Channeler: DL Zeta

An important step to becoming an rather than a slave of
physical reality is to undertake a journey to find where your present
moment is leading you. An excellent way to gain clarity of your current
path is to travel time to visit your last day on earth.

One of the most profound of your life takes place in future
time, as a future “you” goes about the business of "closing up shop" at
the end of your earthly life. It is a misunderstanding to view such
journeys to the future as distractions, for the journey toward oneness
is not a linear affair. Rather, it takes place inside many timeframes at
once – past, present and future. Moments are never compartmentalized
and separate; they exist as one continuous flow.

Your Self and the Journey toward Ascension

In this way, the version of you who exists on your last day on earth
is directly related to your present moment. You might say this future
you is your creation; it is the seed you are planting now. It is just as
accurate to say you are the creation of this future self. The vibration
and essence of your mastery self for this lifetime determines the
landscape for your field of possibilities throughout your life. As you
awaken and begin to travel time to visit your future self, you gain
greater access to its wisdom and knowing. The “you” that exists on your
last day on earth is your mastery self for this lifetime. It is the
culmination of all your earthly experiences this time around. Ascension
occurs when your mastery selves from all your lifetimes unite as one.

The feedback your last day on earth can provide is invaluable in that
it offers a unique window into how your present choices and creations
will unfold over time. If there is something you would like to change or
expand, you can choose to alter the course of your present moment.

Your Last Day on Earth is Accessible Now

You have likely at some point visited your last day on earth in your
thoughts and feelings. When your thoughts turned to this day, it may
have seemed the inevitable province of a distant and inaccessible time.
Yet this future version of yourself is accessible to your present

In your mind’s eye, see this future self as it comes into the knowing
that your earthly life is nearly complete. Imagine the thoughts and
emotions you experience inside the knowledge that there is nothing more
to be done. In this future time, most of what you consider to be the
great moments of your life have come and gone. That is, except for this
last, glorious transition into the light.

The Last Moments of Your Present Lifetime

If you have lived your life in alignment with your spiritual purpose,
you will most likely choose to spend these last moments in a joyful
communion with those you love, celebrating the completion of your
earthly mission and anticipating the next step in your spiritual
evolution. Rebirth is the certain outcome of death just as death is the
certain outcome of rebirth. There are many in your world that do not
pass over in a state of celebration and joy. This is often the case
where the life was not lived in alignment with spirit. Sadly, we must
describe for you what takes place in this circumstance in the hope you
will understand the likely outcome of a life lived with a primary focus
in physical reality.

The Last Moments of a Purely Physical Existence

At the end of a purely physical life, the conscious mind begins to
generate messages of fear around the idea of passing over into a state
of pure consciousness. This fear of the unknown causes the mind to grasp
backward to what has been. There is a state of confusion as the mind,
unable to embrace the approaching adventure into the vast expanse of
spirit, reaches back into the safe refuge of the past. This is where an
even greater confusion arises, for as the vast expanse of your spirit
approaches, the entire mind is filled with a great light that
illuminates all the days of the life. Suddenly, the conscious mind
perceives what has been the earthly life in the light of the higher
self. If the life has not been lived in alignment with spiritual
purpose, all the areas of misalignment become obvious.

These last moments may only represent a second on the earth plane,
but they are agonizing years to the being that abruptly awakens to
missed synchronicities and missed for love, healing and
joy. Also obvious are the many dead-end pursuits undertaken in avoidance
and denial of one’s spiritual purpose. It becomes easy to see the ways
one has not believed in one’s self. The attention will be drawn to those
moments when there were opportunities to proceed along the spiritual
path, but the ego refused to invest time and resources in the "unseen"
possibilities of spiritual evolution.

Stepping Outside a Physical-Based Consciousness

It is in this way that many earthly lives are ended inside a space of
loss and regret. It does not have to be this way. You can choose to
step outside the confines of a physical-based consciousness and visit
your last day on earth to learn the ending you are now creating. This is
to the novelist who completes a first draft, then looks back
with great insight and vision into the mind space that has been
traversed. With this insight, the final installment informs the story’s
beginning. The writer then revises the story and makes changes aligned
with a more wholistic vision for the work. This is how most great works
of art are created: they are collaborations of many different aspects of
one’s self at different levels on many different days. It is in this
way that you can travel through time to view the life story you are
currently creating. With the ending firmly in mind, you can look back
over your life with eyes that have witnessed the thoughts and feelings
of your last day on earth and see all those areas you would "revise."
When you return to the present moment, you can move forward, planting
seeds in your garden of now that reflect the revised ending for your
story of this earthly life.

Visiting Your Last Day on Earth

To visit your last day on earth, set the intention to travel in
consciousness. Enter a meditative space through and
relaxation. Once inside this space, allow yourself to connect with the
mind of this future self in the seconds before you pass over. It is
inside this moment that the light of spirit floods in. You may have
heard it said that just before you leave your earthly life, your entire
life passes before your eyes. This is describing the moment that your
earthly and higher consciousnesses unite and you are able to see your
life from this all-knowing perspective. In a single flash, all that has
been appears before you. You are able to see your life through the eyes
of spirit. In this moment, you are able to see all those areas you would
like to transform while there is still time to make changes and
“revisions.” Uniting with your higher self now will help ensure your
last day on earth is a joyful one spent in celebration and anticipation.

Seeing through the Eyes of Your Future Self

Allow your present self to see your life through the eyes of this
future self about to pass over as it merges with the great illuminating
light of spirit. Let yourself see all the places where you are in
avoidance and denial, as well as the places where you lack compassion,
empathy and loving kindness. Allow yourself to see the ways your life
could be more aligned with spirit. Allow yourself to see the moments
where you could be more courageous, more willing to step into the
unknown and fulfill your spiritual purpose.

As you return to your present-moment consciousness, you will begin to
put this knowledge to use, making changes in your life to create the
revised ending.

Over time, you can choose to visit your last day on earth many times
to view the ending you are currently creating. In this way, you learn to
live your life backwards, allowing the ending of your story to inform
the present moment. It is always your present moment that holds the
power to transform your life in the shape of your highest vision – past,
present and future.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing
and Transformation by DL Zeta