The aspect of our presence we are most aware of, even more than
the physical, is our emotions. We judge everything in our life,
including our body, by how we feel. When emotions are the predominant
aspect, we can be completely oblivious to anything that is occurring
around us. We believe we are emotionally whole when we have healed the
emotions but one additional step must happen. Our emotions must be
balanced with the other aspects of our presence or we will be out of
balance and ruled by the emotions.

When our emotions dominate, we
can be blinded by anger, depressed by sadness, overwhelmed by joy (or
pain), focused on a goal to the exclusion of all else and immersed in
drama. Emotional domination is driven by a need to feel our way through
the world, believing this is how we can be grounded, instead of
balancing the emotions with the other aspects of our presence. Can we be
aware of our place in the world other than through the emotional

Emotional wholeness is achieved through detachment but
this does not mean that won’t feel any emotions. Detachment allows us to
pause and in that moment, choose the emotions we wish to express in a
situation. So instead of a response of anger or sadness, we wait to see
what else will happen and in that moment, anger can turn to laughter,
pain into joy, and satisfaction into elation. With detachment we allow
other aspects to contribute their balancing energies and our emotional
response is grounded in all of our aspects.

Through our emotions
we express our karma, soul wounds and fears. Through emotional
domination we are bringing forward everything that we need to heal,
without the helpful contributions of our other aspects, especially those
of spirit. To be emotionally whole is learn to balance the emotions
with our other aspects so we are in a place of power, choosing our
emotions carefully with consideration as to what we are feeling, why and
how we can best use that experience to learn, grow, heal and ascend
into our mastery.

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