we live
through it alone, creating an imbalance of emotional energy in our lives
that leads to , pain and frustration. We need our emotional
presence to re-create the energy of what we have come to heal as this is
the energy of our karma.

Our energetic presence is the most
under-utilized because allow our emotional presence to dominate it.
Emotions are one aspect of our energy but there are many others. From a
human perspective, our energetic presence is actually the most important
because it determines how everything in our life unfolds and what we
attract. When we are present in the emotional energy of an experience
and do not incorporate the other aspects of our presence we are present
in the emotions and nothing else. The emotions dominate to the exclusion
of the higher vibrations of resolution and healing.

What is an
experiential presence? It is how we participate in each experience. The
people and situations we choose to engage with, the actions we take,
choices we make, words we speak and energies we express and feel all
relate to how we have chosen to experience a situation. And through our
experience we can choose to raise our vibrations so we can experience
life in a different way. But the experience itself has no value to us
other than as a vehicle for learning. When we allow the experience to
become the critical element we become present in the experience and all
of its energies. Growth and learning occur when we remember the
experience is a way to awaken other of our presence.

also have the gift and choice of our spiritual presence. It is our gift
because it is always with us, whether or not we acknowledge it and our
choice because we choose to partner with it and receive guidance and
wisdom instead of walking our earthly journey alone. Although it exists
in the background, all of our other aspects of presence have no purpose
without it for our lifetime is spiritual in purpose and context. Our
many lifetimes exist on a spiritual continuum, in which our human
incarnations are the practice field for our spiritual understanding. By
bringing our spiritual understanding into all other aspects of our
presence, we have wisdom to choose from our highest aspects and can then
choose the highest vibrations of any energies.

We can be present,
occupying a certain place in time and all of the other aspects of our
presence are somewhere else. Our presence is where we are our
energy. Think for a moment of where you are in this moment, are you
present in what you are doing or thinking about something else. When you
think about yourself, are you present in your thoughts or are you
thinking about someone’s life, opinions or actions? Are you here in this
moment or are you thinking about other things you must do or something
that has happened in the past? So much of our presence is in the past,
distracted, or focused somewhere else and that is why we have problems
manifesting what we want—because we are not fully present in the energy
of our .

This brings us back to the issue of
wholeness, where we are fully connected to ourselves which also means we
are fully connect to Source. When all of our aspects of presence are
fully present, each contributes to the purpose of our life journey,
which is to bring us back to wholeness within ourselves so we can be
reconnected to Source.

This is just another aspect of our
ascension journey and our willingness to achieve mastery. The journey to
connection is about wholeness, within and without, so every aspect of
our reality is filled with our presence and we are present within it.
When we see our spiritual and material presence as being separate, we
are not present spiritually in our physical form so we are missing an
important component of our journey. Without wholeness we are simply
taking space on the earth plane, engaging in experiences that do not
result in growth and transformation. With the conscious joining of the
spiritual and material, where all of our aspects are working in harmony
we are gifting ourselves with spiritual understanding to make this a
journey of growth and transformation instead of blindly wandering
through life wondering whether we will ever find peace and fulfillment.

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