In order to do the healing work that is the foundation of each
lifetime we require a physical presence on the earth. This physical
presence begins with our body and all of the aspects that are required
for it to function within its healing path. In to these
physical aspects, such as gender, skin color, height, weight, and
health, we have other material aspects such as personality and emotions
that are important in realizing our mission. It is the combination of
aspects that creates the perfect material presence for us to begin the
journey of healing.

We are physically whole when we are
consciously aware of and grounded with all of our aspects and we are
aware of where we are, what we are doing and why, all of the time. But
we also need to look at whether we are using our physical presence to
our experiences or to transcend them. There is a difference
between being grounded and being stuck. What may feel like grounding,
may actually be our attempt to find clarity, purpose and in an
unbalanced situation that is too narrowly focused on the
physical/material. Then we feel stuck because all of our energy is
concentrated in a area and there is no room for expansion.

material presence provides a vessel for spirit in which to do the work
of healing. But if we forget about the healing purpose of our lifetime,
we will focus our material presence on to create safety and
control and never expand beyond that. Can we be surprised that many
people are so intent on their physical appearance, accumulating wealth,
owning a large home in an exclusive community, having a powerful job and
earning the biggest salary? This all represents a focus on our physical
presence, which is grounded in safety and survival. Anything that
represents healing and movement is a threat to that.

Where are our
other aspects? They are all contributing to the area we are focused on.
Our emotions and experiences are grounded in the need for safety and
control, creating experiences that these needs forward for healing
and resolution. To become unstuck we must be willing to move our focus
from needing to be in control to allowing movement in other directions,
bringing our aspects into balance. Can we be grounded in transformation,
when everything is changing, and feel safe, guided, nurtured and in
control? Are we open to transformation or do we need assurance that we
will still be safe and in control if we step through that door? When we
can ask those questions and be open to the , change will bring
new energy flows that will help us get unstuck and bring us back into

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