Beloved ones, so much has changed. So many chunks of old
perceptions have fallen away. And every moment that you step into the
matrix, into the Vertical experience of Love, every moment that you
allow the heart to be your reality…that moment you are Home. You are
Home in Me completely, and you are the song of life, the breath of

You are the heart of Love I Am, reaching forth to wrap in
tender Love each human being that they might also see the truth of them
through the opening to the Real that is your heart — through the window
of eternity that it provides, and through the reflection of the living
spirit of Love that now can live and shine from your two eyes as well.

you allow the heart to enfold the mind and also bring it Home to Me, at
last this separation between us may be gone, and with it, truly that
whole long line of human inheritance, that dream of many lives, of
strife and pain, including this one — gone as you turn back into the
sunlight that is Me, back into the union of heart and spirit with this
endless wholeness that lives and breathes, and with the heartbeat of
Love that sings in you.

At the same eternal moment, you are the
one heart and you are the heart encompassed in your individuality. You
are this sweet communion and you are everything. In every Now Moment
there is this miracle of the heart dissolved into the tapestry of living
Love, and the heart as a vehicle that perceives and loves each
movement, each individuated strand of .

Oh, how I long for each
of you to share this miracle and to find yourselves open and able to
communicate with every life to cherish its uniqueness and to dance with
Me in a million, billion ways as you glide across the universe and find
the partnership with every aspect of this living hologram in which you
see My face, acknowledge My that knows itself as you.

become that very miracle of being both at once, that you are that which
you perceive and you are yourself. You are the open streaming eternal
heart of endless Love that is the dance of Creation happening always and
you are the one who sees the flame of Love before you, and knows itself
through that reflection.

Every single nuance of this miracle of
God brings to you increasing ecstasy, deepest reverence and the pure
intent to be the heart of Love ever-engaging in the multiplication of
the Love I Am.

So what I Am asking of you as you merge into this
experience is that you allow this to become your view of life … that you
put forth the effort to turn away from the dream that has gone. The
dream of separation has already ended and it is time for you to realize
it. It is time to let go, to let the sands of time slip through your
hands and be gone, that your heart might give you the time unending that
is the Moment of purest Love in which you live, illumined always by
this endless life that we are creating as a unified field of God ever
extending into more miracles and more grace and more awareness of the
possibilities of Creation, of life, of the Love I Am and thus, the Love
that you are.

How paltry the world of ego seems when you allow
this glory! So what is it that keeps turning you back around? How could
that "minimalization" of your existence appeal to you any longer? Why
are you hiding? To try to "fit in"? But fit in where? Fit into a world
that is already disappearing, fit into a tangle of people facing outward
away from each other and away from this Love?

Or are you now
willing to open your heart and to allow this Love at last to fully claim
you…to let every moment be the peace of God…to live alive in this
endless ocean of perfect Love and joy… What could ever be better? So
can you see the contrast between the two? Between the experience of life
based on that one mis-perception, that moment of feeling separate from
Me? Or can you perceive life as this unity, this consciousness that is
the acknowledgment of Love unending, inclusiveness that gives you the
ability to commune with all Creation and in service…to give voice to
that which you see and feel…

What could be better than this?
Simply let go of the old world that is leaving. That is all that I ask.
It is all that it takes. And yes, the construction of ego is
mesmerizing. But compared to this limitless freedom, what can it
possibly mean and what can it offer to you, the daughter or the son of

How can a heart that perceives itself broken and a life
filled with tears and stories of pain ever compare to this glorious
freedom, this ecstasy, this Love and these powers of life, creating more
of this mystery and beauty. That is the truth I Am, is that no matter
what the situation, the reason…I Am ever creating more of this
perfection. I Am giving more of the Love I Am endlessly to each of you.
Trusting this is all that I ask of you for it will answer your need to
be released from all the fearful possibilities of the ego dream that
hold you in bondage by presenting you with futures in which I Am not
available to give you everything you need.

But when you know I Am
your source, I Am personal and I Am limitless, then you know that
whatever miasma the story of the world creates, I Am more good, life,
Love, perfection, more abundance of the glory of your being, more of
this flow of the spirit of life that nourishes you. In Me nothing bad
can happen. It is impossible.

Therefore, come to Me! Let the ego
be humbled by the magnificence of this Light that it might remember its
place in service to the heart as a vehicle for giving to every blessed
being, all the Love I Am. Therefore, reach out! Heart in hand…and allow
yourself to feel Me holding you. Know in your heart, through your
being, your intuition that your every step is made holy by this Love. If
you allow this holiness, then Love shall always increase. That is the
truth of the Spirit, the truth of what I Am and the truth of All I Am as

So as the world shifts and changes, you will find yourselves
presented with symbols of the stories of your fears and old ideas, and
in every situation, simply turn to Me and say "I Am remembering that God
and I are One, and God is only Love and Good." As you do this, the
phantoms fall away, and everything around you shines and sparkles, and
your heart is filled with gladness so full that there is no room
anywhere in your field of for anything else but good.

already know that time now falls away and in this eternal moment you
are Home and you are Love. You are perfect. You are amazing. You are
shining. You are blessed. So I Am here to say to you, please, dear ones,
accept. The question you are asking will be encompassed by your heart.
You can perform your functions in the world you’ve come to love. You can
do what you are doing but from a place of trust in Me that makes
everything shining with this inner, endless Light. You can see the show
before you. You can read the story books. You can speak of the dream to
others and support them without ever falling away from this communion
that Love, that Love…that Love is All.

This communion, this heart,
this truth of God you are stands here as a testament to the open heart
of God that truly unequivocally, eternally, without failing, absolutely
loves it all.

As you love as God, as you stand as this heart, the
heart reveals what the mind can’t see…that beneath each little drama,
even of the deepest darkness, there is a heart that is longing to be
free and the heart of God is one. Thus you reach and touch and honor
that which is the flame of life in everyone. As you see that flame of
life, then the breath of Spirit breathes on it, and fans the flame
higher … that life grows stronger in that one until their dream of
darkness cannot be sustained, not for another moment. Suddenly they
stand free. The heart of God recognizes itself in them.

So take
the most gruesome of the stories, the most abject of the terror, the
harshest expression of separation from Me…and be the bold heart of Love I
Am, standing in the center, seeing only one way. That is the way of
Love. Love will penetrate directly, heart to heart and ignite…ignite the
flame of life, ignite hope in the darkest dream, ignite the remembrance
that I Am here with everyone and all are interwoven into a sisterhood
and brotherhood of Love that cannot truly be separated ever.

It is
time to find the strength of the conviction of your heart and to step
through your own illusions until you stand in this endless Light, and
your spirit rises effortlessly to Me…and this vibration of purest Light,
these waves of unending Love are forever your experience of life and of
yourself, and of your endless glorious unity with All That Is. And it
is Good.